She was Caring for a Burned Baby in 1977. She Wasn’t Expecting this 38 Years Later –
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She was Caring for a Burned Baby in 1977. She Wasn’t Expecting this 38 Years Later

In 1977, a nurse named Amanda Scarpinati cared for a burned baby. Little did she know, 38 years later, something unexpected would happen. This is the story of a nurse who cared for a burn baby in 1977, and then, 38 years later, something extraordinary occurred. This story never fails to bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Let me tell you how it unfolded.

Amanda Scarpinati, in 1977, was just three months old when a terrible accident changed her life forever. She rolled off a couch and into a boiling hot steam vaporizer, causing severe burns all over her little body. Her skin was scalded, and her tissues damaged. It was a horrifying incident, and an ambulance rushed her to Albany Medical Center, where her life would intersect with a woman who would forever hold a special place in her heart.

At three months old, Amanda could only feel the intense pain in her body, not understanding the gravity of her situation. She underwent treatment for third-degree burns, with the worst damage on her arms and head. The hospital staff did everything possible to make her comfortable during her weeks of treatment. Infection was the biggest concern, but Amanda pulled through.

However, this was only the beginning of Amanda’s arduous journey. The burns left permanent damage and severe scarring on her body. She had to endure numerous surgeries and treatments, and her appearance was different, making her a target for bullies at school.

During her treatments, photos were taken of Amanda with a nurse, capturing a tiny baby wrapped in bandages in the arms of a loving nurse. Amanda, despite her pain, appeared peaceful in the photos. She often wondered who this nurse was, as her parents had no information to provide. She dreamt of one day meeting the woman who had shown her such sincere care and kindness.

Growing into a young lady, Amanda’s determination to find her mystery nurse remained strong. She tried various avenues but couldn’t get any leads. The photos had been taken by a photographer named Carl Howard, but the subjects were unidentified. It seemed no one knew the identity of the nurse who had cared for her in 1977.

Around 2015, Amanda’s friend suggested she use social media to find her mystery nurse. Amanda posted the cherished photos on Facebook, asking people to share the story far and wide. She hoped that the power of social media might help her find the woman who had left a lasting mark on her life.

The post quickly went viral, with many people touched by Amanda’s story. Just a day after posting, Amanda received a lead. Angela Leary, a fellow nurse from the medical center, recognized the nurse in the photos as Susan Berger. Angela shared that Susan had moved away but couldn’t provide her current location. Nevertheless, Amanda now had a name to work with.

After more than 20 years of searching and 38 years after the initial encounter, Amanda managed to contact Susan Berger. A phone call between them was incredibly emotional. Susan, who had been only 21 years old when she held Amanda in her arms, had often wondered what had happened to the baby she cared for. Hearing from Amanda after all those years was a surprise she hadn’t expected.

Amanda and Susan arranged to meet at Albany Medical Center, where they had shared those special moments four decades earlier. The media covered this heartwarming reunion. Amanda was nervous leading up to the event, but when she saw Susan, tears of emotion flowed freely. The meeting was a long-awaited dream come true.

Their heartfelt embrace conveyed years of gratitude and emotion. Amanda felt like she was hugging a mother figure, and she couldn’t contain her joy. Sue was touched by the reunion and was pleased to see that Amanda had grown into a beautiful young woman. She considered herself privileged to represent all the nurses who had cared for Amanda over the years.

The meeting marked the beginning of a lifelong friendship, one that had always existed in Amanda’s heart, even before they were reunited. Amanda’s scars, though once severe, were now hardly visible, and she stood as a beautiful woman next to her hero nurse.

Amanda’s journey to find the nurse who had cared for her in 1977 had a fairytale ending, thanks to the power of social media and the persistence of a young woman determined to express her gratitude and love for the nurse who had touched her life so profoundly.

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