Final Bye Bye To DSTV!

Your customer care agent gave me a call some minutes ago telling me it’s unusual for me to stay off air for this long.

Well, I gave him a piece of my mind. I told him that I have explored other options, and will not renew as my family prefer to watch YouTube instead of your repeated programs. Not that it will matter, even this open letter to you will not matter. But it will serve as an eye opener for as many that will read this.

Now, I have used this particular DSTV account for close to 20 years in my name and was on premium subscription until your incessant price hike from ₦16,000 to ₦18,400 forced me to downgrade to Compact plus.

You have of recent taken premium to ₦21,000 and Compact plus to ₦14,250.

Mate, the only reason DSTV is still relevant in Nigeria is because a lot of people don’t have smart TV and fibre Internet, but these are gradually becoming a household item. Smart tvs are coming cheap now.

Let me state this to you categorically, I am not coming back to DSTV and so do lots of other people who have access to smart TV and fibre Internet.

I would rather pay for YouTube subscription to watch live sports than to pay you for constantly disrespecting me. Apart from that, there are lots of streaming apps and websites online to watch live football. Movies, documentaries and other programs can be found for free on YouTube.

You will not only lose me, you will also lose other people who have read this alternative. This will save me ₦14,240 monthly since you ignored our calls for Pay Per View or affordable pricing.

I will use my decoder henceforth to charge my phone when I can’t find my charger head. Oh wait…it can even serve as a clock when the battery of my wall clock weakens.

Alright, I have to leave it here. Have a care.

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