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How I Seduced and Offered to Sleep with a Man who Robbed Me Just to Trap Him – Lady Shares True story

A lady by name Gift Nseobong has shared this story of how she used sex to trap a robber.

See her story:

A young man I never knew came into my house when I was not around and he just packed everything away from my house. My phone, my laptop, some of my things and even money.

I came home to realize that almost all my things were gone and so I reported to the police but realized it was a waste of time so I picked up my other phone and called my stolen line.


I called and then the thief picked. I started begging him and using sweet words for him, I told him I will do anything he wanted and started using some dirty words just to get him in the mood. I won’t normally do this though but I had to say some of those dirty words just to get him turned on.

He was turned on and requested we meet immediately at an hotel so I will show him all this sweet things I spoke about on phone. At that point I guess he forgot he stole from me and that I might even get a police…Lol. He was already high and wanted me so badly. I made him want me badly.

That same day we were to meet at a bus stop close to my house and he actually came there to my surprise, looking like someone who really wanted to pounce on a woman but the police pounced on him and arrested him. It was then he came to his senses and started calling me names.

I think ladies can use what they have to capture any criminal in this country. Its just wisdom.

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