Woman Hides Her Child from Her Husband for 10 Years And Things Turn Out Messy After Husband Discovered The truth – Story of the Day

When Elena was only 19 years old, she got pregnant with her boyfriend, Kyle. Since Kyle showed interest in spending forever with her, Elena thought he would be a great father and an amazing husband.

But as soon as she told him of her pregnancy, he disappeared. Kyle’s parents must have helped him move out of town and leave his girlfriend to take care of their son. Months later, Elena’s son, Eric, was born.

Eric was born with a congenital deformity of the spine, causing him to be paralyzed from the waist down. Raising a disabled son was incredibly difficult, so her mother, Anita, stepped in to help take care of Eric while her daughter was finishing school.

Elena was undoubtedly a beautiful woman who had several guys lining up to court her, but they left as soon as they learned about her disabled son. After college, Elena pursued a career in theater and met several men. Still, no one wanted to accept her son.

One day, the stage actress met a man, Patrick, with whom she completely fell in love. Scared that he too would leave her, she chose not to tell him about Eric. Instead, she claimed to live with her widowed mother.

She kept the secret for two years until they tied the knot and moved to a town near Anita’s home. Meanwhile, Eric lived with his grandmother and had visits from Elena every month. Her trips to see her son was disguised as visits to her mentally ill mother

Elena would tell her husband that Anita was mentally ill and had outbreaks that could potentially hurt him. Although he still insisted on going, Patrick knew that his busy work schedule wouldn’t permit him time, so he let his wife go alone.

Initially, Eric believed that his mom had to work far away and only visited him once a month. However, when he turned eleven, he found out about his mom’s other family and no longer wanted to see her. Anita also disapproved of her daughter’s lie but could not deny Elena access to see her son.

Eventually, Elena stopped visiting her mom and son. She and Patrick had a daughter, Loli, who did not know that she had a brother and a grandmother. When Loli was seven, she became interested in YouTube vloggers and told her parents about her favorite. She said:

“Mom, look! My favorite blogger is so cool and funny despite being disabled.”

When Loli showed her mom the video, Elena almost fell to the ground. The blogger was her son, Eric, all grown up. She hasn’t seen him in years and could not believe he was famous online. Soon, Elena began watching and anticipating her son’s video, knowing that it was the only way to see him.

On Loli’s birthday, she begged her parents to get an autograph from the blogger. She talked about it for months on end and said it was her only wish. At this time, Elena thought it was time for Loli to meet her older brother.

She told her daughter that she knew where Eric lived and that she would take Loli there. As it was her birthday, Patrick cleared his schedule to come. Elena drove her family to Anita’s house without a plan on how to tell them the truth. As they approached the house, she panicked and did not know what to do next.

As soon as she rolled down the windows and pointed at the house, Elena decided to head back home. But before she could make a run for it, her mother, who was standing near the front house, started yelling. “Why are you here? Who gave you the right to return after abandoning your mother and son!” Anita said.

Patrick looked at his wife and said, “Do you know her? What is she talking about?” Anita walked in front of Elena’s window and said, “I’m her mother!” Seconds later, Eric rolled out of the house in a wheelchair, wondering what the commotion was about. Loli, on the other hand, ran out of the car as soon as she saw him.

“The vlogger is your son?” Patrick exclaimed while Elena began crying. “God! You abandoned your disabled son and never told me about him? What the hell is wrong with you?” he went on. Patrick then went out of the car while Anita followed.

He went towards Anita, apologized, and said he did not know anything about this. He carried Loli and told his wife, “I’m taking Loli home. Fix your mess.” As he walked towards the car, Patrick told his daughter that she would meet her brother and grandmother again soon.

While they drove off, Eric and Anita entered the house without looking at Elena. The mother-of-two was left standing on the sidewalk, crying uncontrollably.

What can we learn from Elena’s story?

1. Never hide anything from your loved one because the truth will always make its way out.

2. Children will never spoil your happiness, no matter what they are. But parents can quickly damage their relationship with their kids.

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