Soludo`s son Ozonna and his career: Why do you Igbos fight your own, Facebook user laments

The Facebook user Liberty Chibueze has taken to his page to write against the negative comments Ozonna is getting as regards his update on his music career.

Ozonna who has been in music before now made it known to the world through his social media handle his desire to come back fully and pursue his musical career.

This post brought about bashing comments from Nigerians and Igbos as well which prompted the Facebook user to speak on the matter.

“Why talk down on this guy my Igbo brothers and sisters? Why don’t we love our own? Yoruba are making waves in the music industry globally, promoting their own even if they are mad”

“The Zaazu guy, Portable was promoted by his Yoruba brothers Like Kogbagidi, Olamide, even Poccolee”

Liberty further stated that you can`t see other tribes speak against their own, but the Igbo are fond of talking down on their own at any given opportunity.

“You can’t see them hate their brothers but ours is full of bad energies and pull him down syndrome. You will be hearing all sorts of rubbish s like ..hmmmmmmm .. He looks like a drug addict, he won’t make it in this music industry”

“Why would you wish such to your brother?”

He further advised the Igbos to embrace promoting their brothers and sisters in all spheres of life for the better of the Igbo nation and make out time to listen to the song.

“Have you taken out time to listen to his songs and know if he is talented or not?

Very very bad, I just listened to his two tracks, I mean only two tracks and I found out the guy talent is raw and classy”

“I will post his audio Mac link in this comment box so that you will listen if you care”

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