When I Started picking Scrap Metals As Business, People Thought I Was Mad -Man Who Became Millionaire Selling Rust Metals Narrate (Video) – Legitpost.com.ng
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When I Started picking Scrap Metals As Business, People Thought I Was Mad -Man Who Became Millionaire Selling Rust Metals Narrate (Video)

A Nigerian man, Azeez Ismail, said when he started picking scrap metals as a business, his family frowned against it.

The community where he relocated to to continue the buiness tagged him a mad man and had to report him to government officials.

As soon as Azeez became successful as a scrap metal collector, people who considered him dirty started associating with him.

A Nigerian man who became a millionaire by collecting scrap metals and selling them said people thought he was mad.


In a video interview by

SOJULOORE TV, he said his community had to one time ostracise him because they thought he was mentally unstable as they banished him to the outskirt.
He never gave up.

The man said people thought he was a mad person. Photo source: YouTube/SOJULOORE TV.

Azeez said he was beaten sore despite the fact never did anything bad. He showed the mark he e sustained from the incident. Despite everything the man went through, he still went ahead in life and made it.


The man said he spent an early part of his life in Abuja and had to relocate back home when his parents said he is too far away.

At home, he saw scavengers picking scraps and asked them about the usefulness of scouting got mentals.

When they told about they sell them out, the business caught his attention. Despite how lucrative the business could be, his father kicked against it.

The man said that even when the company he was selling the metals too asked them to hold off bringing scraps, he started making a big pile of the castaway metals. At this point, many people in the business had swtiched to other ways of making money.


When he finally sold the pile, it was worth so much he did not believe how much he was paid by the company. It was like a dream come through for him.

Man used scraps to build fine car
Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a young man’s unique talent has seen him using the low budget of N41k to build a red Ferrari 488 GTB, a car that ordinarily would cost as high as N112m.

The young Vietnamese built it at home with his friend and accomplished the technical task, producing a car that could move. The video of the car shared on Twitter has been viewed many times by admirers.

To accomplish the task, they first used pieces of carton to map out the shape of the car and then followed that up with scrap metal welding.


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