Mum Got Pregnant Every Year For 12 Years. What Happened To The Last Baby is Very Shocking –
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Mum Got Pregnant Every Year For 12 Years. What Happened To The Last Baby is Very Shocking

By the time she was 34, Mitchell had already had 11 kids in 11 years. With each pregnancy came its challenges, but the 12th brought a twist she could never have anticipated, one that she wasn’t even prepared for.

Suddenly, Mitchell felt dizzy. She stopped stirring the egg she had been frying and held onto the counter to keep steady. With each passing second, everything around her seemed to be turning. She took a few steps away from the kitchen table, and her legs became weaker. Before she knew it, darkness enveloped her, and she fell to the ground like a leaf falling from a tree.

The next time Mitchell opened her eyes, she was in the hospital bed. Her husband, John, was sitting beside her, looking nervous. When their eyes met, John quickly grabbed Mitchell’s hands.

“You are pregnant,” he said quietly, and watched as his wife’s eyes widened in terror. This should have been good news for any happy couple, but for Mitchell and John, it was quite a terrifying one.

After they had their last child, the doctor had told them never to try having a baby again due to the multiple previous pregnancies she had been through. The doctor had told her that another baby would be at risk of premature birth, low birth weight, and developmental issues. He had also explained that Mitchell was at risk of placenta previa, a condition where the placenta covers the cervix, leading to bleeding complications. Besides, Mitchell had also been diagnosed with preeclampsia, a condition that can be dangerous for both mother and baby and could occur in another pregnancy. So this new development was nothing but bad news. It meant that Mitchell and her baby’s life could be in danger.

Mitchell and John had tried to prevent any form of pregnancy, so Mitchell had gotten on the pill. However, the test results had shown that she was 12 weeks along. Mitchell and John had never been fans of terminating pregnancies, and they were not about to start now. As they sat close to each other, all they could do was hope against all odds that everything would go just fine.

Mitchell was the only child of her parents. Growing up alone, she had struggled to fit in. Whenever her classmates discussed the beautiful relationships they had with their siblings, she would never have anything to say. But this wasn’t the only problem Mitchell had faced as a child. She also hadn’t had a great relationship with her mother, Candace.

Candace had lost her husband shortly after giving birth to Mitchell. She had been a stay-at-home wife and had fully depended on her loving and wealthy husband to care for her. So after his demise, she had found herself struggling to make ends meet. She had to work multiple jobs just to be able to provide for Mitchell. Although Candace did her best, it had sadly never been enough.

By the time Mitchell reached 18, she had grown accustomed to the inconsistent bond she shared with her mother. Despite genuine attempts from both sides to mend things, the passage of time had created a sense of unfamiliarity between them. Because of everything that had happened, Mitchell had promised herself that she would be an excellent mother to all her children. She also didn’t want her kid to experience bullying in school like she did. So she made a commitment to herself to have many children. She would picture herself with a lot of kids around her, changing tons of diapers, cooking large meals, and doing a lot of laundry. She was sure that all of this would bring her happiness.

Luckily for Mitchell, when she turned 22, she had crossed paths with John, who was 38 years old. Just like her, he too wanted a big family. John had grown up in a loving home. His parents were wealthy, and they had given him everything he wanted. John also had a younger sister named Anna, and the two had spent their growing up years together.

Unfortunately, when Anna turned 11, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and at 13, she had lost the battle with cancer. After her death, John had become the only child and would often find himself yearning for a sibling to share in his good and bad moments. A year after John and Mitchell met, they got married and had their first child. Each year that followed, they continued to welcome more children. In just 11 years, they had become parents to 11 kids whom they loved dearly.

They thought they were done with having babies until blood tests revealed Mitchell was 12 weeks pregnant. When Jon’s parents heard that Mitchell was pregnant again, they were very displeased with the couple. John’s mom went over to the house, and an intense argument ensued between him and his mother. She had never raised her voice at him, but this time she did. She asked John to encourage his wife to terminate the pregnancy.

“If you truly love your wife, then you wouldn’t let her continue with such a high-risk pregnancy. If you lose her, you will be miserable for the rest of your life,” she had yelled at him. But John had a strong feeling that everything would go fine. Mitchell held the same game views too. They knew they would forever live with the guilt if they cut their baby’s life short. Soon enough, all the family members understood that their opinions didn’t matter, and they decided to give the couple the support they desperately needed.

A few weeks later, John and Mitchell went for a scan, and that’s when they got a huge surprise. The couple sat hand in hand, their anticipation palpable as the screen flickered to life, revealing the first blurry image of their baby. They held their breath, hearts pounding, as the technician moved the wand around. The image on the screen shifted, and suddenly there it was, a second tiny figure nestled beside the first.

The room seemed to hold its breath as the technician paused, then turned to the couple with a grin. “Congratulations,” he said, “you’re going to be parents of not one, but two.”

The couple exchanged wide-eyed glances, their mouths forming silent wows as the reality sunk in – twins. Their minds raced, thinking about double the diapers, double the late-night feedings, and double the joy. Tears welled up in the couple’s eyes, a mixture of shock, disbelief, and overwhelming happiness.

As the ultrasound continued, they watched the two tiny beings on the screen, each with a separate heartbeat, a separate future. The news of twins had taken them by surprise, defying any family history or expectations. It was a twist of fate that would forever change their lives, an unexpected journey into parenthood that they were now doubly excited to embark upon.

Still, this wasn’t the end of the surprise that awaited this couple. As the pregnancy progressed, the symptoms weighed heavily on Mitchell. The morning sickness and weakness were extreme. She was often tired and had a large appetite that left her feeling bloated and uncomfortable. There were days when she would even be too weak to get out of bed.

During these trying moments, her husband and 11 kids were her pillar of support. The kids would all gather around her and take turns kissing her belly. They would tell her she was the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world.

A few weeks later, the couple went for another scan, and they discovered the biggest surprise ever. The doctor looked at the screen and then back at the couple.

“It seems like there is one more surprise for you,” said the doctor. He adjusted some settings on the machine, and suddenly another tiny figure appeared on the screen. The couple’s eyes widened as they saw a third baby snugly tucked behind the twins.

“You’re having triplets,” the doctor announced excitedly. The couple looked at each other, a mixture of disbelief and elation in their eyes as they realized that their family was growing even larger than they had expected. Tears welled up in their eyes as they stared at the screen, taking in the sight of their three little miracles.

They hugged each other tightly, laughing through their tears. The rest of the pregnancy journey was filled with ups and downs, but in due time, Mitchell welcomed the triplets – two lovely boys and a beautiful, sweet girl. Thankfully, the doctors were able to help her through the delivery, and she left the operating room in good condition. However, they also made sure she would never fall pregnant again, as another baby would definitely prove detrimental to her health.

When Mitchell and John’s story went viral on social media, people started a GoFundMe for them. With the money they received, they moved into a bigger apartment. They were determined to give all their kids the best life ever, regardless of what might come their way. Given how brave, selfless, and compassionate they were, they were sure they would do just fine.

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