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She Approached The Car to Sell Candy, But What She Saw Inside Left Her In a Shock

She approached the car to sell candy, but what she saw inside left her shocked. She lived with her father in an abandoned shack on the outskirts of the city, and her daily routine consisted of going out to sell candy at traffic lights to earn a living. From her father, she received nothing more than company, so as not to be in danger at night. But he did not care to feed or clothe her. Her livelihood depended solely on herself.

Despite everything, she had learned to read and write between the seconds she had left to rest between traffic light changes. All because a poor teacher hurt by the life the girl had to lead had given her some books so that she could learn on her own. Since she could not do anything else for her, after learning to read and write, she began to look in the trash.

Every time she saw a book lying around, she rescued it and read it. She didn’t care what the subject was; what mattered to her was to have something to read. In addition, many people already knew her for her skills and her readiness to help anyone in need. She had already prevented several accidents and foiled robberies. She had a sixth sense for identifying dangerous situations in time. Her observation skills were enviable.

Eva was, despite the conditions in which she lived, a child who had learned to make the most of her shortcomings, always holding firm to the hope that one day life would be a little kinder to her. This is how Eva’s days went by in a constant repetition, from which she, however, always managed to extract something new – a new lesson. She received nothing from her father, and the older she grew, the less she needed his company. Since she had never known anything different, nor did she know what fathers were really like, she did not miss anything and felt complete. Even though from time to time, she imagined what it would be like to have a mother.

But there came a day that would be completely different from the others. Eva had gotten up to do her usual run through the cars, offering candy. When she did something she didn’t usually do, she had learned not to be indiscreet and not to look curiously inside the cars, because she knew that people were bothered by it. But when she passed a white car, she found it impossible not to look inside. And what she saw there alarmed her. In the car was the driver with an empty passenger seat, but in the back was an apparently calm woman, together with an apparently calm man who, however, had a hand in his jacket, from where he seemed to be pointing something at the woman.

Eva, who knew she should not be an alarmist, could not help but be frightened because she thought she saw in the woman’s eyes a call for help. There was something about her calm appearance that Eva was not entirely convinced of.

And she told herself that she had to help her. For if it was nothing, badger would go through an embarrassment. But otherwise, she might be avoiding a robbery or worse. Then she slyly looked at the license plate of the car and went out to comment on what she had seen immediately to some people in the area who already knew her and knew that the girl did not talk for the sake of talking. If she had seen something suspicious, it had to be true.

And so it was. As soon as they contacted the authorities and put them on notice, the police, of course, hesitated to listen to the girl. But under pressure from the others, they decided to follow the car Eva had seen. It didn’t take long to find it, and to the surprise of the police, when they noticed that they were being chased, they began to flee, ignoring the calls to stop. The chase lasted a long time, but in the end, with the help of reinforcements, they managed to stop the car.

To everyone’s astonishment, the woman in the car was an important congresswoman of the country. And she was accompanied by two unknown men who were known minutes later to be criminals who had been wanted for a long time for crimes of kidnapping, extortion, and aggravated homicide. It was soon learned that the men had been hired to torture and murder the woman because her political interventions had long since become a thorn in the sight of those who controlled power in that country. And they had already exhausted their patience.

Once she was safe, the congresswoman wanted to thank the girl who saved her in person. If it had not been for her and her sharpness, she would now surely be dead. Eva felt ashamed when she was subtly asked by an endless number of cameras and journalists who wanted an exclusive interview with the little heroine. But before talking to anyone, she wanted to meet the woman she had seen in the car. She wanted to talk to her.

The meeting of the two was sweeter than she expected. They got along so well immediately that Eva thought that there was no other woman in the world as wonderful as her. The congresswoman, for her part, was delighted with the girl and her life story. And she did not miss the opportunity to thank her and to encourage her to continue to be so alert and active.

Little by little, the other occasions in which Eva had helped other people and had prevented robberies became known. And her name was in the media’s mouth for a long time. Since then, Eva’s life was never the same, as many people from all corners of the country decided they wanted to help her have a better future. Eva was overwhelmed by the amount of help she was receiving. She also had several offers to study in prestigious schools, and she could be adopted by a good family, considering that her father wasn’t doing his job as a parent.

For Eva, everything was crazy. She didn’t know what to think or what to expect from her future, but she knew she had to be open to opportunities, no matter how scary the change might be. But the news she was about to receive she did not expect. The congresswoman she had befriended told her that she would make her very happy if she allowed her to adopt her. She knew that she could guarantee a better future for Eva. And that she would get along with her well because she felt like they were soulmates.

She also told her that it was the least she could do for her, to whom she would never cease to be grateful. And for the first time since the carousel of opportunities had come into Eva’s life, she was not afraid. That woman made her feel safe. She knew that nothing would hurt her, that nothing would be missing. She believed that this was how it should feel to have a mother, and she no longer had any doubts. Despite the fact that she had told her to think about it, Eva immediately agreed, becoming the daughter of the woman she already admired so much. Seemed like a dream.

That was how Eva found a loving mother who compensated her for all the work and effort she had to put in up to that point. It was the reward for never losing hope, for facing each day with new eyes and a clean heart, and for always being ready to help anyone who needed it. Eva finally felt that she belonged and was loved, and she never lacked for anything at all.

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