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30 Minutes After their Wedding this Newlywed Couple Dies. You Won’t Believe The Reason!

“Everyone knows that the all-important words ’till deaths do us part’ are an integral part of the marriage ceremony. They indicate your undying love for your partner and your willingness to stay with them for the rest of your life. However, for a young couple that was getting hitched in the Swiss mountains, what should have been the happiest day of their lives quickly became the worst. That sadly came only 30 minutes after they said ‘I do,’ but what happened? Well, you won’t believe the reason.

In this shocking tale of love and death, Keith and Lynn had been childhood sweethearts ever since they met at school. They both came from independently wealthy families, so they moved in the same circles. Over the course of their youth, they grew close, indeed, before finally becoming an official couple at the age of 15. It’s not often that relationships that form at such a relatively young age last, but Keith and Lin’s blossomed.

Before long, they were in their early 20s with lucrative careers befitting their wealthy families. Their relationship was not of business, nor was it a necessary move; it truly was a relationship of absolute love and mutual respect. Lynn and Keith were smart, fit, and the definition of couple goals. With her perfect figure and long dark hair and his dashing good looks, this Instagram-worthy duo put a fresh new face on the term ‘power couple.’


People saw them as an inspiration, a strong and effective team that got things done with love and hard work. Their two families couldn’t have been happier with the relationship. Not only could they tell that Keith and Lynn were right for each other, but the partnership had the added bonus of uniting two rich families into one, making them an extremely strong, powerful, and influential force.

Luckily, though, neither family put business and profit above the happiness of these two young lovebirds. One day, Lynn booked the pair a trip to Dubai, staying in a luxury hotel that overlooked a sprawling, up-and-coming city. And Keith realized that he could capitalize on this trip and propose to his longtime girlfriend. He had been thinking about it for weeks, fantasizing about how and where it might happen. But he never plucked up the courage to actually do it. Besides, he wanted it to be special and unique, something that they’d both remember forever.


He’d even bought her a massive diamond ring, setting him back tens of thousands of dollars, but Keith didn’t mind. She was more than worth it to him. So off they went to Dubai, and it really was as magical as they’d have hoped.

The huge city was as warm and welcoming as they’d always hoped, and they spent the first week basking in the sun and going on all kinds of unique adventures. Of course, it helped that they were rich; it definitely opened up plenty of doors and allowed them to do things your average tourists could only dream of. They rented ridiculously expensive supercars, hung out at elite invite-only nightclubs, and dined at the classiest and most expensive restaurants.


All that stuff was great and made for a truly amazing vacation, but Keith had much more romantic activities at the forefront of his mind. For the entire first week, he had butterflies in his stomach as he pondered whether Lynn would accept his proposal of marriage. What if she said no? The thought was never far from his mind. But one night, under a star-kissed sky, Keith finally plucked up the courage and popped the question.

His heart was in his mouth as he got down on one knee and asked Lynn to marry him. But he needn’t have worried. No sooner had he gotten the words out of his mouth that she was screaming yes and throwing herself into his arms. They kissed under fireworks that had erupted into the sky and smiled as they held each other, imagining the perfect life they were going to embark upon.


But unfortunately, things don’t always go so perfectly, and not everyone who deserves a happily ever after actually gets one. One year later, the day of the wedding arrived. They had chosen an absolutely spectacular venue, a castle built into the Swiss Alps. The grounds overlooked rolling green flowery meadows and an emerald blue lake that drew the eye neatly to a soaring, unfathomably huge snow-capped mountain. The bill for the venue alone was absolutely eye-watering, but it truly looked like something out of a dream, and no expense was going to be spared when it came to this wedding.

Over 300 of their family and friends made the journey to this remote venue, and they wanted it to be a wedding that people would never forget. In a private room, Lynn and her bridesmaids were preparing to walk down the aisle. She had chosen a stunning figure-hugging silky white dress with a train that stretched several feet behind her. Attached to her beautifully curled long dark hair was a delicate white veil that shimmered and moved in the soft breeze of the mountain air.


The time came for her to walk down the aisle, and her heart melted when she saw Keith waiting for her with tears in his eyes. She couldn’t hold back the tears of her own as they joined each other, and the officiator started the wedding proceedings. Her husband-to-be looked handsome and powerful in a suit made of the finest navy blue material. His rogue smile and subtle stubble made Lynn weak at the knees. She couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Before long, the two were pronounced husband and wife, and they kissed, much to the delight of the hundreds of family and friends gathered at the beautiful venue.

They had done it. The power couple had finally tied the knot. Keith grinned to himself as he thought back to how nervous he had been to propose the year before in Dubai. But as he looked at his beautiful new wife, he was so glad he did it. Lynn wasn’t sure if today could get any more perfect and more romantic, but her father had organized a surprise for his daughter and her new husband.


From outside the chapel doors came a distant whirring that got louder and louder as the newlyweds exited the building. They were greeted by the sight of a luxury high-end helicopter landing on the long gardens that stretched out in front of them. Her father had organized a special once-in-a-lifetime flight for the two of them. It was a spectacular surprise that left Lynn and Keith grinning from ear to ear.

The happy couple climbed aboard the helicopter and posed for photos in the doorway, with the snow-tipped mountains, rocky hillside, and colorful flowers. These photos were going to be truly memorable. Once their family and friends had taken all the photos they wanted, the pilot instructed them to move to a safe distance so they could take off. The plan was to take a scenic flight around the mountain, crossing those flowery meadows and skimming the emerald blue lake. It would certainly make for an exciting and show-stopping trip.


Firing the engines up, the helicopter blade started to whirl, slowly and gently lifting them from the ground. The newlywed couple smiled and waved at their guests as they climbed higher and higher into the cool mountain air. But things very quickly took a bad turn. Unfortunately, a violent and unexpected crosswind jolted the helicopter, throwing it out of control. The pilot tried his best to keep the craft stable; however, it started to roll onto its side, and the engines cut out. Only several hundred feet in the air, they started falling from the sky.

There was no time to put on a parachute or bail out before the incapacitated vehicle landed with a dull thud on the mountainside and burst into a ball of flames. Wedding guests saw the whole incident and watched on in horror as the whole scene unfolded. They could see the newly married couple flailing in panic as the helicopter went into freefall, with Lynn’s gorgeous veil blowing in the wind and whipping out in the open cockpit window. They screamed and cried, but there was nothing they could have done. Mercifully, Keith, Lynn, and the pilot died instantly on impact.


But it really is the most tragic of endings to what should have been a perfect day and the start of a perfect life. And as the fireball burned and thick black smoke billowed out into the cool mountain air, the bright silky white veil drifted slowly down, coming to rest amongst the beautiful flowers on the Swiss mountainside, forever their resting place.

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