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Woman Runs To Cop To Save Her Baby’s Life – HE DOES SOMETHING SHOCKING INSTEAD

As one Florida police officer was driving home from a hard day at work, he didn’t know he would be tested in ways he had never previously experienced. When a three-month-old baby’s life was in jeopardy, they say that a police officer is never off duty, and that statement rang true when Deputy Jeremy Nix saw a woman in distress who was flagging him down on a highway.

Nickel Cromwell was in her car when she noticed her three-month-old son was having difficulty breathing, and she saw Deputy Nix stopped at the intersection, not far from her vehicle. Cromwell began to frantically wave her arms at the Ocala, Florida Deputy, hoping to get his attention. The K-9 Deputy, who was returning home after his shift, pulled his car behind the distraught woman’s vehicle and discovered a baby who was barely breathing. According to CBS News, the incident was all caught on dashcam video from Deputy Nix’s cruiser.

He was flagged down by a distressed mother at an intersection and sprang into help the baby. ‘You can tell he’s completely lifeless,’ Deputy Nix told WKMG TV. ‘She just hands him to me, and the first words out of her mouth were, “Don’t let my baby die.”‘ Deputy Nix attempted to revive the child, named Kingston, and he took one breath, but it was faint, WKMG TV reported. Deputy Nix had radioed for an ambulance, but he couldn’t wait.

I didn’t have time,’ the deputy said. ‘This baby didn’t have time to wait on an ambulance.’ The off-duty K-9 Officer then took drastic action that they don’t teach at the police academy. Thinking quickly, Deputy Nix decided the fastest way to give little Kingston a chance to live would be to utilize his patrol vehicle’s lights and sirens to speed through traffic on the crowded highway. He told the mother, Nickel Cromwell, to follow him as he drove the child to the nearest hospital.


The deputy arrived at the emergency room just in the nick of time. The hero was humble as he thanked God. ‘In my 17 years of doing this job, that was the most scary, emotional, and rewarding day ever,’ Deputy Nix said. ‘I remember praying, thanking God for putting me in the right place at the right time for the right reason.’ On its official YouTube page, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office praised the hero, saying Deputy Nix delivered the child to medical personnel, who then began treating the child.

‘We are happy to report that baby Kingston is doing very well, and doctors say he will make a full recovery,’ the Sheriff’s Office affirmed. Doctors said that because of K-9 Deputy Nix’s actions, baby Kingston is alive today. Deputy Nix visited young King in the hospital, accompanied by his wife. Kingston’s mom spoke of her gratitude on Facebook. ‘Let me just say that yesterday God showed me just how real he was,’ she wrote.

My son King was barely breathing and fighting for his life. My sister and I noticed an officer sitting at a red light, and we got his attention. With his fast thinking, he and God saved my son. His word to me was, “Don’t you worry, I will not leave until I help save your son.” God had me in the right place because he knew you needed me.

Thank you, Officer Jay Nix from the Ocala Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit.’ The thankful mom wrote, ‘I just wanted the world to know how great this officer is and how great God is. Not all officers are bad. He’s one of many good guys. King and I will forever appreciate you.


Some may see this as a coincidence, but not Deputy Jeremy Nix and Mom Nickel Cromwell, who both felt the loving hand of God guiding them that fateful day.”

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