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In Her Wedding, Teacher Get The Surprise Of Her Life When She Turns Around And See Her Students

On her special day, a woman who was ready to marry the love of her life received the biggest and most gratifying surprise, making it even more special. The special occasion, which became the highlight of the delighted bride’s wedding day, was thanks to her better half.

Every woman fantasizes about having the ideal wedding and being supported by her loved ones. People frequently take a lot of time planning out every detail and making sure nothing goes wrong on their special day. Nevertheless, one should always prepare for the occasional surprise.

Weddings, no matter how modest, intimate, or extravagant, mark an important turning point in people’s lives and are indelible in their memories. We’re going to tell you a tale about a beautiful lady whose wedding day was spectacular and unforgettable.

The strongest emotion in the universe, love, has the ability to bind individuals together for the rest of their lives. The subsequent events were easy to predict because mechanical engineer Jose Victor Flack and teacher Cynthia Bonafonte Pereira were completely honest about their feelings for one another. After becoming engaged, the couple made the decision to wed forever. Finally, they decided to get married on March 14th, 2020, and the ceremony took place in Coxius du Sole, Brazil.

In their wedding gown, they appeared ethereal, and the love and excitement on their cheeks shone through. Flack looked handsome in a blue suit, while Pereira mesmerized everyone in a gorgeous white lace gown. The pair held hands and looked into each other’s eyes as they stood at the altar in front of the priest. But the bride had no idea that she was about to experience a heart-stopping surprise.

There are many different kinds of surprises, but Flack’s surprise for his then-fiancée touched her heart and the hearts of millions of other people around the world. The church’s door slid open, and Flack, who was staring at Pereira and grinning warmly, covered her mouth to keep her emotions in check. The bride was attempting to make sense of what was happening in utter bewilderment.

A few moments later, a line of young children started making their way down the aisle, and Pereira’s reactions made it abundantly evident that she recognized the youngsters. The stunning bride, a speech therapist by trade, was shocked to see her Down Syndrome classmates approaching her.

The resilient bride shed joyful tears and displayed erratic emotions. She turned to face her charming groom, who could sense the happiness in her eyes. Fleck was aware of how important it was for Pereira to have her pupils there on her special day.

One small man took the lead, looking dapper in his shirt, pants, bow tie, and braces. He was holding the hand of a young child who was wearing a lovely white bridesmaid outfit. A flower bouquet and sweets were spotted being carried by two flower girls as they made their way down the aisle.

The adorable pair could be seen waving at the youthful ring bearers throughout the dramatic entry of two young men in an electric automobile.

Each youngster felt unique and cherished because Flack and Pereira took the time to interact with them and give them hugs. The kids had been receiving long-term speech therapy from the committed speech therapist who had helped them develop their language and communication abilities.

She and her husband descended to the kids’ level, hugged and stroked their faces, and gave them a warm welcome. In these words, Pereira expressed her sentiments and thoughts about being surrounded by her darling students on her wedding day:

“I requested the priest from the church where we got married to allow me to have the kids I had in my practice, but he stated that I couldn’t,” the bride recalls. But how was it made possible since the priest had warned Pereira that the pupils couldn’t attend her special day? You’ll be shocked to learn that Flack had planned all of this in order to surprise his fiancée. Pereira made known, actually, because he had already discussed it with the priest. My husband had requested him to say that,” the Brazilian woman claimed.

To adore her line of work and to have forged close bonds with the children, the biggest surprise she had ever had, according to her, was having them there on her wedding day. Pereira elucidated, “I absolutely adore my job, so getting the chance to spend this particular day with some of the kids was incredible. I felt a level of emotion that I was afraid my heart wouldn’t be able to withstand.”

According to rumors, Flack and Pereira recruited Jew Vincent, a photographer with Down Syndrome, to document the special moments on their wedding day. A day after the couple exchanged vows, actions were taken in Brazil to halt the coronavirus outbreak. The Brazilian couple said they felt fortunate to have their loved ones with them on their big day. In the aftermath of the new limitations in April 2020, Pereira posted a video of her wedding, which received thousands of views from internet users all over the world.

The couple’s lovely wedding ceremony moved many people, and many could relate to Pereira’s emotional state. The Brazilian woman thanked everyone for their tremendous support and expressed her happiness at how well-liked her video was. She stated, “I’m overjoyed with the response to this video, since my dream has always been to promote the virtue of social and educational inclusion, and without intending to, this video ended up serving as the living example that everyone deserves the same possibilities.”

There are many different kinds of surprises, but Flack’s surprise for his then-fiancée touched her heart and the hearts of millions of other people around the world. Pereira witnessed the small angels approaching her at a tender moment, and it is understandable why she was overcome with emotion.

We’re happy that Pereira and Flack will always treasure their wedding day as a wonderful memory. What do you think about this story? Have your loved ones ever given you a wonderful surprise? Please share this story with your family and friends.

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