Nurse Grants Dying Patient’s Last wish, Has No Idea He’s Being Recorded –
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Nurse Grants Dying Patient’s Last wish, Has No Idea He’s Being Recorded

“Death is the end of life, and it’s the most heartbreaking and painful experience someone can go through, not only for them but for their loved ones too.

Maria had a great passion for music. She was a singer and a piano teacher for her whole life. Music made an important part of her life, and it was her source of comfort in her final days. That’s why she asked one of her former students, who is now working at a hospice where she was staying, to sing one of her favorite songs at her deathbed.

Maria had hundreds of students throughout the decades. Her influence spread all over the country as her students grew up and did incredible things with their lives. Incredibly enough, one student worked at the hospice where she was being cared for.

Joshua was Maria’s student when he was only 9 years old. They shared a bond with their mutual love of music that carried on through the years. Music can be empowering and unifying. In this case, Joshua was also able to show love and comfort Maria during her final hours. This clip of him singing to her will move you to tears.

Maria’s final wish was to hear the song ‘How Great Thou Art’ since it had been a source of comfort and strength for her throughout her life. Joshua is a great singer, thanks to Maria, and he was happy to grant her her dying wish. He wanted to deliver the best performance, utilizing all the skills Maria taught him as a child to send her off. Joshua stood right by Maria’s side as he beautifully sang Maria’s favorite song. You’ll notice that Maria seemed to relax immediately after Joshua started.

Music makes a difference, and providing care as Joshua did for Maria can make such a positive change in the world. Maria, unfortunately, passed away shortly after Joshua sang to her, but we can all take comfort in knowing that she was the happiest she could be.

We all have to accept that death comes for everyone. Instead of being afraid, we can try to live our lives as passionately as Maria did and go out in a peaceful way. Although Maria has passed, the knowledge she’s given to all of her students will continue to be celebrated and passed on for generations.”

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