Man Suspect Wife Sets up a camera in the Room without His Wife knowing Then He Discovered The Unexpected –
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Man Suspect Wife Sets up a camera in the Room without His Wife knowing Then He Discovered The Unexpected

A man put a camera in his room without his wife knowing it and looked to see what he discovered. Giovanna, what will you do from now on? Giovanna: “I’ll probably go to study gastronomy,” she said. “These professions are always necessary. The state would provide the young woman with housing and even a scholarship for the study of her choice.”

The old Teodora, with tears in her eyes, said to her, “How did you grow up so fast? You were only one year old when your alcoholic mother left you in the orphanage.”


Giamana and Laura met at gastronomy school. Both dreamed of the future. They often spoke about their dreams and went out to distract themselves. Every day was full of new events, but their dreams had not yet come true. After finishing their studies, Joanna and Laura searched tirelessly for work, but no one wanted to hire them.

Luckily, one day they were both called by the head of a restaurant. To get there, they had to cross a neighborhood with a bad reputation. Joanna screamed and threw a stone. The criminals were surprised by the girls’ response. They helped him up and even took him safely to their apartment. In that place, they gave him first aid, treating his wounds on the lip, nose, eye, and other parts of his body.


“I think it’s better to call an ambulance,” Joanna said. “No, don’t do it,” the young man commented. “I already feel better.” The boy smiled. “What if there’s internal bleeding?” Laura asked. “No, I’m not okay,” the boy said confidently. “Rather, I appreciate what you did for me. You were very brave. If it weren’t for you, it might have had a worse ending.”

“But how did you get here? We all know that walking in this area is very dangerous,” Laura asked. She noticed the boy was very well dressed and was wearing an expensive watch. She knew that it could be worth up to 200 euros. “Well, I’m from the city center. I parked my motorcycle around here.

A friend lives in that area; he must be doing maintenance on it. We stayed up very late, but he found some more problems, and I’d leave it until the next day. I waited for a taxi, but it didn’t come. I could have called one, but I wanted to walk around until I found one. I never thought they could mug me; luckily, they only took my wallet.”


This is how they learned his name was Vladimir. The girls called a taxi, and he went home. But before leaving, Joanna gave him her number just for him to call and let her know he arrived safely.

Joanna was concerned that Vladimir did not call her the night before. The next day, during the night, her phone rang, and it was Vladimir calling. He invited her to lunch as a thank you. This is how they had a good time and got to know each other better. In fact, there was a very special chemistry between Joanna and him, and they started dating.


Vladimir, despite coming from a wealthy business family, was very humble. He really liked Giovanna, the kind of girl he had searched for a long time and finally found. A month later, Vladimir introduced Giovanna to his mother, Lucia Bustamante. At first, she didn’t seem like a suitable daughter-in-law, learning that she was from an orphanage. But after getting to know her better, she had a different opinion. Giovanna was polite, humble, pretty, and a hard worker. Vladimir was glad his mother approved of Giovanna, and as time went by, he proposed to her.

The wedding took place in one of the best restaurants in Spain. Among the guests were influential and famous people from all over the country. Joanna felt strange amid all the glamour, but she took care of Vladimir’s attention.


He gave her strength. Suddenly, in the middle of the ceremony, a handsome boy whom Joanna had never seen before appeared. “Andrei, where did you find that beauty?” Giovanna said. “This is my friend; he is Andrei. He came here especially for our wedding. He lives in another country,” Vladimir introduced.

“Hi there,” said the bride, totally delighted by the unexpected guest. At that moment, Laura arrived, who was the godmother of the wedding. They all spent the day talking and dancing. In fact, Andrei spent time talking to Laura. At the end of the wedding, Vladimir and Joanna enjoyed each other. Happiness overwhelmed them even more when they acquired their own home.

But Vladimir’s happiness was interrupted when Andrei came to Spain to stay. Every time he visited Vladimir, he felt that his wife was very happy just seeing him. Vladimir even had a fight with his friend Andrei. In fact, Andrei apologized if he ever bothered him. “I like beautiful and decent girls as well, just like Joanna, but she’s your woman, and I would never interfere in your relationship. If she’s ever bothered you, please excuse me.”


It seemed that things calmed down because of this, but then, when Vladimir started working, he felt that something could happen in his absence. One day he had to go on a trip with his father for business and called Giovanna every day. She always told him that she missed him and was waiting for him at home. Finally, after a few days, Vladimir returned and unbelievably saw Andrei leaving his house in his car.

Vladimir thought it was very strange, but he continued. He opened the door, and Giovanna threw herself on his neck, saying, “Love, I’ve missed you so much.” She kissed her beloved husband, but something in Giovanna’s behavior alerted Vladimir. That day, his attitude was more loving than before. For some reason, Vladimir looked to the side. Did Andrei come for something else? He didn’t ask his wife anything, but she didn’t say anything either. It was very strange.


In a visit, Vladimir paid his mother a visit, and she added fuel to the fire. She said that her daughter-in-law’s behavior was not like before. She often looked strangely thoughtful. She told him that two days before Vladimir arrived, she went to visit Giovanna. She noticed that her vehicle was missing, so she rang the bell, but no one came out. As much as she waited, Giovanna didn’t show up. “Maybe she went shopping,” Vladimir commented. But his mother replied, “I don’t know. I waited for her for a while longer, but she didn’t show up.”

Vladimir no longer knew what to think. At that moment, as the days passed, the young man could not stop thinking. Every day that passed, his wife acted strangely, and he couldn’t just sit idly by. Thus, Vladimir decided to install a hidden video camera in the bedroom. Perhaps he could capture some images of Giovanna’s infidelity and would have grounds to divorce her. Possibly, she was only with him for his money, he thought. Did Andrei have something to do with this?


This is how the husband installed the camera and connected everything. Now he could observe from afar what was happening in his house. The next day, he told his wife that he was going on a trip again. Logically, it was part of the plan to get out of the house. Giovanna gave a sad sigh upon learning that. “Just come back soon, dear.” “Yes, I’ll try,” Vladimir answered a little distant. But in his thoughts, he knew that he would make a plan to come back as quickly as possible. This is how he packed up some things and said goodbye.

However, the man did not go to the airport; he went to his mother’s house. There, he took out his laptop, turned on a special application, and began to observe everything that was happening in his bedroom. At first, Giovanna was shown alone in the room. Then she left, and suddenly, a child’s figure appeared on the screen. Later, a girl of about seven years approached. It was clear that they had fought, as they had robes, and her hair was wet.


“Do you want to eat some hamburgers?” a cheerful female voice was heard. “Yes, yes,” the children replied with enthusiasm. Right away, she saw Giovanna and the little ones in bed. They ate with great appetite while watching cartoons on television. Then, Giovanna took the children, presumably to the kitchen, Vladimir thought. After a few minutes, they returned to the room.

But who are these children? They couldn’t possibly be Giovanna’s children; she’s only 24 years old, and the children are big. Where did she bring them from? Vladimir did not want to wait any longer. He arrived at the house, ran, and opened the bedroom door. And there he found Giovanna, who was very surprised. She was pale. “But what happened, love? I didn’t go anywhere.”


Vladimir replied sadly, “Who are the children in our bedroom, Giovanna?” This was not expected. So they both went to the living room to talk. “Well, I’ll explain it to you,” the woman said. “They are my brothers.” Vladimir was surprised. “But you don’t have a family.” “Yes, my mother abandoned me. That’s true,” Joanna said, tears in her eyes.

“Recently, Mr. Teodora from the orphanage called me and told me that my mother gave birth to more children recently. She was found dead due to alcohol and drugs. The police took the children to the orphanage where I was. The children were found thin and very sick. They were both in high spirits when I arrived. I couldn’t bear to see that they’re my relatives, children of my own mother.”


“I smuggled them in because I didn’t want you to get mad. Many times you said you did not want to have children at home. I didn’t know what to do. Excuse me, really. I know you thought badly of me. For some reason, I wasn’t ready to tell you.” Vladimir was very astonished. He expected to find her with the best friend, but it turned out to be the opposite.

Finally, he learned that Andrei would marry Laura, Giovanna’s best friend. In fact, he left everything he had abroad to be with her. On that day, when Vladimir saw him leave his house, he just wanted to invite him to his wedding personally. Something that Giovanna forgot to say, since the arrival of her husband was much more important.


After a year of everything that happened, Vladimir and Giovanna took custody of the children, and now they have a large and friendly family. What’s more, they’ll soon be parents. Mistrusting a partner can often cause conflict and distrust. In this story, it nearly separated two great friends and nearly ruined a marriage, all because of assumptions and not communicating.

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