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“Shallipopi disrespected me, He stole my song “Ogbaisi” and renamed it “Obapluto” – Veteran Edo singer Pa Monday cries out in pains as he calls out Shallipopi for singing his song without his permission

Renowned Edo singer, Pa Monday, has come forward with serious accusations against rising music sensation Shallipopi. The veteran artist alleges that Shallipopi blatantly stole his iconic song “Ogbaisi” without permission and rebranded it as “Obapluto,” which has now skyrocketed to become one of Nigeria’s biggest hits.

Pa Monday, an esteemed figure in the Nigerian music industry, expressed deep distress as he claimed that Shallipopi never sought his consent nor credited him for the original composition. Despite “Obapluto” generating millions of streams and considerable wealth for Shallipopi, Pa Monday insists that he hasn’t received a single penny in compensation for his intellectual property.


In an emotional plea, the veteran singer disclosed that Shallipopi’s actions have left him heartbroken and betrayed. Pa Monday shared how the song “Ogbaisi” held immense sentimental value, and it was devastating to witness someone else profiting from his life’s work without acknowledgment.

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