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His Parents Abandoned Him for Being ”Ugly”. Years Later He Paid Them a Surprised Visit

Regardless of the way a child looks, they deserve to be loved and cared for. Sadly, this wasn’t the case with the boy Kyle in this story. His parents’ reaction when they saw him right after his birth was heartbreaking. Eventually, they abandoned him. But years later, he paid them a surprise visit, and you won’t believe what happened next.

Growing up, we all had our dreams, goals, and fantasies, and Stephen and Rita were no different. The duo looked forward to starting a family early and toyed with the idea of having many kids—but not just any kids. They wanted exceptional kids, you know, the ones with dashing looks, hazel eyes, heart-shaped lips, and six feet tall. The couple didn’t think they were asking for too much because they had great looks too, so all they had to do was give birth to kids who would look exactly like them. Simple, right? Well, not so fast.


Stephen and Rita came from poor backgrounds, so after high school, they couldn’t afford to go to college. Besides, they weren’t really interested in having a degree. They just wanted to work, save up enough money, and start a street food business. They weren’t really big dreamers who wanted to make a lot of money and live large. They were content living in a moderate apartment, and if they could get the money to provide basic things for themselves and their kids and maybe go on a vacation once a year, then that’d be fine.

The couple, now in their mid-20s, felt like they had saved enough to start a family. Rita was working in a crash while Stephen worked in a factory, so they tied the knot in the presence of friends and family. Shortly after the wedding, the two started trying for a child, and it didn’t take long before Rita fell pregnant.


In the 18th week, the couple went in for a scan, and they discovered they were having a boy. Feeling excited and unable to contain his joy, Stephen screamed, pulled Rita into his arms, and told her, “We did it! The boy will look like me! I’m going to be a father!” While I can bet that soon enough you will wonder if this man really knew what it meant to be a father because if he did, he would never have done what he soon ended up doing.

The pregnancy period was smooth, then one bright Saturday morning, Rita’s water broke, and her husband rushed her to the hospital. She was wheeled into the labor room, and in due time, she went into full labor. Unfortunately, the doctors discovered that the baby wasn’t well positioned, so Rita was quickly wheeled into the surgery room for an emergency C-section. Rita wasn’t worried or nervous; she was certain that the delivery would go well. Little did she know that her love would soon be put to the test, and sadly, she would fail.


Twenty minutes later, a team of doctors finally delivered the baby boy. But as soon as they saw him, they gasped. How could they have missed such a significant detail on the scan, they wondered? You see, the boy had excess hair on his skin because of a condition called hypertrichosis, and he was also born with a hunchback. Such a child deserves lots of love and care, right? Well, his parents’ reaction was unbelievable.

When Rita saw him, she recoiled and told the nurses to take the boy away from her. “That can’t be my baby! What did you do to him?” she cried. Stephen’s reaction was even worse. He didn’t feel connected to the boy. He caused a scene in the hospital and blamed the doctors for the boy’s appearance.

The doctors apologized for missing such an important detail on the scan. However, they assured the couple that they would pay for surgery to get the hunch removed. To the couple, the doctor wasn’t making any sense. Where would they get the money for the surgery? Where would they even get the money for the constant medical care the boy would need? Rather than being happy, the couple was distressed. They had sleepless nights worrying over what people would think of them if they saw their baby.


Sadly, the little boy was constantly sick, and the couple found themselves visiting the hospital frequently. So one day, they decided this wasn’t the kind of life they wanted for themselves. What would happen to their business plans, to the vacations they planned to have each year if they spent every single dime they made on the boy?

What would happen to their dreams of having famous kids who would walk the runway? They hated the new direction their life was taking. So one lonely and sad night, they reached the conclusion: they would give the boy away. Perhaps he would be lucky enough to find someone who would give him the kind of life he deserved. If only they knew that someday they would regret this decision.


In due time, the couple took the boy to an orphanage, kissed him goodbye, and walked out of his life forever. They could have never expected that in some years’ time, they would see him again. Kyle grew up to be a thoughtful, well-mannered, and adorable boy in the orphanage. Sadly, he was constantly passed over for adoption because of the way he looked. When he reached seven years of age, Kyle began to think that no one would ever adopt him. It hurt the little boy each time he had to bid a friend who was getting adopted goodbye, yet no one came for him.

But one day, when Kyle turned nine, luck shone on him. A wealthy couple, John and Elizabeth, who were in their late 40s but had no child, decided to adopt. One day, they went to the orphanage. They fell in love with Kyle; he looked so sad, unlike the rest of the kids, and they wanted to take that sadness away. “We felt so connected to him, and we could see he had a lot of potential. We wanted to help him achieve his dreams,” Elizabeth said.


After adopting Kyle, the couple lavished him with lots of love, care, and attention. They also paid lots of money to have his hunchback removed, but sadly, there was no cure for the excess hair on his body. Regardless of this, Kyle learned to love and accept himself the way he looked, all thanks to the couple who raised him right and taught him never to let the opinions of others weigh him down.

Time passed by, and Kyle gained admission into college to study medicine. In due time, he graduated and started working as a surgeon. Kyle was a diligent doctor who dedicated himself to saving the lives of his patients. Three years later, Kyle was about to close for the day when he got a call from a man who was in an accident and needed emergency surgery.


Wasting no time, Kyle wore his scrub and rushed to the operating room. But nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see. When Kyle got into the surgery room, he froze as soon as he saw his patient. It was as if he was staring at an older version of himself. Kyle looked just like the man they had the same facial structure, eyes, nose—just name it. The other surgeons in the surgery room also noticed a similarity between the duo, but they said nothing.

About five hours later, the surgery was over, and it was a success.

So Kyle went to the waiting area to inform the man’s wife that the surgery was successful. But when he got there, something even more shocking happened. Kyle noticed that he also looked like the woman, especially her eyes. To make matters even worse, when the woman saw Kyle, she jumped up in terror and began to cry.


Confused and not sure what to say, Kyle only stared at the woman. But when he was about to take his leave, she apologized for letting her emotions get a hold of her. Then she told Kyle that his physical appearance reminded her of her son, who also had excess hair on his skin and a hunchback.

“We’re terrible parents, my husband and I gave up on our son, but we regret it to this moment. Who knows, our son could also have been a doctor like you,” she said, and also added that ever since they gave him away, they hadn’t been able to have another kid.


Without waiting for the woman to finish whatever she had to say, Kyle left her presence and rushed home. His heart was racing so fast; was he the one the woman was referring to? Could he be the child the couple gave up? Kyle told his mother everything, and they went to the orphanage to confirm Kyle’s suspicion. He was right; he was the biological son of the man he operated on and the woman who was crying her soul out in the waiting area.

Two days later, Kyle visited Steven’s room where he was recuperating, and he met Rita there too. As he walked towards the couple, his heart was pounding so hard in his chest, he was very close to tears, but he tried his best to force them back. When he was close enough, Kyle told the couple that they needed to forgive themselves for whatever they did to their son.


“I think your son has forgiven you, so live your lives and be happy,” Kyle said and hugged the couple. And it was just then that a tear streamed down his cheek, but he quickly wiped it off before they saw it.

Afterwards, he walked out of the room without looking back. Kyle felt it was the best not to disclose his identity to his biological parents; he didn’t want to reopen old wounds. Of course, he was glad that he met them, but he decided to put his past behind him and focus on the future.

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