Does IPOB Have Any Manifesto & Working Mechanism?

“I sincerely doubt that IPOB has a manifesto and working mechanisms. I assume it is a mirage to an extent. Simon Ekpa lacks momentum and what it takes to see his people flourish. His economic and welfare state acumen is Zero. They are better-off out of our bushes and towns. If you are intelligent enough, you shouldn’t be harming your own”. – Chiedu Okeke

This very statement gave me some intellectual orgasm. I have continued to imagine how strategic it would be to displace an intellectually fecund population of Igbo humans, if that’s all we can offer the world. There comes a time when the quota system fails, a time when nepotism is certainly not enough. That time was exemplified by Obasanjo when he populated his cabinet with the best of Igbo Intelligentsia.

Now, for a second I want to imagine the scenario if a Soludo was in the bush agitating for “freedom”, and an Okonjo-Iweala was in America acting as “Eze-Nwanyị mmiri”. Or an Oby Ezekwesili was in Zurich sending messages of war to Obasanjo and Ndị Igbo. May be an ABC Nwosu was in Finland laundering slush funds for Igbo youths for the purposes of buying light arms and small weapons.

Where would we have been if these classes of ndi Igbo were prancing about with arms killing our people?

I don’t want to think that Ndị Igbo as a people were probably overrated.

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