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Poor Boy With One Leg Gives Up His Seat For An Old Lady On Bus, What She Did Later Was Shocking

“Diana hesitated, unsure if boarding the crowded bus was the best decision. However, she had no other choice since the next bus was scheduled to arrive 20 minutes later. With her 80-year-old knees lacking energy, she doubted her ability to stand for the entire journey to the fair. Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope remained within her – perhaps someone will make space for an old woman like me, Diana pondered as she stepped onto the bus.

Diana was not happy with the first leg of her journey. After all, the local monthly fare was the only time she got to really see other people in the entire month. Instead, she was instantly overwhelmed by the mass of people on the bus. She reflexively clutched her purse, although she didn’t have a lot of cash in it.

There were no smiling faces to be seen, people were so engrossed in their phones that they failed to notice the elderly lady stumbling along, searching for an empty seat. Look at these mindless zombies, Diana thought. How can I expect any kindness in today’s world? They’re all just…


“Ma’am, you can have my seat,” a lively voice interrupted Diana’s internal rant. Diana turned her gaze to a young boy, his smile radiating a warmth she rarely encountered in the world anymore. Overwhelmed by the boy’s compassion, she failed to notice his struggle as he rose from the seat. Onlookers watched, their eyes fixed on the boy as he balanced himself on a crutch and made his way into the aisle. A child from the back exclaimed, “Mom, Dad, look at that boy’s foot!” In that moment, Diana saw it, and her heart melted. The boy who had chosen to show her kindness had only one leg.

“Oh, I didn’t realize, child,” Diana gently patted the boy’s head. “Please take your seat.”


“I’ll be no ma’am, I’m perfectly fine. You need to give those feet a rest, please, I insist,” the boy’s genuine kindness touched Diana deeply. She wanted to politely decline once more, but the boy was already anticipating her settling into the seat.

“Alright, but only if you agree to tell me everything about yourself, young man.”

The journey to the fair was lengthy, yet for Diana, it was filled with emotion as she listened to fragments of the boy’s life story. “My name is Ethan. I live with my mother and grandmother in Springville. You bear a striking resemblance to my grandma, Amy. However, she has been bedridden for the past three years. She used to read me stories and sing me songs all the time, but now, Mom says grandma has lost her voice forever. So, it’s my turn to read and sing to her, and when I do, she smiles just like you,” Ethan shared.


Curious, Diana inquired, “And what does your mom do?”

“Oh, everything, really. Mom works as a waitress during the day, then comes home for lunch before rushing off to another café at the mall where she works. She’s also learning to become a hair stylist. Whenever she has a spare moment, she caters for birthday parties and other events in the neighborhood.

Since Dad passed away, she never stops worrying, and I’m at the top of her list. I try to help with household chores and groceries, but she always stops me from taking on her workload. She won’t even let me tutor on weekends to help her financially. Like today, when I had some free time, I offered to assist with preparations for an evening birthday party. However, Mom slipped a few dollars into my hand and sent me off, telling me to go and enjoy my childhood instead,” Ethan and Diana shared a chuckle.


But Diana’s mind wandered, contemplating the hardships his mother must face. “Your mom sounds like an incredible woman, Ethan. She reminds me of my younger self. You better heed her advice because there’s no outsmarting her. My dad used to tell me the same thing, and he was the strongest man I ever knew. He loved her dearly.”

“In that moment, Ethan’s voice trembled for the first time during their conversation. Diana gently grasped his arm, offering comfort, sensing that there was a profound tragedy behind the boy’s pain. “It’s okay, Ethan. You don’t have to talk about it now. Come on, our stop is approaching.”


Diana and Ethan assisted each other to get down and walked to the fair. They visited different stalls, looked around with amusement as people bought overpriced trinkets, and finally got themselves some ice cream. After a couple of hours of wandering around, the pair grew weary as they boarded the bus for their journey back home.

Sitting beside Ethan, Diana couldn’t shake off her contemplation of his compassionate gesture and life story. There was something deeply personal about this child’s tale, and Diana wasn’t prepared to dismiss their encounter as mere happenstance. Diana opened her bag and wrote her house address and phone number, and gave it to Ethan. Ethan also wrote his mom’s phone number and gave it to Diana as well, and Diana promised to call him the following weekend.


When Ethan got home, he told his mom everything about Diana. “I am so proud of you, my child,” Ethan’s mom said.

On Saturday morning, Diana called Ethan’s mom. “Hello, is this Ethan’s mom?”


“Yes, and who’s on the phone?” Ethan’s mom said.

“Ethan’s mom, it’s Diana, the elderly woman Ethan met on the bus.”

“Oh, Diana! How are you doing?”

“Ethan told me a lot about you. I see. That’s so nice of him. I am calling to invite you and Ethan to my house for tea and a slice of pie on Sunday. Ethan has my house address; I will be expecting you.”


“Okay, we will be there on Sunday,” Ethan’s mom said before ending the call.

On Sunday, Ethan and his mom visited Diana at her house. Diana was so glad to see them. Ethan’s stomach growled with hunger, and a smile spread across his face at the thought of warm pie. That evening, Diana made her trademark blueberry pie for the first time in months. As they savored the delicious dessert, a heartfelt conversation unfolded, marking the first time in months that Ethan openly spoke about his father.


“He was my hero,” Ethan said. “He was my partner for catching balls. He was the one who made even the most mundane school subjects fascinating to study, and I used to feel embarrassed by it. But he was my biggest supporter.”

Diana held the boy’s hand as he poured out his emotions. “Dad and I were driving home after my basketball game. I remember how angry and disappointed I was because my team had lost. It was just a minor game, insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but in that moment, little did I know that I was wasting my final conversation with my dad by throwing a tantrum.


I didn’t realize we were mere minutes away from a car accident that would cost me my leg and take away my hero. Instead, I was consumed by anger towards him, ‘You should have bought me those new shoes, Dad. I really needed them today,’ I told him.” Ethan still vividly recalled his father’s calm response to his immature outburst, “Son, the real blessing wasn’t in having those shoes. The true blessing lies in having two feet, a focused mind, and the ability to practice until you improve.”

Diana was left speechless by the profound wisdom of the man she had never had the opportunity to meet. “My father,” Ethan continued, his voice quivering, “was a therapist and coach for Paralympic athletes. He dedicated his life to uplifting the spirits of sportspeople who had lost hope due to accidents or circumstances that left them disabled. My father was there, caring for him throughout his recovery.

He told him, ‘My friend, focus on what you still possess always. You have two hands, two eyes, a brilliant mind, the unwavering desire to excel in your sport, a family that stands by your side. Do not, for a moment, believe that any of those things are less significant than a leg.’ Those words have remained with me ever since. I strive to live by them, to honor their essence.”


Diana struggled to conceal her own tears as she offered consolation to the young boy. Ethan’s mother cried as well as Ethan shared the story. The death of her husband really hurt her. Before they left Diana’s house, she promised to pay Ethan and his mom a surprise visit at their house.

In the week that followed, Diana couldn’t stop thinking about Ethan. His story stirred something within her, prompting a desire to reconnect with her own son, who hadn’t visited her in over a year. She made numerous attempts to call him, but it came as no surprise when her calls went unanswered. That’s when she resolved to follow the guidance of her heart.


Three weeks later, as Ethan returned home from his weekly grocery run, his mother was busy preparing lunch, and his grandmother was engrossed in reading the newspaper from her bed. Suddenly, a knock on the door caught Ethan’s attention. “Mrs. Diana!” It was the same elderly woman for whom he had relinquished his seat during their bus ride to the fair.

“I am happy to see you,” Ethan said, smiling. Diana waved and smiled warmly at Ethan, noticing his mother approaching the door.


“Hi, Mrs. Diana. You’re welcome to our house,” Ethan’s mom said as she hugged Diana.

“I decided to pay you a surprise visit today. I have some news I’d like to share,” Diana announced, her gaze shifting between the curious faces of the mother and son. “You may not know this, but I happen to be the owner of the largest chain of malls in the city. I didn’t come from a privileged background.

When I was your age, I also experienced the loss of my beloved husband. During those challenging times, while I struggled to rebuild my life and create a sense of security for my young son, I often yearned for a miraculous helping hand to lift us out of years of hardship. Now, my son enjoys a life of luxury, and if he isn’t making the effort to reach out to me, it must mean he is doing well for himself.”


Ethan’s mother felt a wave of sadness wash over her as she witnessed the disappointment in the elderly woman’s eyes. “I contemplated whether it would be justified to give away all my wealth, my grand home, and my comforts to someone else. I questioned if anyone in today’s world, including my own son, still comprehends the significance of kindness and the value of family. My doubts persisted until I met your son, and so I have made a decision to become the miraculous helping hand I once fervently prayed for.

I want to assist you in rebuilding your lives, Ethan. I invite you, your mother, and your grandmother to move into my three-story house and make it your new home. This tiny place where you struggle to make ends meet, your dreams and aspirations should not be confined here. Come and live with me, and I will provide for your needs, granting you a fresh start. And yes, in the process, I admit that I selfishly yearn for a sense of belonging and love in return. That is all I desire now, nothing more.”


Ethan’s mom was surprised at what Diana just said. “This is happening so fast, and it’s not up to two months you know, Ethan, and you want to do all this for us. Can you please give me some time to think about it?” Ethan’s mom said.

“That’s fine by me,” Diana said. “I hope to get a good response from you soon. In a week from today.”

During that week, Ethan tried his best to convince his mom. “Please, let’s move in with Diana. This is an opportunity for us all, and Diana is a good woman,” Ethan said. It took some persuasion, but Ethan’s mother finally agreed to embrace the opportunity and offer her little family a chance at a new beginning.


Diana generously covered the cost of the latest prosthetics for Ethan, providing him with newfound confidence and independence. Through Ethan and his mother, as well as his grandmother, who became Diana’s closest friend, Diana experienced the joy of having a loving family once again.

Three years later, Diana’s son returned. However, Diana’s son didn’t come back to inquire about her well-being; instead, he sought possession of her house. When confronted with the situation, Diana didn’t hesitate to involve the authorities, calling the police on her son, who had returned solely for her money.


“My family is already here with me. I no longer recognize you,” she declared to him before firmly shutting the door in his enraged face.

Ethan’s beautiful new home, now graced with the presence of two cherished grandmothers, overflowed with countless moments of love, laughter, and togetherness. In those moments of joy and laughter, there comes sadness. Diana felt so ill; she knew her time had come to depart from this world. Ethan and his mom didn’t know what else to do as the sickness kept getting worse by the day, but Diana was ready for what was coming.


One day, Diana called Ethan and his mom to her room and gave them her final blessings and words of encouragement. On her sick bed, as she finished talking, she requested some ice cream and asked Ethan to get water for her while Ethan’s mom went to buy the ice cream.

But before Ethan and his mom returned from getting the water and ice cream, Diana was already dead. Before she died, she changed her will and gave it all to Ethan and his mom – the house and everything she left behind – three million dollars.


Diana was buried but was never forgotten. Ethan and his mom made sure to always help those in need by donating to charity. What do you think about this story? Leave a comment below.



  1. Survivor

    July 16, 2023 at 9:02 am

    I was so touched. Thank you and I have learned how to do good to the elderly people and also learned not to look down on anyone. God bless you for this write up

  2. Esther Zulu

    July 16, 2023 at 9:10 am

    We must always be ready to help those that are in need and give love to everyone we meet in life

  3. Regine Damons

    July 16, 2023 at 2:14 pm

    The story of the poor boy with one leg really touched my heart. This story is an eye opener to every one reading this. Kindness,love and sincerity always paid off. Always be kind to those who needed help and treating the elderly with love and compassion and God will do the rest

  4. Protus Simiyu muialo

    July 17, 2023 at 12:46 am

    Wonderful and guiding to those with reo

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