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Woman Runs Over Her Baby By Car, What Happens Next Is Heartbreaking

“Woman accidentally runs over her baby girl with her car. What happened next is heartbreaking.

Cyra Rose, born May 16, 2022, was just 13 months old when the tragedy happened due to a gut-wrenching accident in which baby Cyrus’ loving mother, Jeffreya Thornburg, accidentally ran over her beloved child. As soon as Thornburg realized what had happened, she immediately called 9-1-1 to report the incident.


The little girl brought smiles to everyone she encountered and asserted herself as a bright light in the world. Sadly, she passed away on July 6. On the morning she died, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) responded to a 911 distress call from Cyrus’ mother, who lives in Cottonwood. Thornburg frantically reported having accidentally run over her baby while attempting to maneuver her vehicle, which was packed in a tight space on a gravel area adjacent to her home.

The devastated mother explained that before attempting to move the car out of the space, she had placed her daughter in her car seat at what she thought was a safe distance, far enough away from the vehicle. As she started to reposition the automobile, its front wheel caught on the canopy of Cyrus’ car seat, which then caused it to fall backward, resulting in the baby suffering severe injuries.


The level of support, love, and prayers Cyrus’ family has been receiving has been abundant. Sorrows immediately rushed to the hospital where medical staff did all they could for the little girl. Unfortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful. The Sheriff’s Office said medical personnel were performing life-saving measures on the infant when YCSO arrived. But despite their heroic efforts, the child was pronounced deceased at the Verde Valley Medical Center.

A statement made by YCSO concluded by stating that investigations were underway with the Criminal Investigations Bureau. The GoFundMe page created to help cover the cost of the family’s final expenses for the funeral and memorial after the tragic incident showcases heartwarming messages from Cyrus’ family, who shared beautiful memories of the little girl.


Now, back to the story. Out of all the tear-jerking messages posted to the page, Mama Thornburg’s dedication to her adored baby is perhaps the most heartbreaking.

She honored her daughter’s memory by talking about all the wonderful ways Zyra changed the lives of those who had the pleasure of meeting her. Sarah Rose was the absolute light of my life, the name Sarah meaning light in several languages, one translating to the light off of God’s throne, and I know she is with him now.


She waved at everyone and made sure they saw her smile, and she brought light to their day. She was beautiful and funny and smart, so smart. At the end of the statement, she thanked contributors for their outpouring of support and love as the family attempts to navigate their way through this harrowing time.

Standing in grief alongside Thornburg was her husband and Sarah’s Father, Michael Thoming, who posted an update on how he was feeling on July 8th. Michael’s message started by expressing immense gratitude to everyone who extended their well wishes, condolences, love, and support to their bereaved family.


He went further to spread blessings and love to those who made financial contributions to the GoFundMe page. While speaking of his beloved baby girl, Michael said she was the living miracle and reminded me, my spouse, and all she came into contact with, is the love of God and the goodness of Heaven, are often with us here on Earth in the form of a person.

Though our time with her has abruptly ended, we will never stop carrying her with us in our hearts in all we do. The level of support, loving prayer Cyrus’ family has been receiving was abundant when Papal Magazine broke the news on its Facebook account. A plethora of people who follow the tragic story immediately posted comments showing compassion towards the situation, especially towards Cyrus’ mom. ‘That poor woman, my prayers are with her and the family.’


Though Thornburg and Michael are irrevocably beside themselves over the unfathomable loss following the accident, they both have been grateful for the endless compassion people have shown.”

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