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Poor Couple Finds Cash Under Floor During Renovation, Then Policeman Tells Them This

“When you’re born in poverty, and your whole family has been poor for generations, it’s hard to break the cycle. Alice and Finn were trying just that, but nothing seemed to work. They decided it was time that they stopped trying to save money to renovate their house and just did it themselves. If they had known what they’d find underneath the floorboards, they would have torn them out long ago.

Alice and Finn couldn’t believe the amount of cash they had found, but their joy was short-lived. Alice stood frozen in shock as Finn hammered away at the floorboard. When Finn gave the final blow to the floorboard with his hammer, they saw the bills and tried to understand what had just happened. Then the realization hit them – they were rich. However, this was the beginning of their misery.


Alice and Finn danced around the room in disbelief. That night, they talked about all the things they would buy – food, furniture, and, of course, the renovation of their house. But when they went to the grocery store the next day, something unexpected happened.

Once they arrived at the store, things started to go south, and soon the police even got involved. What they had to say to them about the money shocked them. What was the money doing underneath the floorboards? Why did the police get involved, and what did they have to say?


Alice and Finn were fighting one of the world’s most common battles – poverty. They both came from nothing and had always hoped to one day stop worrying about having enough money for dinner. But as the years passed, they realized it was a bitter battle they never won. So, they gave up, made the best of what they had, and truly started to feel happier.

They lived in a small, rundown house that had been in Alice’s family for decades and came by with just enough money to feed themselves two meals a day. With Finn’s salary as a garbage man, they were content with their lives. But the house they lived in started to decay over the years, with termites taking over the foundation. They knew they had to do something about it quickly, or otherwise, they would have no house. They had only one choice – they had to renovate the house themselves.


Neither of them had any experience in renovating or building anything. But with winter coming, this was their only option. So, they spent the first month or so gathering materials. They had very little money for this project, so they scoured the streets to look for things to use. When they initially started the renovation process, they had gathered many different wood boards, insulation, and different kinds of bricks. In their eyes, that would be enough to get them going for a while. But if that were true, we would all be renovating our houses.

As an outsider, you would tell them to stop and save up for professionals to do the work. But that’s the thing – they had no contact with outsiders. It was just the two of them trying to survive. So, they started by taking out the flooring, and they soon figured demolishing was way easier than constructing. They’d taken out half the flooring in their living room and filled the empty spaces underneath with insulation. Then they’d use the wooden boards they had found to close up the floor again.


But after working on this all day, their hands tired from hammering nails all day, they decided to take out a bit more of the flooring and close it up the next day. They were lucky that they did because when Finn smashed a hole in the wooden floor, something flew out that neither of them had seen coming.

Was this their way out of poverty? As Finn’s hammer smashed into the ground, dollar bills came flying up from underneath. Alice yelled for him to stop, and they both stood there, frozen, watching the dollar bills flutter down. It was a sight neither of them had ever seen, and for a moment, they had no idea what it meant. But then realization hit them, and they both gasped in disbelief.


They looked at each other, grabbed each other’s hands, and danced around the living room. They had never in their lives felt so happy as they did at that exact moment. But their happiness did not last long. Alice eventually fell to her knees and grabbed all the money she had deep underneath her house. There were stacks of 50s and even hundred-dollar bills, all wrapped up in little packs. She had to admit it looked a little shady, but was she really going to look away from that amount of cash?

Finn saw her torn look and crouched beside her. ‘Love, this is something we’ve been waiting for our whole lives, and now to find it under our floorboards, it’s definitely meant for us,’ he said. Alice had never seen him so elated, and it was so infectious she couldn’t help but smile.


The rest of their night was magical. They chatted about their dream life, what they wanted to do with the money, and never felt more connected. They made sweet love and, for the first time in a very long time, didn’t go to sleep worried about what to do the next day.

When they woke up the following morning, it all seemed like a dream. But they were quickly brought back to reality when they walked into the living room, still covered in dollar bills. Now with a good night’s sleep behind them, they were thinking more clearly than the night before.


This could be dirty money. No, that thought was quickly brushed away. This money was found under their floorboards in a house owned by their family for decades. There could be no way that this money was dirty. Alice knew for a fact that there were no criminals in her bloodline. So, because of that, it couldn’t be true.

It was only right for them to go to the grocery store first. They didn’t bring all the money, as they didn’t want to flaunt their newfound wealth in everyone’s faces. They only took about five hundred dollars. But something happened that they should have seen coming.

Once at the grocery store, they stocked up on all the necessary things – canned vegetables, pasta, bread, and other food products that they could store for the long term. But what they didn’t think through was that they went to their usual grocery store, where they knew how poor the couple was. So even though they only took $500 with them into the store, it seemed like a small amount next to the other stacks of cash, and it stood out.


They only normally bought half a loaf of bread; they now bought two, and the staff was catching on. Alice suddenly felt like the staff was keeping an eye on them. They did that the first time Alice and Finn walked in, probably because they were scared they would steal something. But she couldn’t understand why they were doing it now. They had known the couple for a long time, and they had never stolen a breadcrumb.

But the true fascination began when they pushed their cart to the checkout. Maybe they’d envisioned them trying to run out of the door with the cart full of food, but they never expected this. The cashier had only scanned all the products, and during this, she exchanged confused looks with her colleagues, and Finn and Alice couldn’t blame her. They knew how ridiculous it looked – two dirty, broke people buying two, maybe three months’ worth of food with what money?And what was exactly that the store manager was thinking when he walked toward the couple and asked them to come with him to the back? Were they in trouble?


The manager brought them to a little room in the back where he sat them down at a table. He looked very serious, and a couple of tensions were in the air. ‘What’s going on?’ Finn eventually asked.

‘Well, there are some questions about what is going on,’ the store manager said. ‘I don’t want to accuse you, but how are you going to pay for all of that food?’ The manager continued.


Alice looked at Finn and then at the manager. ‘We have money,’ she answered. Here, she put the $500 on the table. The manager reached down to take the bills, but Alice snatched them back. ‘They’re real,’ she said sternly.

She stood up to walk out of the room, but a big security guard emerged from a dark corner. ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t let this happen,’ the manager said.

Finn was stunned. Why wouldn’t he let them leave? ‘I’ve called the police,’ the store manager eventually said. ‘You have to wait here for them to arrive.’


Alice sat back down again. How could they treat them like this? She understood people treated them differently when they were broke, but now that they had money, they should be treated respectfully. Finn looked at Alice and knew exactly what she was thinking. Why were these people treating them as if they had already stolen something?

But he was as courageous as her; that was part of why he thought they were such a good couple. But maybe he had to be a bit more assertive in their situation. He cleared his throat. ‘Why have you called the police, sir? We haven’t stolen anything.’


The manager looked at him with a dead eye and said, ‘Not yet.’

Finn was done. All his life, he’d never been treated like this. He looked at Alice, who looked back at him, and they grabbed each other’s hands. They both knew how badly poor people were treated in certain situations. It was a scary thought, but people sometimes act on pure judgments. Who knew if the police would even take them seriously? They better realize the story of how they found the money was a bit impossible. They could hear the police sirens coming their way and waited anxiously for them to arrive.

Suddenly, the manager walked to the front of the store to wait for the officers and came back with two police officers by his side. They had stern looks on their faces and stood dominantly in front of Alice and Finn.


‘My name is Officer Smith, and this is my partner, Officer Hendricks. We can do this either two ways – you two follow me outside and go into the police car willingly, or we’ll have to handcuff you two and do it the hard way,’ Officer Smith said.

Alice looked at Finn, and he could see the fear in her eyes. ‘That’s why he slowly pushed his chair back and stood up. He looked into Alice’s eyes and nodded his head to tell her to get up as well. Alice carefully stood up too, and they followed the police officers outside. When they passed the cashier, Alice looked at the woman and could see guilt written all over her face.


The car arrived at the station, and it was silent. Alice and Finn had never come in contact with the police before, but they knew they had to keep their mouths shut. Everything that they would say to each other could possibly be used against them. They had a feeling it would be a difficult case to explain that they were going to try.

Alice knew that the money was theirs and wholeheartedly believed that they were the rightful owners. But she had to think of a way to make the police realize as well. But little did she know that the police would have a very different reaction to money than she would have expected.

Once they arrived at the police station, Alice and Finn were escorted to a small interrogation room. But when they arrived at the door, one of the officers took Alice into the room. When Finn wanted to enter after her, the other officer grabbed him by the arm and took him to another room.


As soon as Alice realized that they’d split them up, she started to panic. She needed Finn by her side to keep her calm and to guide the conversation in a good direction. One wrong word to her, and she would snap at the officers, making pleading her case more difficult.

Finn had sweat dripping down his forehead as he tried to explain, for the third time, that they had found the money inside their house. He had already explained everything in detail, but the officer found it hard to believe that generations of poor families had lived in that house without knowing about the money. It was frustrating, to say the least. They had treated him as if they were less than the officers.


Officer Hendricks eventually told Finn to stop and wait for him to return. He left the room in a hurry and left Finn all alone. He hadn’t cuffed him to the table or anything, so he slowly stood up and walked over to the door. There was a small piece of glass in the door, and Finn could see Officer Hendricks talking to two other officers. Finn slowly opened the door and peeked at the door next to him. That was the door leading to Alice’s room, and no police officers were standing in front of it anymore.

He looked around him, and with his heart beating in his chest, he quickly went inside Alice’s room. He was glad when he saw her. She was relieved to see him; she knew how out of his comfort zone this was. They told each other about their experiences. Finn told about the drilling of Officer Hendricks, and Alice told how Officer Smith took the money from her to run tests.


Finn sat down next to Alice and held her hands. None of them knew what was going to happen; would they be allowed to go home again? Officer Smith suddenly asked Alice if she wanted anything to drink or eat. Alice hesitated but eventually asked for a glass of water. But why was he acting so differently than the other officers?

Not long after, Officer Smith returned with two glasses of water, one for her and one for Finn. He walked through the door and Alice hugged him tightly. ‘I was so worried,’ she whispered in his ear.


They sat down next to each other and held their hands, as they did before. ‘So, the test results came back,’ Officer Smith began. ‘Can you tell me one more time where you found the money?’

Alice looked at Finn and began to explain everything. She chose her words carefully but felt comfortable telling the story without Officer Hendricks present. Officer Smith wrote everything down, and when Alice was done talking, he suddenly apologized. He told them that there was no record of any money missing, and the serial numbers were registered as stolen. The money was also old and had probably been lying under the floorboards for a long time.


Alice and Finn couldn’t believe what they were hearing. The money was theirs. That meant that they were rich. They laughed and hugged each other again. Officer Smith apologized once more for everything, and Alice and Finn accepted their apology. They could understand why they acted that way.

Once they were released, they returned to the grocery store to rub their victory in the manager’s face. They loaded their car with even more food than they had earlier

and confidently walked out to the checkout. When it was time to pay, Alice gave the lady the right amount of money and winked at the store manager.


As for the rest of the money, they used a big part to pay for their house renovation. The other part they put in a savings account and used it in their daily life. Alice was able to go to evening school and eventually got a job as a receptionist. They were optimistic that they were going to break the poverty cycle after all.”

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