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During The Wedding, Priest Notices Something WEIRD About Bride & Angrily Stops Everything

“It was a bright and beautiful day, perfect for a wedding, and everyone was prepared to have the time of their lives. However, things took a drastic turn when the priest took one look at the bride and stopped everything. The reason will shock you.

Friends and family members of the groom were trooping into the church in their numbers. In front of the church, there was a long line of cars waiting to be parked, and the security operatives were working hard to clear off the road and send the cars neatly into the parking lot. Inside the church, the priest Fabian stood in his office as he prepared for the service that was about to happen.

Both bride and groom, Lily and Derek, came within minutes of each other, just how Fabian liked it. He disliked it when the bride and groom came late to their own wedding. Not long after, the wedding ceremony was underway, and it was time for the bride to walk down the aisle.

Derek stood at the altar, a goofy smile on his face, as he kept on trying to straighten out his suit, trying his best to look perfect on his big day. Meanwhile, Lily stood at the entrance of the church, a bouquet in her hand and dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown anyone had ever seen. There was a veil over her face, and she stood alone at the door. Fabian knew that she was going to walk herself down the aisle. The last time he spoke to Lily, she told him that her father was late, and he was the only one who meant enough to her to actually walk her down the aisle. She decided to walk herself, and Fabian was okay with it. Besides, this wasn’t the first for Fabian.

Soon, the music started, and the bride began to walk down slowly with her flowers in her hand. The closer she came, the more Derek fidgeted with anxiousness. Fabian stood calmly as the congregation sang along with the choir and didn’t stop until Lily finally got to the altar. She walked majestically up the gold tiled stairs and stopped beside Derek, who was smiling at her. He looked so much in love with her.

Fabian finally unclasped his arms and then urged Derek to unveil his bride so the exchange of vows could begin. The young man smiled and then, with nervous hands, reached out to Lily and pulled the veil off, revealing her beautiful face to the congregation.

Almost immediately, Fabian let out a pained yelp as he stared at Lily. It was as if he was seeing her for the first time. He grabbed his head as it throbbed painfully and staggered backward, almost slamming into the pulpit. At once, a hushed gasp washed through the congregation as they all wondered what was wrong with the priest.

The altar assistants hurried over to Fabian’s side and tried to assist him, but he shrugged off their help and told them he was okay. He tried to get up on his own, but his legs wobbled under his weight, and he went down once again. The assistants were scared that he was going to pass out, so they called for someone to bring water. Fabian finally allowed them to lead them to his chair while Derek and Lily stood at the altar, looking confused about everything.

The water was provided, and it did a lot to calm him down. When he was able to get himself back, he slowly pushed himself to his feet and approached the couple who were still waiting patiently to get married. He stopped beside them and glared. Everyone could see that he was angry. Then he said that the wedding must be paused at once.

Another gasp of shock washed through the congregation. Yet again, Derek’s mouth fell open as he stared at the priest as if he suddenly sprouted horns. He couldn’t understand the reason for such an extreme decision. He then asked Fabian why he was doing that and ruining their big day.

The priest told him that he had just had a vision and he needed to investigate it at once. At this, everyone surged to their feet as they looked at the couple standing on the altar. They were ready for whatever was going to happen next. They all knew about Fabian and his gifts for seeing things beyond the physical. Fabian was a highly proclaimed priest who traveled all over the world battling demons and delivering souls possessed by evil spirits. Many times he could simply see them once he laid eyes on them. They all had distinct markings about them that made them stand out from normal humans. However, there were those who were powerful enough to mask themselves and even hide from his visions.

Fabian had met visions of all kinds over the course of his life as a priest, and he knew that the world was a dangerous place that one had to be really vigilant in. A few years ago, he had been transferred to this church, and because it was a bit of a small town, he had decided to keep a low profile. He stopped his frequent travels because he was getting old, choosing to leave it to the younger generation instead. Meanwhile, he decided to be responsible for the spiritual welfare of his congregation and host community.

Right from the minutes he moved into the town, he fought off all malevolent and evil spirits holding the town back and making their children sick. Thanks to everything he did, he won a lot of souls, and everyone hung on to his every word as if they were the gospel themselves because they knew that whatever he said was true. This was the reason when he said he had a vision, everyone in the congregation surged to their feet, ready to take action. They knew that either the bride or the groom had a spiritual problem, and it was about to be taken care of.

Fabian grabbed the microphone and spoke into it. He said he had always been suspicious about Lily right from the very first day Derek brought her around for marriage counseling. She had looked so familiar, but he couldn’t tell where he had known her from. He had even gone as far as digging into her with the help of the police just to find out where they crossed paths, but nothing had come of it. He found nothing on her, and he finally let it go, thinking she was one of those people who looked like someone else.

Derek was having none of this. He told Fabian that there was no way he could know Lily from before. Besides, even if he didn’t remember Lily, then she would have remembered him, but she also had no idea who he was. Derek was certain the priest was mistaken, and he was hurt that it was costing him his wedding. He begged that they continue with the ceremony so they could exchange their vows.

Fabian shook his head. He wasn’t satisfied just yet. He turned to Lily and said that he had to confirm something from her. It was only then that he would be able to go on with the wedding ceremony. He said that he needed to check something on her back. However, the wedding gown she had on had her covered completely, right from her neck to her ankles. There was no way he could see anything even if she turned at his request.

She shook her head and tried to leave, but Fabian told his congregation not to let her leave. Fabian then told her that he needed to make sure before she could leave. He said that what he was looking for was just behind her shoulder. He didn’t need her taking off her clothes or anything.

She refused, vehemently, and this caused a divide in the congregation. Some people didn’t understand what exactly Fabian was looking for, while Derek and Lily, above all, had come to be wed in the church, but it seemed Fabian had other plans for them. The others countered their arguments by saying Fabian had never lied about anything. If he said there was something suspicious about Lily, then they were willing to bet that there was something wrong with her. They then listed out every time he saved a soul that had been possessed and every time he gave a prediction that came true. Eventually, more people were asking Lily to just do as he asked.

The priest then called for five women who were members of the church’s council. He knew he could trust them to be fair in the matter. Then he asked them to take Lily into his office and check her back for any marks. Lily refused to move an inch. She even threatened not to go through with the marriage if they pushed through with their agenda. But none of the women paid any attention to all that. She was taken to the office, and the women went in with her.

From outside, everyone could hear her voice as she rained insults on the women who wanted to check the top of her back for a mark. After a while, silence fell from the office. It was as if they had managed to silence Lily. After a few seconds, the door opened, and the women walked out, leaving Lily behind in the office.

Fabian looked at them expectantly, asking them if they had found any markings. The women nodded and told him they found the symbol of a hook burned into her flesh. This was all Fabian needed to hear. He dropped his microphone at once and made his way into the office, closing the door behind them.

Almost immediately, they began to hear raised voices once more. Fabian was shouting at the top of his voice, praying hard and calling down the hosts of heaven. Lily was shouting herself. She was muttering unintelligible words that made no sense to anyone. As the congregation listened on, they felt their hearts race from terror. They were certain Fabian was delivering Lily from an evil spirit, and with every shout Lily made, Derek felt his heart sink further and further.

Eventually, Lily could barely speak anymore, and the sounds she was making were more animal-like. At some point, she was barking ferociously like a dog; other times, she was roaring like a lion, rattling the windows of the church. Amidst all this, they could also hear the sounds of destruction as chairs were smashed against walls and tables got upturned. It sounded as if Lily was trying to get away.

Eventually, they heard one final sound from Lily, and she was meowing like a wounded cat. The tempo of Fabian’s prayers finally reduced with time, and eventually, his voice was reduced to mere mutterings, and his words became unintelligible as well. It went on for a while before eventually, silence fell on the church.

Once again, everyone looked at the door of the office. None of them knew what to make of what had happened. The sounds they had heard made them terrified that something had happened to their priest. It could be that he finally met his match and battled something that was beyond them. This was the first time a spiritual battle was happening that shook the entire church to its core.

As the silence prolonged and the door remained closed, everyone looked at each other, wondering if they should go and check on the priest and Lily. Derek was beside himself with worry as he stared at the closed door. He was barely able to stand in place, but he forced himself to do so.

Thanks to everything he had heard earlier, he knew now that there was more to his fiancée than he had been led to believe. But he could barely stay in place, and just as he was about to go toward the door, there was a click as the knob turned, and the door finally swung open, revealing the priest.

Fabian looked like he had aged 10 years as he stumbled out of his office. He wobbled a bit, but he was able to make it to his seat, which he poured himself into. His body was drenched in sweat, and beads of it were leaking off him and falling onto the floor. However, as the congregation saw him, they began to applaud. The fact that he came out on his two legs meant that he was victorious.

When the applause died and the church quieted once again, he picked up his microphone and began to talk. He told them that five years ago, in a different city, he had come across Lily. Back then, she was also a bride being wed to a young man in this church. Even then, when he knew nothing about her, his spirits had not been settled with her. Whenever he saw her, he always felt a prickling of suspicion, but he couldn’t just figure out what it was. He even had a vision about her, but the vision didn’t portray her as evil. The vision simply revealed that she had a mark on her back. It was a mark that looked somehow like a six but still somehow looked like a hook, so it was one or the other.

His vision worried him, but there wasn’t enough evidence for him to pursue his suspicion. In the end, seeing as he couldn’t stop her from marrying simply because of his gut feeling, he officiated her marriage and ended up regretting it greatly. That very night, on the night of the consummation of the marriage, Lily stabbed her husband to death and vanished into thin air. She fled, and all efforts to track her down proved abortive.

Fabian blamed himself for this. That was the main reason he asked to be transferred out of his church and into his current one. Because the weight and guilt of his mistake couldn’t allow him to have peace there. He had almost made the same mistake when DK brought her before him as his wife. All through their marriage counseling, he had always had a weird feeling about Lily, as if she was keeping something from him, and he couldn’t figure out what it was. Besides the fact that she looked familiar didn’t help matters. Even though no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t place her face. Somehow, he wasn’t able to remember her all through the marriage class. And just like before, since he had no evidence against her, he could do nothing at all.

Thankfully, seeing her in a wedding dress had done it for him. The moment Derek opened her veil, it reminded him of the man who had done the exact same thing five years ago. And just then, it was as if his eyes opened, and he saw Lily for who she was. He immediately got a vision where he saw her killing Derek later that night. It was what prompted him to pause the wedding at once and proceed to vanquish the power of evil.

As Fabian finished speaking, his words were met with silence as the congregation digested a story they marveled at just how powerful Lily had been and how she had come close to snuffing out the young and vibrant life of Derek. Just then, the door swung open, and Lily stepped out.

She looked weak, and she was sweating even worse than Fabian. In the space of the minutes she and Fabian had battled, she looked like she had lost a lot of weight, and her facial features were now gaunt. She leaned against the wall as he approached Derek

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