How I Fell In Love With My Best Friend Who Is Already Married -Lady Narrates –
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How I Fell In Love With My Best Friend Who Is Already Married -Lady Narrates

A woman has shared her experience with a married bestie.

The married woman said she nearly cheated on her husband after falling in love with the bestie due to distance.

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This post was triggered by an earlier post I saw where the poster was having long talks with his friend’s wife. I’ve been in a similar situation. I changed location and had to be separate from my family due to work. I was lonely and needed a friend. I talk with my husband regularly, but his interests are not my interests, so I find that besides household and family matters, we have little else to talk about. I found myself talking to this guy I met when I went for an official assignment. We started as friends, but we became attracted to each other. So when I travelled back to base, we started these long conversations. We’re both born-again Christians and both married, so we kept to certain boundaries. I enjoyed conversing with him more than with my spouse. I became consumed with thoughts of him. He also expressed his desire and attraction towards me, but we laughed over it as jokes.


My husband noticed the conversations when I travelled home and became suspicious. He forbade me from speaking with him. He had never seen me have long talks with any friend, talkless of a male one. I informed my friend and he said no problem, he would wait till I travelled back to work base before he would continue. He later travelled to meet his family and conversation became scanty. I realized how much I was addicted to him when I couldn’t talk to him as much as I wanted. He returned to base and we continued like before.

I started praying for God to help me overcome these desires. Maybe he also felt the same, because for some reasons I don’t know, he reduced the frequency of calls and chats drastically. I didn’t try to find out why, just thought the time-off would help me clear out immoral thoughts. But I got hurt when he acted indifferent on one occasion when I felt he should have shown more care. I asked him about it and he pretended not to understand what I was talking about. I read the writing on the wall, and decided to play along. So I said “bye. It was nice meeting you.” Part of me was grateful it ended, another part was wishing I could still be with him. I love my husband and children, I cannot come and scatter my home.

He thought I was joking. I was no longer responding to his chats, and when I did, only with monosyllables. He became hurt and accused me of going silent on him. I told him he started it. He wanted me to become defensive, but the Holy Spirit whispered “keep quiet “. So I allowed him rant without saying anything. I thank God I didn’t, because I would have exposed how deep my true feelings for him were.

Right now, he chats once in a while, just general “how are you”. I say “fine”. My feelings have healed and I thank God we didn’t continue because I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from an affair if we had eventually had any physical contact. I can categorically say I’m no longer in love with him.


I penned these down for those struggling with similar situations. Just cut off the relationship. Stop conversation, chatting, or physical contact. Then pray for God to help you overcome those lusty feelings.

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