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She Noticed Her Doctor Behaving Very Strangely During Childbirth. What Happened Next is Surprising

When this woman was about to give birth, she noticed her doctor behaving very strangely. He was dressed inappropriately, admitted to a scary truth, and what happened next when the time came to deliver the baby is very disturbing.

On the 16th of May in 2015, Alex Sims stepped foot into the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Vegas to give birth to her baby boy. She was about a week past her due date, so she had to be induced into labor. As she lay on the delivery table, Alex whimpered and clutched the sheets as she felt the pangs of the contractions. She tried to compose herself while the nurses went about preparing for the delivery. Luckily for her, she had her mother by her side who was holding her hands and ensuring her that everything would be alright.


Although Alex was glad that she was getting all the support she needed, she still couldn’t get over the fear that something terrible would happen to her or her baby. She just felt as if the whole universe was working against her. Firstly, she was a week past her due date, and for some reason, she felt as if the nurses didn’t really care about her. They looked like they just wanted to get done with the delivery process and go back to whatever they had to do.

When the contractions subsided a little, Alex glanced around, and that was when she noticed that the doctor who should be in charge of her delivery wasn’t in the room. Alex had met Dr. Frank DeLee a couple of times and knew he wasn’t exactly a nice man, so she was pretty sad that he would be the one handling her delivery. The doctor who had been attending to her during the antenatal had to go on an impromptu trip, leaving Frank to take care of the delivery.


Gathering all the strength she had, Alex asked one of the nurses about the doctor’s whereabouts. The nurse, seemingly irritated with the question, told her to be patient and focus on her baby. The mother-to-be remained on the bed, going through painful contractions. About five minutes later, Dr. Frank DeLee walked in, his gaze fixed on Alex. He had a small smile on his face that didn’t seem so genuine.

Frank walked over to one nurse and began smiling at her, whispering something that Alex couldn’t make any sense of. However, she noticed that the nurse didn’t seem pleased with him. She had this look in her eyes as if she was trying to let him know he was doing something bad or was about to do something terrible.


Curious, Alex fixed her eyes on the duo, and that’s when she noticed something quite upsetting. Dr. Frank was poorly dressed; underneath his white coat, he was wearing Bermuda shorts, and his feet were bare. Alex was pissed, but to her chagrin, the other nurses present saw nothing wrong with his dressing. Instead, they made jokes and gossiped while Alex was on the bed, still going through immense labor pains.

Unfortunately for Alex, her mom had to step out as she received an urgent call, so she was left all alone in the delivery room. By then, her anxiety had gotten worse, and she didn’t feel safe in the hands of the medical practitioners. Suspecting that something could go wrong, Alex brought out her phone, hid it somewhere close to the delivery table, and began recording. Fortunately for her, the inattentive medical practitioners didn’t even notice the phone.


Just when Alex thought the frightening situation couldn’t get any worse, it did. One of the nurses asked Dr. Frank if he was coming from the bar, and to Alex’s greatest shock, he admitted that he had just had a few shots of tequila. After what seemed like forever, the doctor finally turned his attention to his patient, ready for the delivery. Alex immediately noticed that Frank seemed to be in a hurry, and she felt compelled to ask him if he needed to take a moment. But he flashed a smile at her and told her to concentrate on pushing.

As the delivery process progressed, Alex felt as if her whole body was on fire. The pain was intense and almost unbearable, and she realized that the epidural had worn off. Unable to bear the pain any longer, Alex spoke up. She told the doctor she needed some painkillers or gas, but he told her the pain was only imaginary. Worse off, he accused her of making things up. Alex resigned to fate and kept pushing despite the pains.


After what felt like an eternity, the cry of a newborn baby filled up the entire room. Alex let out a deep breath and fell back to the bed, almost dizzy from the pain. She thought the worst was over, but nothing could have prepared her for what would happen next. The baby was placed on her chest so she could administer skin-to-skin contact. Alex’s eyes beamed with joy and happiness as she held her son. Little Jared was perfect, and she couldn’t wait to take him home and away from that crazy doctor.

However, as she studied him closely, her smile slowly gave way to a frightening look. She noticed that her baby was crying as if he was in lots of pain. Curious, Alex quickly examined him, and that’s when she noticed that something was wrong with his arm. It was slightly bent out of shape, almost as if the bone was broken. She immediately let out a piercing scream, demanding to know what the doctor had done to her baby.


One of the nurses took the child from Alex while Frank attended to him, but he failed to come up with a diagnosis. Baby Jared was eventually diagnosed with Erb’s palsy, a paralysis of the arm that was caused by nerve damage. Medical experts were hired to review the case, and what they uncovered was shocking. It was determined that Dr. DeLee had used inappropriate techniques during the birthing process. He had roughly pulled baby Jared’s arms, which resulted in the nerve damage that ultimately led to Erb’s palsy. Furthermore, he had failed to diagnose and recognize the pressure of shoulder dystocia.

The story of what happened in the delivery room spread through the hospital like wildfire. Alex was vocal about her ordeal at the hands of Dr. Frank. She blamed herself for not insisting on being given another doctor. However, she just couldn’t let it go like that and was determined to make Dr. Frank pay for what he had done to her baby.


After leaving the hospital, Alex sued Dr. DeLee, alleging his mishandling over the delivery as the main cause of her son’s condition. With the video she had made while in the delivery room capturing everything he had said and done, the lawyers had solid evidence to go after the obstetrician and gynecologist and make him pay. Cal Potter, her attorney, took up the matter and uncovered even more dark secrets surrounding Dr. Frank DeLee.

Alex’s case was just another in a long line of Dr. Frank’s malpractice suits. He had already been investigated in 2012 due to a similar allegation of negligent vaginal delivery resulting in shoulder dystocia. Also, there were at least another half dozen reports of possible malpractice that involved insurance payouts and settlements that totaled more than 2.7 million dollars.


Alex also sued the nurses who refused to call the drunk doctor to order and even engaged him in an annoying conversation. She also took things further by suing the hospital for having such a negligent doctor on call The video evidence she submitted was enough for the case to be a slam dunk.

Later on, while the case was still in court, Alex Sims granted an interview to local TV station KNTV. They needed her to talk about her ordeal with Dr. DeLee so people all over the world who found themselves in similar situations would be inspired to speak up.

“It was just jaw-dropping,” she said to the interviewer. “I just couldn’t fathom why all this was going on in the midst of me having a child. This is why someone needs to be accountable, and I just feel like if I don’t speak up for my child, who will?”


This is a sad story indeed about how one negligent doctor can ruin the life of a patient. If Alex had kept quiet about this ordeal, it would have happened to many more women and children after her. By choosing to speak out, she put an end to this vicious cycle. Little Jared will forever be a reminder of the doctor’s malpractice, but his mother will never stop fighting for justice on his behalf.

What do you think of this story? Would you have handled this situation any differently from Alex? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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