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Daughter’s New Car Smells Terrible, But What Was Found Inside Is Even More Chilling

Kevin Richardson disguised had the terrible smell that lingered in his daughter’s new car. He could taste it now, like curdled milk on the tip of his tongue. Where was this coming from? He looked around the car, but he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then, suddenly, he glanced over the glove box, and a terrible feeling hit the pit of his stomach. There was no coming back from this.

Kevin Duke was a single parent who worked hard to provide for his daughter, Louisiana. He worked as a local handyman, and every dollar he earned, he put towards his beloved daughter. So when this devoted Dad surprised his daughter with a generous gesture, he had no idea it would turn into uncovering something truly unimaginable.

Louisiana was the apple of his eye. She was most definitely a daddy’s girl, and even though she was about to turn 16, she would always be Kevin’s baby. So, with Louisiana’s 16th birthday just around the corner, Kevin knew he had to make it a birthday she would remember for years to come. And she would, but for all the wrong reasons.

That was Louisiana’s 16th birthday. Kevin decided to pull out all the stops for his daughter. Not only did he get her a fantastic birthday cake, but he was also going to surprise her and buy her a secondhand car. After a few days of searching for the best car with the best deal, Kevin finally found the perfect one, or so he thought.

Kevin was super excited to give Louisiana her car. He knew just how great it felt to be driving around the city in your very first car. It would definitely put a smile on her face. But what Kevin’s daughter would later find in the glove box of her new car would leave her feeling sick to her stomach.

Kevin was well aware that purchasing a secondhand car can be a risky move, so he made sure that the car was in near enough Tip-Top condition when he went to view it. It looked pretty much perfect. There were no funny noises; the engine ran smoothly, and the salesman seemed trustworthy. But Kevin had no idea what was hidden deep inside the car.

The secondhand Ford Focus looked spotless. There were no scratches on its paint, and the inside of the car felt like brand new. Kevin traced his fingers over the leather and polyester seats, studied the engine lights, and briefly dialed through the radio stations. To his surprise, it seemed like a really great first car.

Kevin stood in front of the car and debated what to do. He could see that the salesman was on the edge, eager for a sale. After a few minutes, Kevin finally made a decision. He shook the salesman’s hand and loudly proclaimed, “I’ll take it.” He was handed the keys and drove the car back home, all the while not knowing something was merely a few feet away from him.

On the way back home, Kevin realized he had a problem. He had to hide the car until his daughter’s birthday, which was in a few days’ time. The garage was the only place he could hide it, but it was a mess. He quickly scolded himself for not cleaning out the garage before he left to collect the car. A plan quickly formed in his mind.

His daughter would be coming home from school any minute, so Kevin parked the car a couple of blocks down and immediately got to work cleaning out the garage to make space for the car. He ran back to the car and drove it into his new hiding place. She wouldn’t suspect a thing. But then again, neither did he.

Kevin closed the door to his garage and kept it hidden until the big day. Little did he know, however, that his plan meant something else would stay hidden with it too. The build-up to his daughter’s big day was tense. He didn’t want to ruin the surprise, and when her big day finally came, nobody expected what was going to happen.

It was the morning of his daughter’s birthday, and Kevin woke up early to prepare a big surprise for her. He made himself some coffee and strolled out to the garage, but he noticed a strange smell in the garage. He didn’t think much of it and set to work. He quickly opened the door, released the handbrake, and gently pushed the car out of the garage to avoid suspicion. He closed the door and tied a ribbon to its bonnet.

Kevin prepared breakfast and ran out to welcome her at the bottom of the stairs with two gigantic balloons and a smile plastered on his rosy face. His baby girl had officially grown up. He could feel a tear well up in his eyes as she made her way downstairs. He gave her a hug and then told her that her present was outside.

Kevin thought it was going to be a perfect day, but he was so wrong. Louise ran outside, to her delight, she saw a car with a ribbon tied around it and said, “It’s yours!” Louise’s face lit up with joy. She was over the moon at her new car. She raced over, opened the door, and hopped inside. But then suddenly, Kevin watched his daughter’s smile turn upside down.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin asked.

“It smells. Can you smell it?” Louise replied, her lips pouting.

Kevin poked his head into the car properly this time and straight away he wretched in disgust. He held his nostrils while his daughter scrambled out and slammed the door shut. The father and daughter duo had no idea what they were about to uncover.

Kevin and his daughter looked at each other, feeling about stomped and freaked out by the terrible smell in the car. This car didn’t smell like that a few days ago. Kevin bit the bullet and headed back inside the car to find the source of the smell, but he had no idea there wasn’t just one surprise waiting for him. In fact, there were two.

Kevin chomped inside the car and looked around to try and find something that looked unusual. But everything was as it was when he left it a few days prior after picking it up. It looked brand new. He looked under the seat, but there was nothing there. He followed the foul smell and reached for the dashboard. As soon as he opened it, he was at a loss for words.

Trevor pulled a lever and opened the glove box. Immediately, the smell became ten times worse. He buried his nose in his arms as he choked, but what he saw surprised him. There was nothing that looked grotesque, but there was something that looked unusual. Sitting in the glove box was a protective rubber mat that was hiding something underneath.

Kevin took a deep breath before he pulled the mat out. But the second he did, he saw a letter fall out. Confused, Kevin left the mat and picked it up. He turned over the envelope, and a shiver ran up his spine. In black ink with dainty handwriting, Kevin read who the envelope was addressed to. It read, “New Car Owner – Important Info Inside.”

Kevin suddenly became alarmed. Did that mean him? Hundreds of questions flooded Kevin’s mind as he sat clutching the mystery letter he found in the glove box. Should he even open it? Who was it from? What did it say? There was only one way to find out. Without a second to waste, he started to rip the envelope open.

He hadn’t thought that the letter had something to do with the awful rotting smell in the car. While he opened it, he wondered if this was all some kind of elaborate prank. He imagined the pranksters taking a picture of himself with his work, laughing at his daughter’s expense. He began to feel angry. But he had no idea that his theory was way off.

The letter started by saying, “To the person who gets this car, you have got a very special vehicle. This car holds a lot of memories for me. I hope it’s the best car you’ve ever had.” Kevin continued to read, and with each line of the text he read, his heart gushed with emotions. This letter was heartbreaking.

Kevin never in a million years would have ever thought of buying a car that would result in him receiving a letter like this. Kevin’s fingers gripped the letter as he continued reading. This car belonged to my beloved mom. She passed away on the 25th of February 2015 in a house fire with my six-year-old daughter and aunt. Kevin found out that this letter was from a woman called Sabrina Archie. Unfortunately, her mom, daughter, and aunt passed away in a house fire.

“I was forced to sell the car due to financial difficulties,” the letter continued, “but this car was more than just a car to Sabrina. This small, run-down car was something that held so many incredible, monumental memories for Sabrina. It was where she and her family sang along to their favorite songs. It was where Sabrina changed far too many diapers in the back seat. This car was also the only item from her mother that wasn’t destroyed in the fire.”

As Kevin continued to read the letter, he could feel a lump in his throat, and his eyes started to well up. His daughter, who was also reading the letter from behind, consoled her dad. He felt awful that he had first thought so badly of whoever was behind the letter. He also felt bad for buying something that meant so much to somebody else when he was riddled with guilt. But he was also no closer to understanding why the car smelled so bad.

There was another surprise in store. Unable to stand the smell for much longer, he stepped out of the car when he finished reading. He looked to the black rubber mat that he had discarded earlier. The woman in the letter had mentioned that she left them for someone else to enjoy because she couldn’t bear to throw them out with the worry and grief-stricken face.

Kevin lifted the black rubber mat. When he saw what was underneath, his eyes welled not just from the awful smell but also out of sadness. There, hidden beneath the mat in the glove box, was the culprit of the smell. Without the letter, it probably would have taken him a while to figure out what they were.

They had grown discolored and leaked into the bottom of the glove box. His daughter gasped. The woman in the letter referred to them as her daughter’s favorite snacks. She didn’t have the heart to remove them. They were tubes of banana-flavored yogurt, one of which must have burst in the heat of the garage. They must have stayed cool enough when the car was outside of the dealership, thus not causing any smell.

But Kevin couldn’t be angry. He was so touched by her story that he did something else entirely. Kevin posted the letter and the incident online on a social media page called “Love What Matters.” In a matter of hours, the letter and Sabrina’s story had gone viral. Thousands of people expressed their sympathy for Sabrina. Even Sabrina herself saw the post. But nobody, not even Sabrina, could have expected what would happen next.

Due to the attention Sabrina was getting from Kevin’s post, many people from all over the world got in touch and donated money for her to get back her old car. Incredibly, Sabrina managed to do just that. Sabrina received thousands of dollars, which meant she could finally buy back her old car. But what about Kevin?

For Kevin, he didn’t mind saying goodbye to his daughter’s new car. In fact, he was glad that Sabrina was getting it back. After all, this wasn’t just a car for Sabrina; it was something so much more. After having her car back, Sabrina let go of her past and took a big leap into the not-so-scary future. And for the first time, Sabrina was ready.

Kevin was also looking forward to the future. Sabrina bought back her car from Kevin, which meant that he could buy his daughter another car just like it. However, this time it wasn’t much of a surprise. Louise didn’t care. The new car was more than enough for his daughter, and she was even more proud and inspired that he gave the other car back to its heartbroken owner.

As far as birthdays go, it was an exciting one for all involved.

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