What Wike Told Anambra Supporters Now Tearing PDP Folks Apart

Before you insult or verbally attack those PDP folks that attended Wike’s meeting in Anambra, try to find out if Saint Peter Obi has ever called ndị Anambra PDP especially the statutory delegates for a meeting before and after he declared interest to contest the party’s presidential ticket. Since Wike is smart and humble to consult Chief Chris Uba and Anambra PDP members, you shouldn’t blame them if they show full support for him and make chants in support of his statements.

Party Primary has never been won through social media or mainstream media. It can only be won by convincing delegates to vote for you. Most of the delegates are not even active on social media to read or watch propaganda, claims and counter claims by aspirants. If you keep judging Obi’s chances of winning PDP presidential ticket with the army of Anambra social media warriors that he has, then know that you are living in fool’s paradise.

Wike told ndị Anambra PDP that they know that Obi can’t win and that is true. I am also adding that even Obi knows he can’t win. Obi knows he can’t win other aspirants who unlike him, spent the past eight years building bridges to support their ambition.

You can disagree with this at your own peril.

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