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A Letter To The Unwanted Valentine Who Ambushed Me Last Night

Dear Peter,

Val’s day was supposed to be a lonely day for me. I already knew my fate so I didn’t expect anything from anyone. The girl who said no to many love proposals doesn’t deserve a valentine and I knew it. I knew also that I would close from work, go home, take my bath and follow the rest of the world on social media as they celebrated love.

Just when I let myself down on my bed, I heard a knock on my door. “Who is that?” I asked. “It’s me, just open and look at my face,” you responded.

The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t put a finger on who it was. I opened the door and there you stood with a lot of fancy stuff in your hands. I missed you but couldn’t hug you because I was scared I would destroy something in your hand.

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You walked into my room and handed everything to me and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” When I hugged you, I didn’t want to let go because it had been two years since I saw you. To be honest with you, a lot of memories came rushing through my mind; the places we’ve been, the love we shared, the promises we made to each other, all flashed through my mind within a second. When I let go and looked at you, I remembered you abandoned me once you got to Canada.

“Why is he here and when did he come back?” were the questions I asked myself.

When you told me you came to see me because you missed me, I said I missed you too and it was true. We didn’t break up. We didn’t fight. We didn’t insult each other before going our separate ways. It was time and tide that separated us. You said you faced a lot of challenges when you got to Canada. You told me you didn’t have a phone for over two months. I believed you and forgave you easily because I loved what I saw when I saw your face.

And then you asked me. “Can I spend the night with you?”

The first answer that came to my mind was, “As what?” but I didn’t say that. I said no and later said yes because I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. In the middle of dawn when your fingers were taking a stroll on my skin I felt it. When you tried going into my pants with them, I felt it. When you got there, I clasped my thighs and trapped your hand in between them. I loosened up and told you to be patient.

I knew it would get to that but I stupidly gave you the benefit of the doubt. We were alone and didn’t want you to force your way through me so I told you to relax as I put my mind in a good frame for intimacy. You believed me but I quickly stepped out and screamed for you to get out. You begged for calm but I wasn’t ready to risk it. While you walked by I asked you to carry your things along. You left without taking them, but they are here in case you change your mind.

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You were absent for two years but showed up one night and wanted what I would only give to someone who is committed to me?  Oh, so you thought I was still a fool so you could come and suck the nectar in me and leave me dry? I was happy to see you—very happy to know that you’re doing well but let me tell you, the girl you left two years ago doesn’t live here anymore. She died of loneliness when you abandoned her. The one you met is the ghost of the one who died. Ghosts have no love, I’m sorry.

You said you wanted us to patch up and makeup. If that were your intention, you would have called long before you came. I’m sorry I don’t use sex to patch a hole only communication can patch. Grow up and be a man.

Yours Never,


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