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Elderly Woman Catches 4 Boys In Her Yard, Cries When She Realizes What They’re Doing

Laws and rules are what keeps our society functioning the way it’s supposed to. As some of you may know, the law isn’t always foolproof, and sometimes rules are extremely easy to break, especially when you don’t even know that they exist.

The woman didn’t understand why she was being told that she needed to go to court. She sat on her couch in her living room, overwhelmed with thoughts of what she should do next. While she was thinking about what her next step should be, she heard the sound of banging coming from her yard. She looked out the window to see what was going on, and that’s when she saw them.

As the four boys made their way towards her, shivers ran down her spine. All she could think about was whether or not she should run. Jerry Suttle is a 75-year-old woman from Texas. She spends her time enjoying her retirement on her land, living as peacefully as she can.

She was able to purchase land when she was younger, and now she’s able to live out her life on her two acres. Jerry realizes that she’s not as young and active as she once was, so she most certainly wasn’t expecting the visit she got from the police.

As you know, every state has its own laws, but Texas has one law in particular that has left Jerry in a state of confusion. Jerry Suttle called Riesel, Texas, her home for a long time. One of Riesel’s laws states that the grass on your property can’t be more than 18 inches tall, and you’ll be issued a fine if it is. Jerry was never informed about this law, and she was never given a fine either. So what was going to happen now?

Danny Crum, now the Riesel police chief, stated that Jerry’s grass was too high and that she was in violation of the city ordinance. Even so, Jerry was never issued a ticket, so she had no clue what was going on.

Eventually, the police showed up at her front door to inform her that she was being sent to jail. Jerry was so confused and had no clue what to do. There had to be some way to fix this, but Jerry didn’t know where to start.

Jerry claimed that she’d never received any kind of notice about going to court. Because of that, Jerry didn’t show up in court, and a warrant for arrest was issued. Jerry thought about her options; she was a bit too old and weak to mow the lawn herself, but she couldn’t really afford to pay someone else to do the work either. She was in a real predicament, but she never expected what would happen next.

Put yourself in Jerry’s shoes and imagine how scared she must have been, thinking that she was going to jail. How would she get herself out of this with no money and no help? She would soon find out things were about to look up. As Jerry sat in her living room chair, she was at a loss on what to do next.

She didn’t have family that lived close, and her husband had passed away many years ago. She was out of options, but how could she go to jail? As she pondered on what to do, she began to hear strange sounds coming from outside. She crept to her window to get a closer look and felt shivers travel through her body. There were four boys coming towards her from the edge of her land. What were they doing on her property? What did they want? She began to grow nervous, and this was literally the last thing she needed. Were they a bunch of troublemakers who were targeting older people?

As the boys got closer to her, she knew what she needed to do. She would fight. Unfortunately, home invasions are a very real concern for the elderly because they can be a bit weaker and naive than other people. The elderly are an easy target for those with ill intentions. Hopefully, Jerry was prepared for whatever was coming her way.

As the boys moved closer, Jerry realized something different about them. They were young boys, very young boys. The oldest one was maybe 15. Even though Jerry felt very uncomfortable about their presence, the boys began to look around her property. And when she could finally see them clearly, the boys had dirt and mud all over them. But what could they possibly be looking for?

Confused but curious, Jerry tried to get a closer look. The boys began to play and laugh, but they were still on her property. Jerry had no clue what they were doing. Should she call the police? As soon as she grabbed her phone, she noticed that one of the boys grabbed a tool from a bag they were carrying. What in the world was going on? Two of the boys stayed behind while the other two disappeared.

The boys who stayed behind began to grab what looked like garden tools, such as some shears, a weed whacker, and a few other things. Jerry was in shock. What exactly were they doing? But as soon as the other boys came around the corner, she noticed that one of them had a lawnmower.

Soon enough, the boys were in full swing, mowing the lawn and ripping out overgrown weeds. Jerry couldn’t believe it. The boys’ kind gesture brought tears to her face. She’d lived in that home for 59 years, and she was left speechless after seeing what the boys were doing for her.”

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