They All Laughed When He Married a Woman Twice His Size. Years Later, They All Regretted It –
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They All Laughed When He Married a Woman Twice His Size. Years Later, They All Regretted It

When a fitness instructor named Matt married a woman twice his size, many people laughed at him. Some even said he would dump her shortly after their wedding. However, when this couple took to their social media pages years later, everyone regretted their words.

It was a beautiful Friday evening, and Brittany donned a blue bodycon gown, styling her hair into a single bun. She was going on a dinner date with a guy she’d met at a restaurant. As he applied her makeup, she remembered his words from the previous night. He told her he loved her to bits and that he was crazy about her body, especially after she had hinted that she was not comfortable in her own skin. Even when Brittany asked him if he would ever leave her, he assured her that he wouldn’t.

Perhaps this was the man she had been waiting for her whole life, Brittany wondered. Just then, a WhatsApp notification popped up on her phone. Reaching for her phone, Brittany’s eyes widened when she saw the text. She rushed to the sofa and sank into it, then she read the message again, this time slowly, absorbing every word.

The text message was a familiar one. It was exactly what her exes told her whenever they broke up with her. ‘There’s no point pretending. I can’t do this anymore. You’re not what I want. Hey, do something about those crazy fat rolls,’ Brittany read aloud.

After reading the message, Brittany didn’t feel hurt. However, she was disappointed in herself for falling in love again, even though she had vowed to stay away from relationships. You see, in Brittany’s previous relationships, whenever the guy broke up with her, she would often beg them. A few months ago, she even drove over to her ex’s house to talk things over, only to find him in an intimate position with another girl.

Brittany knew she looked nothing like the girl, who was a size 8. It was an unforgettable experience for Brittany, as the couple mocked her, saying she would never find true love if she didn’t do something about her weight. After that awful incident, Brittany stopped begging whoever left to come back into her life. She let them be, deleted their number from her phone contacts, and moved on.

However, that Friday evening, after Brittany read the breakup text, she couldn’t stay silent. She desperately wanted to speak her mind. ‘Why did he promise to love me endlessly? Didn’t he say he loved my looks, and that’s what got him attracted?’ Brittany thought as she texted the guy. She wrote to her heart’s content, and when she was done, she clicked send.

Unfortunately, that message never got delivered. About 20 minutes later, Brittany noticed that she could no longer see the guy’s WhatsApp profile picture. That was when she figured out that he had already blocked her.

You see, only a few guys broke up with Brittany over text, which isn’t really nice, right? Most times, she would just wake up to find herself blocked on all social media platforms. But Brittany didn’t wrong them in any way. They just came into her life, perhaps to fulfill their fantasies, and when they achieved their goal, they left without an explanation. Some just left without saying goodbye.

Brittany had been strong for so long, but that Friday evening, she broke down. She cried her eyes out and told herself that she would never let anyone into her heart. But as the saying goes, after the rain comes the rainbow, and after an end, there is a new beginning.

So, Brittany’s life would soon take a new turn after that breakup. Brittany realized she needed to love herself more. She had been living her life just to please others, but now she wanted to do only the things that made her happy.

Did Brittany ever try to lose weight? Yes, she did. In an interview, she said, ‘I’ve been in relationships where guys have told me that they will dump me if I don’t start dieting or try to lose weight. It did affect my self-confidence, and at one point, I did start working out to lose weight.’

However, Brittany realized that the more she tried to lose weight, the more she felt a disconnect with herself. ‘I realized that if I did that, I wouldn’t love myself anymore, and I would be changing myself for someone else’s perception of beauty,’ Brittany said.

Brittany, who now weighed 116 kilograms, started posting pictures of herself on her social media pages. She began to motivate people to love themselves the way they are. It was during this period that Brittany got a message on Facebook from a fitness instructor named Matt.

‘Hey, I love what you’re doing. Keep being you, and don’t let anyone make you feel less of yourself. And I really need to say this – you are one hell of a beautiful woman,’ Matt wrote.

When Brittany saw this message, she ignored it. She had seen plenty of similar messages and knew where they would lead her. But Matt was determined to have a conversation with her. So, three days later, he texted again.

‘I don’t know what you’ve been going through, but the man you’ve been waiting for is right here. Please don’t push him away because of your past. I genuinely want to get to know you,’ Matt texted.

Brittany then told herself that it wouldn’t hurt to have a conversation with Matt. However, she promised herself that she wouldn’t let her guard down. So, she texted him back.

Within a few weeks, their conversations deepened. No matter how much Brittany tried to stop herself from falling for him, she couldn’t. Matt was always on her mind. During this period, Matt asked Brittany to go on a date with him so they could finally meet in person.

But Brittany was scared that if he saw her, he would change his mind. So, she gave him an excuse. Soon enough, she had run out of excuses, and it became clear that she was trying to dodge seeing him.

At that point, Brittany agreed to go on a date with Matt, and they decided to meet at a five-star restaurant. Matt was already in the restaurant when Brittany arrived. As soon as he saw her at the entrance, he got up, ran towards her, hugged her, and kissed her. ‘You’re the most beautiful woman here,’ Matt said and held her hand.

Brittany was stunned. No man had ever held her hand in public. As the couple walked to their seats, someone in the restaurant screamed, ‘Did that cute guy really kiss that fat girl?’ Then everyone laughed. Brittany felt ashamed, but Matt held her hand even tighter. ‘Ignore the crowd and focus on me,’ he said.

Their relationship continued to grow stronger, but whenever they went out, people would laugh at them. Matt’s friends taunted him for dating a woman twice his size, but he didn’t let their words get to him.

The couple faced a lot of rejection, even from their families, but the ugly experience only brought them closer. Then, a year later, Matt surprised Brittany with a beautiful proposal that included lights, music, flowers, and candles. It was everything she had dreamed of, and, of course, she said yes.

Three months later, the couple tied the knot. As they took their vows, people said all sorts of derogatory things, and some even laughed out loud. But the

couple didn’t care. They were just happy they had each other.

Many people thought the marriage would end after a few months, but it’s almost been two years, and the couple is still together, with their love growing stronger with each passing day. A few months ago, the couple took to their Facebook pages to appreciate each other and celebrate their first anniversary. While they expected negative comments, they actually received beautiful and inspiring ones.

Their story is a powerful reminder that love knows no bounds and encourages others to be true to themselves and pursue love based on genuine connection and acceptance, rather than superficial factors.”

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