Mum Went To Son’s Wedding And Sees Something Scary About Bride. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next –
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Mum Went To Son’s Wedding And Sees Something Scary About Bride. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Dorothy was happy to arrange the wedding for her son. She put in everything she got. However, on the wedding day, she found out something about the bride that shocked her. What happened next will leave you speechless.

Growing up, Dorothy was taught by her parents the value of sticking up for what was right. Her mother was a police officer, and her father worked in the mayor’s office. They did their best to raise their daughter with strong values while also serving as role models for her.


During middle school, Dorothy befriended a girl named Abigail. What caught her attention was the apple-shaped mole behind Abigail’s ear. Its unique appearance fascinated Dorothy, and she couldn’t help but stare. Abigail, curious about Dorothy’s interest, demanded an explanation. This marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship as the two instantly connected.

With each passing day, their bond grew stronger. However, after a few months, Dorothy noticed something peculiar about Abigail. She refused to reveal where she lived and showed no interest in knowing Dorothy’s address either. Abigail often came to school without lunch, and her clothes appeared unwashed and rumpled at times. One day, she arrived with a slight limp but dismissed it as a minor accident when Dorothy inquired.


Dorothy couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. Knowing that Abigail might be hiding pain and struggles, restless nights plagued her thoughts. Prompted by her distress, her parents noticed and asked Dorothy about the problem. She confided in them, expressing her fears. Dorothy’s mother, being a police officer, assured her that she would investigate the situation.

The following week, Abigail was absent from school, heightening Dorothy’s worry. Despite her efforts to locate her friend, nothing she did worked because she had no idea where Abigail lived. She sought help from everyone she could think of, even her parents, but no one could provide a satisfactory answer. Eventually, Dorothy had to move on with her life, but the memory of the girl with the apple-shaped mole lingered in her heart.


Time passed, and Dorothy progressed through high school and college. She pursued a degree in Business Administration and, after graduating, started her own successful Transportation Company. Dorothy assembled a competent team, and the company’s services soon rivaled those of industry giants like Uber and Bolt.

Later on, Dorothy married Scott, and together they had a son named Fitz. From a young age, Fitz demonstrated exceptional intelligence, and it was obvious he inherited his mother’s business acumen. As he matured, Fitz discovered a preference for remote work over the traditional office environment.


Dorothy worried that his introverted nature and lack of local connections might hinder his ability to make friends or form romantic relationships. While she loved her son dearly, this made her worry a lot as she didn’t want him to be lonely in life. Dorothy’s concerns intensified when Fitz decided to find his own apartment, despite already living in his parents’ mansion where he could have had a dedicated wing to himself. Fitz yearned to step out of their shadow and forge his own path. Dorothy attempted to dissuade him but ultimately agreed, realizing she couldn’t change his mind.

Fitz relocated to a different city and meticulously set up his new house to cater to his business needs. The space seamlessly combined his office and living quarters, providing everything necessary for him to work efficiently.

He informed his mom about this decision, anticipating her reaction. Over the phone, his mom expressed her concerns. “So, you’ll be cooped up in that house all day. How will you make friends if you don’t go out and meet new people?” Fitz responded confidently, “But Mom, I meet new people every day. Just because they’re online doesn’t make them any less real.”


Realizing that she couldn’t change his mind, Dorothy wished him well. While Fitz was introverted and had only a few friends, she knew he possessed the ability to take care of himself and run a successful business. The only worry that nagged at her was when he would give her grandbabies, although it seemed unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Fitz settled into his new place, and life continued as usual. However, a year later, Dorothy received exhilarating news that nearly made her jump for joy. Fitz announced that he had found a new girlfriend and intended to marry her. He had met Ellen during an online convention, and as they got to know each other, they discovered they had so much in common. The first time they met in person, their strong attraction sealed the deal. Now Fitz was ready to propose, and he called his mother for advice.


“Go ahead, my boy,” Dorothy encouraged him. “You’re a kind soul. She’ll say yes to you in a heartbeat.” The following evening, Fitz proposed to Ellen during a romantic dinner, and she joyfully accepted. The news of their engagement filled Dorothy’s heart with delight, as though Ellen had said yes to her personally. Immediately, she invited the couple to dinner at her place. It would be the first time Dorothy would meet Ellen in person, as she had previously only seen pictures of her.

During the dinner, Dorothy grew fond of Ellen. She admired Ellen’s upbringing and manners, and their conversations flowed effortlessly, never lacking excitement. One thing that stood out about Ellen was her affection for head warmers. Fitz mentioned that she had an extensive collection and would never leave the house without one, even in the summertime.


After the delightful dinner, the couple returned to their city, while Dorothy and Scott went to bed contemplating the growth of their family. Wedding plans commenced immediately, and a date was set. Dorothy wanted to be deeply involved and suggested hosting the wedding in the garden behind her mansion. Eager to make her happy, Ellen and Fitz agreed.

Though the wedding planning proved challenging, Dorothy reveled in the process. She spared no expense, hiring professionals to handle the catering, decorations, and every other detail. No stone was left unturned as she aimed to make her son’s marriage the talk of the town.


The highly anticipated day had finally arrived, and everyone was on edge. Dorothy, Fitz, and Ellen—they all felt a tinge of nervousness, fearing that something might happen to ruin the wedding. As the guests gathered, Dorothy left Scott’s side to make one last round, ensuring that everything was in place.

During her inspection, she caught a glimpse of Ellen dressed in her stunning wedding gown, stepping out of her makeup room. Her hair, beautifully styled and cascading down to her waist, revealed its true luster and beauty. Dorothy couldn’t help but wonder why Ellen always hid her gorgeous locks under head warmers.


Approaching her future daughter-in-law, Dorothy enveloped her in a warm embrace, complimenting her on her breathtaking beauty. She eagerly expressed her anticipation for their new life together as a family. As Ellen turned to leave, Dorothy’s eyes widened with astonishment. Right behind Ellen’s ears, there it was—an apple-shaped mole, identical to the one her childhood friend Abigail had all those years ago.

Confusion overtook Dorothy, and she inquired about the mole, having never noticed it before. Ellen shared that the mole was the reason she wore head warmers. As a child, she had been teased and ridiculed about it. Even as an adult, she felt uncomfortable with people noticing and asking about it. Hence, her continued use of head warmers.


Drothy assured Ellen that there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, revealing that she once had a childhood friend with a similar mole behind her ear. Intrigued, Ellen confided that she had inherited the mole from her mother.

Dorothy expressed her desire to meet Ellen’s mother, and when she finally laid eyes on her, she was overcome with shock. Despite the passing of many years, Dorothy recognized her old friend Abigail. To seal their reunion, Dorothy noticed the mole unmistakably present just behind Abigail’s ear. Overwhelmed with joy, the two women embraced as if the world itself was celebrating their rediscovery.


Dorothy couldn’t believe that after all this time, she was finally reunited with her beloved childhood friend. Driven by a deep need to understand what had happened and why Abigail had disappeared all those years ago, Dorothy demanded answers.

Abigail recounted a painful past of abuse at the hands of her father, who frequently targeted her mother. Sometimes, Abigail found herself caught in the crossfire, resulting in the limp she had on that fateful day. Dorothy’s mother had intervened, ensuring her father’s arrest. However, Abigail’s mother saw this as an opportunity to escape, and the moment her father was out of the picture, she fled with Abigail, starting afresh in a new city.


Abigail also confessed that she had missed her friend dearly, but as a child, she had no means to contact her. Overwhelmed with tears of joy, Dorothy realized that through some miraculous intervention, she had been given the chance to reconnect with her cherished childhood friend, and they were about to become a family.

Fitz and Abigail were summoned, and the tale of their mother’s past was revealed to them. The couple could hardly contain their excitement, feeling as though it was another sign that their union was truly meant to be. Abigail expressed that it was likely her brave confession all those years ago that had saved her mother’s life and allowed them to build a new and better one.


As the couples exchanged vows, Dorothy and Abigail sat together in the front row, tightly holding hands and shedding tears of happiness. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined such a heartwarming and blissful ending to their story.

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