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14-month-old baby left to die from dehydration days after her mum took fatal overdose

A 14-month-old baby died alone in a flat days after his mum’s sudden death from inhaling lighter fluid, an inquest has heard.

Paramedics were left stunned when they found the bodies of Harry and his mum, Natalie Kane inside their home in Whitehaven, Cumbria, in December 2021, according to the Mirror UK.

An inquest into the deaths revealed how friends and relatives said Natalie was a loving and devoted mother who was excited for her first ‘proper’ Christmas with the baby.

The 27-year-old mum, who previously suffered with drug addiction was found to be clean from drugs just a week before her death, decided to inhale lighter fluid on Christmas Eve.

On December 30, 2021, Natalie died due to the catastrophic effects of the voluntary inhalation of butane, coroner’s assistant Margaret Taylor concluded.

She was found lying next to a pile of unopened presents, the inquest heard.

The coroner also said the child Harry died due to dehydration.

Ms Taylor added: ‘Harry died as a consequence of dehydration having been left alone following the death of his mother.’

A post-mortem examination suggested he may have survived for up to three days after Natalie died.

The inquest heard Natalie grew up in Cumbria and attended Maryport Primary School before spending time in the Sea Cadets, which allowed her to travel around the world.

She also modelled for Littlewoods and later joined the Army where she served as an HGV driver before being discharged due to issues with alcohol.

Natalie reportedly suffered with depression throughout much of her life and was receiving support from services including Recovery Steps Cumbria and Women Out West after suffering from drug addiction and domestic abuse.

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