How God turned me into a Millionaire over-night without any ritual or crime – Cheerful Man shares Story Here is his turn-around story

How God turned me into a Millionaire over-night without any ritual or crime – Cheerful Man shares Story
Here is his turn-around story

My name is Timothy. I am 35 years of age, a graduate of computer science from a Nigerian university. I have graduated since 2010 and still struggling to put my life together.

I am a very good christian, served God will all my strength and my might and was even a campus papa while in Uni. I use to devote at least 5 hrs a day to spiritual activities aside my books etc.

I finished university and applied to some companies in Nigerian and abroad and didn’t get calls just interviews and promises. So, rather than wait for a dream Job I decided to pick up a teaching Job in a school in Lagos. A renowned school in Lagos paying me peanut though.

In 2019, I started having dreams and seeing myself living in riches, living big, driving big cars etc and I have been wondering what exactly is about to happen. It didn’t dawn on me that something was about to happen.

I had applied for so many stuffs online and even put in for grants, online funding(s) for my startup business, applied to some multinational companies too to work with them but none was calling me.

I had to go into a 7 days dry fasting in 2019. It was on the 7th day my life turned around.

I slept that night and on waking up I decided to check my emails then I saw 3 shocking things came in at the same time.

I got the grant/funding I put in for among the thousands of applicants. I got the about $50,000 funding just over night, I also saw a mail from one of the multinationals telling me they picked my profile from their database because I had interviewed with them before and they have a role for me if I am interested and that the pay is $5000 per month if it’s okay for me and that I will be sponsored to the US for 6 months training then come back to Nigeria to join the team. The third was another company in Nigeria telling me I passed their interview and gave me an offer for N500k per month with my 9 years experience.

I started screaming in my room… I screamed until everyone in my face-me-face-you compound rushed into my room. I was not scared o so I shared everything with them…. I had to empty my account, bought wine and played gospel music….. I danced for over 6 hours that day it was in 2019.

I had to call the school I can’t come and infact I didn’t step in there again I resigned from home and am doing fine as we speak. God made me a millionaire over-night. I am encouraging everyone to get closer to God, he is a good God and can change your situation over-night no matter what. Stay away from SIN and get closer to God and you will not be disappointed.

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