My Husband Crawled Into Bed The Day Before Our Divorce. “One last time”, He Said Something Sh0cking To Me –
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My Husband Crawled Into Bed The Day Before Our Divorce. “One last time”, He Said Something Sh0cking To Me

I didn’t know what was happening at the time and doubted my husband a lot. This was almost 10 years ago when I was in my 30s and had just married. He worked hard even before we got married, and I thought life with him would be tough, but he was hardly ever home, making me feel lonely.

I tried to let him relax when he was home, but my frustration grew. I became harsh with him every time I saw him. He tried to calm me down, but if he saw I was still upset, he started ignoring me. I wanted him to pay attention to me despite his work. This feeling overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t see him objectively anymore.

Whenever we argued, he would promise to settle down soon and take me to the island I liked, but it never happened. Work seemed more important than me. I told him, “If so, don’t bother coming home. I’m tired too, and seeing you so excited makes me sad.”

No matter how much I lashed out at him, he never took it seriously, and I started feeling like our marriage was falling apart. Eventually, I found a hotel receipt and membership card in his suit pocket after a business trip, indicating he stayed there overnight. He was popular with women at work, and I suspected he had found someone else. I thought, “Why should I struggle while he enjoys himself with another woman?” So, I started making plans for myself too, but it didn’t bring lasting happiness.

I grew tired of pretending to be happy. Perhaps it was time for both of us to move on. We avoided each other, not acting like husband and wife. If he was happier with someone else, maybe it was better for both of us. It was tough to ask for a divorce, and I wondered if it was the only option. But it seemed my husband also wanted a divorce. It hurt so much to realize his heart was with someone else.

I decided to have one last conversation with him before parting ways. He came home, looking thinner than before. Despite our strained relationship, he remained kind. We talked, but there was a gap between us. I wanted him to express his feelings, but he stayed silent. Frustrated, I confronted him about his new girlfriend. Surprisingly, he didn’t deny it and we ended up laughing together for the first time in a long while.

After that, we were able to talk openly. He admitted his affair, but he also confessed that he didn’t want to leave me because he didn’t love me anymore. We agreed to divorce amicably and divide our belongings. It was painful, but we managed to part ways peacefully.

The next day, I found divorce papers and compensation arranged by him. He had left, and I couldn’t contact him. I decided to move to the island we once visited with him. It was a fresh start for me. I adjusted to island life, found a job helping others, and slowly made peace with my past.

Months later, I encountered my ex-husband on the island, terminally ill and spending his final days there. Despite our divorce, I stayed by his side, offering support and closure. We reminisced about our past, and I realized that our love hadn’t completely vanished. In those last moments together, we rediscovered the bond we once shared, bringing closure to our relationship.

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