He Gave Me Drink And I Slept Off When I Woke Up I Discovered One Of Them Was Ontop Me, while Others Were Videotaping- Lady Narrate

A man allegedly asks four of his pals to gang-rape his fiancée, films the incident, and uploads the video on the internet.

In Ekiti State, a man named only as Victor is on the run after reportedly inviting four of his pals to gang-rape his 28-year-old fiancée.

The accused, Miracle Emmanuel, 19, Bello Tunde, 20, Peace Osho, 20, and 22-year-old Emmanuel Oluwaseun, were detained on April 21, 2022, according to the statement.

They were apprehended after the victim filed a complaint alleging that on 5/4/2022, her boyfriend, Victor, who is still at large, invited her to the Lovely Hotel in Ado-Ekiti. After much coaxing, she agreed to go to the Hotel to see Victor.

The victim claims she was offered one of the bottles of booze, which she accepted and passed out from.

She regained consciousness at one point only to find that one of the suspects was having sexual relations with her while others were filming and mocking them.

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