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Girl Hugged Her Dead Father In His Coffin. What Happened Next Made Everyone Scream

When this little girl is hugging her late father goodbye during the funeral, some MERS start screaming and flailing their arms at the back of the chapel. The peaceful atmosphere is suddenly disrupted, but what happens next leaves the girl in awe.

The little girl leaned over her father’s body; only quiet sobs could be heard as everyone witnessed Kissy saying her final goodbyes. The poor girl was only 5 years old, but she was a Bright Child, which was both a blessing and a curse in this situation. Her father was gone forever, and she understood every detail of it.

The family had decided that they would have an informal funeral where everyone would be welcome to share the happiest memories they had of Daniel. As people came and went from the small stage in the middle of the chapel, Aisi snuck away from her seat to crouch down next to her father. Everyone looked at her with pity in their eyes as she hugged his lifeless body, silently listening to the stories all those people meant to tell about her beloved dad.

Daniel was a well-liked man, and the whole village silently promised they would take care of his little girl. As they talked and talked, Kissy never left her dad’s side. But suddenly, a shout disrupted the atmosphere inside the chapel. The mourners tried to ignore it, and an old man walked to the middle of the room to tell everyone about Daniel’s humble origins.

A second shout followed the first, but the man didn’t falter in his tale. Daniel was born into poverty in a small village in Ghana, but his parents vowed they were going to break the cycle of generational poverty and give their son all the things they’d never had. Still, it was easier said than done. Daniel grew up watching his parents work hard but never quite managing to achieve their dream. They had instilled in him the importance of a good work ethic, but he was determined he wouldn’t end up like his parents. He wanted to make something of himself.

In his late teens, his parents passed away, and Daniel felt like they had wasted their whole lives trying to break out of poverty and never quite succeeding. His heart broke for his parents and the lives they led. That was when he decided to set up his own business. He’d always had a natural talent for cooking and dreamed of owning a restaurant one day. He knew he’d have to start small, though, so he set his sights on a small shack down at the local market.

Even though that wouldn’t be easy, during the day Daniel worked long hours to save as much money as he could. In the evening, he worked on perfecting his recipes and cooking up delicious Ghanaian comfort food. As the MERS remembered his amazing cooking skills, a few more loud noises came from the back of the chapel. By now, people were looking around to try and find out why the MERS in the back pews were so hellbent on ruining such a beautiful moment.

Daniel’s first manager stepped in to replace the old man, and he continued telling the tale of his life. In just a few years, Daniel had saved up enough money to pay the rent on the shack for 6 months and purchased all the cooking equipment he would need. The first day he set up his food shack, his heart soared. His dream was coming true.

But the ingredients weren’t cheap, and neither was maintaining the cooking equipment. So during the day, he’d sell his food, and in the evening, he took up night shifts at a factory. Daniel was exhausted, but he knew that when his food stall took off, it would all be worth it.

A few months passed by, and Daniel was now getting regular customers. His dishes seemed to be a hit with younger people who had moved out of their family homes but craved the taste of the homemade comfort food they grew up with. It still wasn’t quite enough for Daniel to give up his night shifts, though.

However, there was something else that had made Daniel even more driven to succeed. A young woman named Essie had started visiting his shack regularly, always ordering the same thing. The pair had quickly become friends, but Daniel wanted more. He was head over heels in love with the young woman, but he didn’t know how to tell her.

At this point, Kissy’s mother started sobbing. Someone was stomping hard on the floor at the back of the chapel, while other MERS were flailing their arms in the air. But at the front, all the eyes were glued to the young widow who had captured the heart of a lovely man.

Every day when Essie visited, Daniel’s heart would skip a beat when he saw her. Her big smile and her bright eyes made him fall in love more and more each time he saw her. But the young man still couldn’t bring himself to tell her how he felt. A woman like that deserved the world, and right now, he couldn’t give it to her.

One Tuesday morning, Daniel arrived at his shack early to make a start on cooking. A storm was predicted for later that day, and all the other market traders were predicting a quiet day. So Daniel made less food than usual to not waste anything. The market traders were right; it was a quieter day than usual, but all the people who visited the market still came to Daniel’s store. Before long, he’d sold out of everything apart from Essie’s favorite dish. He set some aside just in case the young woman decided to visit, then had to apologize to the other customers, explaining he was sold out.

It was now Essie’s turn to add something to the tale. She had told other people about this part, but she still felt she was the only one who could recount it. Closing her eyes, she tried her best to ignore the raising shouts still coming from the back of the chapel. No one would deny her this last chance to speak about her husband, not after what had happened the last time they’d been in the same room together that day a few years ago.

Just as Daniel began to start cleaning up, he spotted Essie approaching. The skies had grown dark, and most of the other traders had packed up and gone home already. Daniel had hung around longer than he wanted to in the hopes that he’d see Essie, and now here she was. Just as the young woman reached the shack, huge raindrops began to fall from the sky. Although he was pleased to see Essie, Daniel now began to panic; his equipment couldn’t be out in the rain, and he didn’t have the money to replace any of it.

He quickly started to lock everything up but got a huge surprise when Essie helped out. With both of them working together, everything was put away in record time, but the pair were utterly soaked. Daniel began to apologize to Essie, but she just laughed and waved her hand, telling him it wasn’t a problem. She joked that at least she still had his food to warm her up when she got home.

Grabbing the container of food Daniel had made for her, the two of them made their way over to the bus shelter next to the food shack to wait out the storm. Hours passed by, and the two of them never even realized how long they’d been talking for. The storm had passed a while ago, but they hadn’t realized that either. Daniel could no longer contain his feelings; suddenly,

he blurted out that he was in love with Essie. Expecting her to reject him, Daniel stood up. But before he could go anywhere, the young woman grabbed hold of his hand and told him she’d been waiting for months to hear him say those words. From that point on, it was like Essie and Daniel had been together forever.

Most days, Essie would join him at the shack, and news of their love story drew in even more customers. Essie was also brilliant at getting the word out about how good Daniel’s food was, and before long, he had queues stretching back all down the market. Everyone wanted to taste his culinary delights.

He could finally give up his night shifts at the factory. Soon, Daniel had outgrown the shack; the queues were getting longer and longer each day, and he wanted to expand his menu but didn’t have space to do so at the shack. With Essie’s help, Daniel purchased a shop just outside of the main Market Square. This way, he was still close to his regular customers and another step closer to owning a full restaurant.

Daniel and Essie had only been together a few months, but it felt like they’d known each other all their lives. One evening, while the pair were cleaning up after a very busy day, Essie suggested they move in together. But Daniel had other plans. He got down on one knee and proposed to her on the spot. Essie didn’t even need to think about her answer. Just 11 months after they began dating, the couple were married and living together. It was a dream come true.

The couple wanted nothing more than to start a family. Daniel’s dreams were coming true, and he knew he could provide for his future family in a way that all previous generations in his family hadn’t been able to do. He wished his parents were still here to see what he’d achieved, as he felt sure that the couple would have no problem starting a family, since they were both young and healthy.

But after 2 years of trying, they still hadn’t conceived. Although Essie’s heart was breaking, with Daniel by her side, she knew she could get through anything. Daniel would often reassure her that when the time was right, they would be blessed with a family of their own, and thankfully, he was right. Just another year later, the couple was finally pregnant.

Essie embraced the pregnancy, and luckily, everything went smoothly. Before long, the couple welcomed their daughter KY into the world. She was the perfect combination of her parents, with her father’s sharp wit and her mother’s quick thinking. KY seemed to pick up on everything really quickly and hit milestones early on. By the age of three, her parents were convinced she was a genius. She could read extremely well, and her math skills were amazing. Her parents encouraged her desire for knowledge and were beyond proud of their daughter. They were the perfect little team.

But their happiness was short-lived. On KY’s fifth birthday, her parents were setting up some balloons and banners ready for her party when Daniel suddenly collapsed. KY witnessed everything and ran to her father’s aid, shouting for him to wake up. Unfortunately, Daniel regained consciousness just a few minutes later and reassured his wife and daughter that he was fine, just tired.

As he figured he was overworked and urged him to take things steady. But just a week later, Daniel collapsed again, this time Essie insisted they go to the doctor. Fainting so regularly wasn’t normal; perhaps he needed to adjust his diet or take some supplements. But when the doctor suggested that Daniel go to the hospital for tests, the couple began to panic.

Sadly, tests showed that Daniel had a terminal illness, and the couple were told he would need to stay in the hospital to be observed. Essie was devastated; she just learned the love of her life was dying. There was no way they could tell KY; the little girl adored her father. But Daniel’s health quickly deteriorated; he began fainting more often, and soon, he was having seizures too.

Essie told KY that the doctors were working hard to make Daddy better, but the little girl could sense that her mother wasn’t telling her the truth. Reluctantly, KY agreed that she could visit her father in the hospital. He could barely sit up in bed now and needed help with food and drink. Essie couldn’t believe how quickly her husband had changed.

The three of them sat in silence in the hospital room. No one knew what to say. But suddenly, KY took hold of her father’s hand and whispered, “Daddy, are you dying?” Essie looked shocked, but Daniel believed his bright little girl deserved to know the truth. “Yes, I am, darling,” he said sadly. A tear rolled down his cheek, and KY flung her arms around her father’s frail body.

After this, KY insisted on going with her mother to the hospital every single day. Essie had tried to protect their daughter, but Daniel had gone and told her the truth anyway. She knew they had promised to never lie to her, but Essie couldn’t help but feel hurt anyway. For a short while, KY’s visits seemed to give Daniel some life back, but it didn’t last long before his health began to decline even more rapidly.

As Essie tried to shield KY from the worst of it, Daniel’s seizures were so frequent now that the little girl saw more than her mother would have liked. It was also clear to all of them that Daniel didn’t have very long left. Essie experienced a mixture of emotions: grief, anger, and sadness all rolled into one.

The irrational, angry side made her believe that Daniel wasn’t fighting hard enough to live, even though deep down she knew this wasn’t true. On her next visit to the hospital, Essie lost her temper and shouted at Daniel that he’d promised never to leave them. The weak man tried to console his wife, but she stormed out of the room, leaving KY behind.

The little girl didn’t leave her father’s bedside all day. In the times he was awake, Essie would cuddle him or ask him questions about his life with her mother. Daniel made sure his daughter knew how much he loved both her and her mother. When Daniel slept, KY read to him. When evening fell, Essie returned to take KY home, but she couldn’t bring herself to step inside Daniel’s room.

That night, Daniel died peacefully in his sleep. When Essie learned of his death, she cried and screamed. She’d never said a proper goodbye to the love of her life; she’d been so angry with Daniel. Now he was gone forever. Hoping to console her, KY told her mother about all the conversations she had had with her father the day before.

But seeing her daughter at peace made Essie’s heart ache even more. She felt selfish and like a terrible person. Grief had driven her to feel angry at Daniel, and now she couldn’t apologize. On the day of Daniel’s funeral, Essie couldn’t stop crying. KY remained dry-eyed though she was sad and already missed her father. But getting to spend that last day with him had felt like closure.

The little girl held onto her mother’s hand all through the service, but as it drew to a close, KY got the urge to say goodbye to her father one last time. She felt everyone’s eyes on her as she approached the coffin and leaned over her father’s body. KY gently laid her head on her father’s chest and began to whisper her goodbyes for the last time. But the peaceful moment didn’t last long. Soon, everyone was turning around to see what all the fuss was at the back of the church.

KY was startled out of the tender moment by loud shouts erupting around the church. When she looked up, she saw two white doves flying straight toward her father’s coffin. The doves landed on Daniel’s chest; some of the MERS still screamed, hoping to scare them off, while others were stomping loudly and flailing their arms in the air to shoo the birds away. But KY just smiled and stopped anyone from coming near them.

The intelligent little girl knew that white doves represented peace and love, and she took the birds’ presence as a sign that her father was saying goodbye to her and her mother one last time. She turned to Essie and told her that the doves were the only confirmation she needed that her husband wasn’t angry at her; he was at peace and wanted her to be as well.

Essie wiped away her tears and watched as the birds flew off. KY knew her father would always be with her, no matter what, and his dreams would live on in her.

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