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Woman Hears Faint Moaning in Woods—When She Spots This Pink T-Shirt, She’s Horrified

Children are God’s most precious gift to this earth, so it’s a hard pill to swallow when we read stories of babies being discarded as disposable goods in desolate forests and even trash bags.

A tragic story has surfaced of a newborn baby girl who was found left to die in the woods on Olango Island in the Philippines.

Praise the Lord, a woman who was passing through the area heard a faint moaning and crying sound in the nearby woods. She worked her way through the dense, tangled branches and eventually spotted a child’s pink T-shirt that appeared to be moving.

Upon closer inspection, the shirt was covering a naked and insect-ridden little girl who had been abandoned on a pile of leaves and thorns.

The poor infant’s scalp was soaking wet, and her skin was covered in bug bites. Her face was also severely blistered from the scorching 93 F conditions.

Raw footage documents the alarming discovery.

Congregants worshipping at a church close by were the first on the scene to help. Eliezer Rosalejos was one of the residents who rushed to rescue.

“Thank God the baby is still alive and we found her on time,” said Eliezer, adding, “Whoever her parents are, I hope they feel guilty.”

“Children are so precious,” he continued. “I will never understand how somebody could just leave their child to the mercy of the wilderness.”

Though the scene was heartbreaking, Eliezer and the rest of the rescue crew are incredibly grateful to God for sparing this sweet baby girl’s life.

Officials at the Olango Island Police Station are investigating medical records in an effort to track down the abandoned infant’s mom.

While the baby is still recovering from her plethora of insect bites, she is now at the hospital in stable condition. The child is currently under the social welfare department’s custody.

“It is important that we find the mother so that she can receive any help needed and she is accountable for her actions,” one spokesman stated. “The child has not had the best start to life and she will remain in the care of the state.”

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