Dad Placed Camera In His Daughter’s Coffin. When He Turned It on At Night, He Screamed! –
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Dad Placed Camera In His Daughter’s Coffin. When He Turned It on At Night, He Screamed!

After burying his daughter, Steve returned home with his wife and decided to watch his little girl one last time with the camera that was in the coffin. However, what he discovered will shock you to your bones.

On that fateful day, Steve stood with his wife, Silvia, beside the freshly dug grave. His distraught wife clutched at his arm as she wept uncontrollably, and he was barely able to keep his emotions in check. There, right before their eyes, they watched in disbelief as the coffin was lowered into the ground. Even though it was all happening right in front of him, even though he had seen her lifeless form with his own eyes, he still couldn’t believe that he had actually lost his only daughter.

It was still difficult to wrap his mind around the fact that his baby girl, Lily, was gone for good. Everything had happened so quickly, and he was yet to recover from the tumultuous sets of events that had been taking place over the last couple of days. Things were moving at a pace he was ill-equipped for, and he was scared because there were too many unknowns present. He had no idea how he would cope with his daughter gone from this world. He didn’t know how to survive living without her smile and her infectious laughter.

With tears in her eyes, Steve watched as the coffin went deeper into the ground. The lid had a transparent cover, so he could still see Lily’s face. She was clutching her favorite doll, Sandy. Sandy had always been with Lily when she was alive, and it was only right that the doll went on with her to the afterlife. He believed Sandy would provide a form of comfort to his daughter’s spirit. All around him, the atmosphere was tense and sad. No one said a word as the coffin finally settled onto the soft earth. It sank a bit before finally finding balance, and then the process of covering it all up began. At that point, Sylvia began to cry profusely. Steve tried to console her, but he couldn’t find the right words.

As soon after the funeral was over, and Lily’s parents went home, Steve got there, he was a total mess. The first thing he did once he shut the door behind him was to hurry over to the minibar in his living room and grab a bottle of whiskey. As he drank, he began to think of his daughter and the things that would never be anymore now that she was gone. He wished that he had gotten more time with her. He wished that he’d been the one that died instead of her. And he wished that death had not been so cruel as to take Lily from him when she was finally coming around to love Sylvia as a mother.

Everything had been going great lately, and now his baby girl was gone, and he would never lay eyes on her perfect face again. But that’s when he remembered that Lily had been laid to rest with her doll, Sandy, in her arms. And in that moment, he decided to get one more glimpse of his daughter for closure. He promised himself that if he saw her face one more time, he would find it easier to move on with his life, as he was certain that was something she would want for him.

He knew this for a fact because, apart from being Lily’s father, he had also been her best friend. Everything he’d ever done in life had been done with her in mind, and none of that changed when he lost Lily’s mother to the cold hands of death. Lily had been the fruit of his first marriage, but after losing her mother, he realized that raising a little girl on his own was too much for him. There were a lot of sensitive aspects that he believed would have been better handled by women. Besides, he was always busy with work. While he made a lot of money, he barely had enough time to spend with his daughter, and he didn’t want her to be alone.

Thankfully, though, about 2 years after becoming a widower, he fell in love with Sylvia. The decision to get into a new relationship had not been just for him; he had also considered Lily in the matter because he wanted his little girl to have a mother figure in her life. He was sure that if she had a good woman as a stepmother, the loss of her actual mother would not be so keenly felt. However, things didn’t go as planned.

While he and Sylvia were dating, his daughter and girlfriend seemed to like each other. However, things changed the moment he announced that they were getting married. Lily told him that she didn’t like Sylvia at all, and she didn’t want to live in the same house with her. However, Steve assured her that everything would be okay. He was sure that the idea of Sylvia joining the family would only take some time for Lily to get used to it. That year, on her birthday, he bought her a beautiful doll that would come to be known

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