Whoever Advised You To Attack The Son Of Daura Has Castrated Your Ambition -Jack Obinyan To Tinubu

Nigerian politician Jack Obinyan took to his social media page just a few hours ago and attacked President Muhammadu Buhari’s critic, Bola Ahmed Tinibu, on Twitter. Jack Obinyan cited a statement by APC presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari would have lost the 2015 presidential election if it weren’t for him. By Tinubu’s account, whoever advised him to attack Buhari’s son, the son of Daura, ruined his presidential hopes, Jack Obinyan learned about it.

By not having Buhari, the APC would have been reduced to regional politics, as explained by Jack Obinyan. As stated by Jack Obinyan: ” “Without Muhammadu Buhari’s 12 million votes, the APC would have been destroyed.

If it weren’t for President Muhammadu Buhari, the APC would still be in opposition. Without Buhari’s leadership, the APC would have remained a regional party.

If Buhari wasn’t in charge, Atiku would have won the 2019 elections.

If not for Buhari, Lagos would be the last APC stronghold in the country. Whoever advised you to attack the legendary son of Daura and the sanctimonious icon of progressive politics in our polity has castrated your ambition to the point where it will never be recovered.” Nonetheless,. Is Jack Obinyan right or wrong?

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