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Wife Had an Affair With Her Boss & Got Pregnant. What Her Husband Did Next is Shocking

When Angela discovered she was pregnant with her boss’s baby, she devised a clever plan to hide her affair from her husband. But when he discovered the truth, he reacted in a truly shocking way, all alone in the office restrooms.

Angela looked down in shock; there were two lines on that pregnancy test, a confirmation of her worst fears. She was pregnant. She and her husband had been trying for a baby for years, and in different circumstances, the news could have been cause for celebration. However, she couldn’t be farther from happy because the child she was now carrying in her womb was the unpredicted consequence of her affair with her boss, Nate.

Angela was not in love with Nate but rather fancied the luxurious lifestyle he could offer her. When she was with him, she could be seated in the classiest restaurants in town without having to wait for a single second.

Whenever she pointed at something shiny inside his shop window, she would find it neatly wrapped in a cute box on her desk. She was his personal secretary, and no one batted an eye whenever he announced he would be taking her on a business trip to Bali or the Caribbean. Well, no one but her husband, Dan.

Dan was not a shabby or unsophisticated man, but his job as a real estate agent could not support Angela’s extravagant taste. He was a quiet man with a good heart who prioritized his family over his success, and his lack of ambition had slowly become incompatible with his wife’s deepest desires.

Even though she had announced she would be a stay-at-home wife and mom after their marriage, Angela had grown tired of their ordinary life and had started looking for a job. When she’d been hired by Nate’s firm, Dan had offered his sincerest congratulations. But now that his wife was always either coming home after midnight or out of town on business trips with her boss, he was starting to think that something was up.

One day, he had even spotted her leaving an expensive restaurant with Nate. They were oblivious to his presence as they walked hand in hand towards a luxurious sports car before driving off. The disturbing sight had lingered in his mind throughout the day. That night, when Angela had come back home, Dan had asked her about what he had seen.

She had been caught by surprise, but she’d quickly managed to spin a lie about an important meeting with a female client who would only sign a contract if Nate came with his wife. The real wife had been busy, though, and Angela had selflessly volunteered to take her place for the sake of the meeting. Lying to her husband had been easy that day. However, hiding a pregnancy would be a little more complicated.

She knew the baby was Nate’s because she and Dan hadn’t been intimate in quite a while. Still hidden in her bathroom stall, she racked her brains trying to come up with a believable plan. First of all, she would confess her pregnancy to Nate. He too didn’t have kids yet and was always blabbering about how trapped he felt in his marriage.

If they played their cards right, they could both divorce their spouses and start a new life together with their baby. In the meantime, she would hide the pregnancy from Dan and act like everything was fine. She didn’t want him to find out she had cheated on him; otherwise, she would risk losing half of their assets in the divorce.

Confident in her plan, Angela left the restrooms and marched right into her boss’s office. Nate seemed happy to see her, but when she showed him the pregnancy test, all the color drained from his face. He told her that he really enjoyed spending time with her, but that he couldn’t divorce his wife and raise this baby with her.

His assets were tied to her name, and if he tried leaving her now, she would become suspicious and find out about his infidelity. He needed more time, way more than the few months they had before she started showing. They needed to come up with a new plan.

So Angela decided she would trick Dan into believing that he was the real father of her baby. That night she came home early, pretending that she’d missed him too much to stay away, and easily seduced him.

The following week, she gleefully announced her pregnancy, and poor Dan cried with joy at the prospect of becoming a father. In the following months, he accompanied her to all doctor’s appointments, decorated the nursery, and took longer shifts at work to save as much money as possible for the arrival of their child. All the while, though, Angela and Nate kept on disappearing on their so-called business trips, while their loving partners waited at home.

In due time, Angela went into labor. She requested Nate not to come to the hospital since Dan would be there, but she promised to see him afterward. Dan rushed her to the hospital, where she was quickly prepared for delivery. Forty minutes later, a beautiful baby girl was born. The nurses took the baby away to be cleaned while Angela rested. Dan told her he would pop out for a second to call both their families

and inform them of the good news, and she took advantage of those few minutes of solitude to ask the nurses for her phone. She wanted to call Nate.

But when the nurse looked into her purse, the phone was nowhere to be found. Angela felt her blood freezing; had Dan taken her phone to call their families? About 30 minutes later, the door suddenly swung open, revealing Nate standing there. Angela was shocked; she had explicitly asked him not to come.

He then showed her a text she supposedly sent urgently asking him to come to the hospital. Confused, Angela denied sending the message and urged him to leave before her husband came back. Moments later, Dan walked in holding Angela’s phone and an envelope. Accompanying him was a stranger, who he introduced as his lawyer.

Angela’s heart pounded, wondering why he was bringing a lawyer into her hospital room right after the birth of the baby. But what he did next left her in shock. Dan held up Angela’s phone and said he was the one who had texted Nate to come over.

At that moment, Angela realized that her secret was out. Her mouth fell open as he tossed the envelope at her with shaky hands. She pulled out its contents and stifled a scream when she saw pictures of her and Nate on dates in hotels and on boat cruises. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at them.

Dan then told them how he had stumbled upon one of her texts to Nate a few months earlier. In the text, she mocked Dan for not knowing he wasn’t the father of her baby and also updated Nate on the pregnancy. This was a sure sign that she was cheating, but Dan had still decided to get more evidence.

So, he had hired a private investigator who had secretly followed the lovers and taken pictures of them. Right then, Dan told Angela that he was done with their sham of a marriage and wanted a divorce. Angela was heartbroken; however, she was hopeful that Nate would jump at the opportunity to leave his wife for her. But he sheepishly told her that he could never divorce the woman his assets were tied to. He was happy the baby was healthy, but he could never acknowledge her as his daughter.

After that, he left the room in a hurry and asked Angela never to call him again. The next day, Dan continued with his revenge. He sent the story of his wife and her boss’s affair to various blogs, and they posted it.

Nate’s wife immediately asked for a divorce, and he lost everything he owned in the settlement. As for Angela, she reached out to Dan and desperately begged him to change his mind about the divorce. She told him she would do anything in her power to make it up to him, but it was already too late. Dan had finally realized that he deserved better.

Wasting no time, he started the divorce proceedings. Thanks to all the proof he had, he was able to keep the house and most of their properties. After some time, he decided to sell his house and get rid of the last thing that could remind him of Angela and her infidelity.

Angela faced immense challenges in making a living, trying to balance her role as a working-class woman and a single mother. She grappled with regret, wishing she hadn’t been enticed by the allure of luxury.

If only she had chosen a different path, her life alongside Dan might have remained stable and secure. But now, it was too late, and she would have to live with that regret for the rest of her days.

What an unexpected ending! What would you have done differently if you had found yourself in Dan’s shoes? Would you be able to forgive a cheater? Tell us in the comments below.

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