We Lived all Our Lives Begging Alms for one Mallam to Live Big – True Life story of an Ex-Almajiri

Below is the True story of an ex-almajiri (name withheld).

According to him:

Life as an almajiri in Kano was very tough, I could still remember how we went about In tens begging for alms and food.

It’s really not a life anyone should live. I lived it years ago and could tell exactly how it hurts; the memory of it and the hellish experience we had to bear. Almajiri isn’t a life.
It’s like being dead alive. I lived that life.

I was ten when I decided to remove the clothes of destitute and face life squarely.it still remains a turning point in my life and the wisest decision I have ever taken. I could still remember vividly what led to taking such such decision.

One afternoon at sabo titi Kano, we were nine in numbers we had trekked all the way from bida road. I had a best friend his name was Ali he was thirteen years years old with different thought. He would always Suggest we elope.

We lived all our lives begging alms for mallam ladan to live big. One day we decided to elope and we saw a dangote truck we managed to enter it and after we did, the truck zoomed off and stopped at suleja and the truck driver noticed us and asked if we were hungry. He bought us food and we ate. He suggested we don’t go to Lagos but remain here as Lagos people are not friendly enough to assist. We stayed at suleja and became cobblers.

After a short while, we met Mr Okafor who took us in, paid our school fees. That was the first time we ever tasted life in a good way. He sponsored us all the way. One fateful day Mr Okafor traveled to his village on his way he met with a tragic accident which led to his death.

We thought that was the end of us, but his first son took us in like his father and after our education, we started working in one of their companies and years later Ali got married and Mrs Okafor stood in as his mother. A year later I also got married that was 2015 and the Okafor family was ever there for us.

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