Eating Brick And Charcoal Give Me Satisfaction: Man Addicted To Eating Bricks, Sand and Charcoal Says –
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Eating Brick And Charcoal Give Me Satisfaction: Man Addicted To Eating Bricks, Sand and Charcoal Says

In a remote village in the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a man named Jamal, also known as Jama, has developed a unique taste for unconventional “foods.” Contrary to what one might expect, his preferred delicacies consist of rocks, sand, and charcoal. While many find his dietary choices perplexing, Jama adamantly defends his unusual appetite, asserting that these non-food items bring him greater satisfaction than any regular meal.

Jama’s affinity for consuming rocks, sand, and charcoal has raised concerns about the potential health risks associated with his eating habits. People wonder why he engages in such behavior and why those around him allow it to continue. Is there a scientific explanation behind his cravings? Surprisingly, Jama does not exhibit any signs of mental instability or underlying health issues, making him an enigma to those who encounter him.

Interestingly, Jama is not alone in his unconventional eating habits. Similar cases have been reported worldwide, highlighting the existence of others with peculiar preferences. In Kenya, a woman named Catherine is addicted to eating soil, completely shunning normal food. In India, there is Pakirappa Anacondi, who indulges in consuming bricks, mud, and even graphite. Meanwhile, in the country of Kazakhstan, not only do some individuals consume rocks as snacks, but there is also a market where rocks are sold as edible items.

Jama’s family has attempted to dissuade him from his preferred diet, encouraging him to adopt regular food consumption. They have even resorted to different medications in their efforts to broaden his dietary choices.

However, Jama has staunchly refused, asserting that his current lifestyle is a conscious choice he made during his early years. While his family acknowledges that his eating habits have no adverse effects on his health, outsiders perceive him as eccentric or deranged.

Nutritionally, food provides essential substances that support the body’s growth, repair, and maintenance of tissues, as well as the regulation of vital processes. Jama believes his unique diet fulfills these requirements. He claims to have started eating rocks from birth, and despite early attempts to redirect his eating habits, he gradually transitioned to sand and rocks as his primary sustenance. According to him, ordinary food no longer satisfies him, as he finds the taste and texture of rocks, sand, and charcoal far superior.

Jama’s distinctive eating habits have raised questions about his personal life. Some speculate that his preferences might complicate his chances of finding a romantic partner. The idea of being in a relationship with someone who indulges in consuming sun, stones, and charcoal seems eerie, akin to something out of a horror movie. Nonetheless, Jama contends that his way of life simplifies things for him, as he never struggles to find sustenance.

Although Jama’s dietary choices may seem unconventional to most, it is essential to recognize that this is a form of pica, an eating disorder characterized by the consumption of non-food items. Pica can affect both children and individuals with mental disorders. Remarkably, Jama claims not to have any mental illness or disorder, further adding to the mystique surrounding his case.

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For the people in Jama’s village, including his mother, he is seen as an extraordinary individual. Despite their initial shock, they have accepted his unusual eating habits since they do not pose any harm to his well-being. Jama’s teeth, in particular, have remained strong and clean, even though concerns were raised about potential damage due to his unconventional diet.,Watch Video Here….

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