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In The Delivery Room The Woman is Shocked To See Who The Doctor was Delivering Her

Foreign, the woman is shocked to see who the doctor was delivering her. Humans are unique in that females usually need assistance to give birth. The reason is a combination of our large heads and walking upright. A further defect is that when we are born with an unusually low degree of maturity in comparison with other placental animals, nearly completely helpless.

Omaha Metro baby girl had a unique bond with her mom and dad. As soon as she was born, she was delivered by the same doctor as her parents decades ago. The bundle of joy, Hunter Rose Smith, was expected to be born on her mom’s birthday, August 16th. “My contractions were so bad that she was just constantly quivering, so they had to do an emergency C-section,” said mother Christina McIntosh.

Macintosh gave birth on August 12th with the help of the same OB GYN who delivered her 21 years ago. “It was weird because I’d never met him in my life, but my mom’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I know him, he’s great,’” said Macintosh while laughing. That doctor was also the same one who delivered dad Kyle Smith 23 years ago. “He comes over, everything went great, and I was like, ‘Yeah, it was probably the same situation when you delivered me,’ and he had kind of a puzzled look,” said Smith. And that’s when I told him, ‘Yeah, he had delivered me.’ He was kind of shocked.


How did the couple figure this out? Smith described it’s kind of scary; they noticed the name on Smith’s birth certificate, Dr. Jorge Sotolongo. “I was surprised that so long ago,” while laughing, “I was very surprised. I realized I’ve been doing this for a while.”

While in the hospital one day after Hunter Rose’s birth, Macintosh’s mother joined the new parents and Dr. Sotolango for a photo showing three generations touched by the doctor’s care. “What I like about what I do the most is the impact as a physician I have on people’s lives,” said Sotolango, who’s been practicing for 28 years.


The parents said they’re thankful for a healthy baby and this instant bond. “It was cool in my mind to have all three of us delivered by the same doctor,” said Smith. “It’s a really cool experience to be able to say that,” said McIntosh.

As for the fate of this family, the odds may be in their favor for a similar special delivery. “Maybe in the future, I can deliver their child too, who knows? I’ll be very old,” Sotolango said while laughing.

Hunter Rose was born at Bergen Mercy Hospital in Omaha. Her parents were born at Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs.


See what happened with this mom when she gave birth after going on three dates. Alyssa Jane’s Tinder date came to her son’s birth. Since then, the couple’s relationship has changed severely, and Alyssa’s TikTok followers have loved watching it unfold.

When Alyssa Jane was 25 weeks pregnant, she met a man named Max on the popular dating site Tinder. The couple began chatting and soon planned their first date. They hit it off and went on their second and third dates. After their third date, Max had to go out of town for a working trip. But he and Alyssa planned that she would pick him up from the airport so they could go on their fourth date. However, their plans changed drastically.

Alyssa’s attended doctor’s appointment before she went to pick up Max, where her doctor told her her Waters had broken, and she would need to go to the hospital. She called Max and explained, so he caught a taxi to the hospital, where he met her mom and supported Alyssa.


When Max arrived at the hospital, he met Alyssa’s mother and assured her he was there if she wanted extra support because she was only 34 weeks and two days pregnant. Then, doctors did not wish Alyssa to give birth, so they gave her medication and sent her home to rest for the next week. Alyssa remained at home with Max by her side. He supported her through the ordeal and took her to all the doctor’s appointments to check whether or not she had an infection.

Doctors told Alyssa that she could only have one person in the room when her baby was born, so she chose her mother. When Alyssa was 35 weeks pregnant, doctors told her she had an infection, and they needed to induce her labor. Alyssa’s mother, best friend, and Max were all at the hospital with her. An hour after doctors induced Alyssa, they told her her baby’s heart rate was dropping, and he was going into fetal distress, so she would need an emergency C-section to deliver her baby safely.


Doctors told Alyssa that she could only have one person in the room when her baby was born, so she chose her mother, leaving her best friend and Max elsewhere in the hospital to wait.

What happened next? When Alyssa’s son was finally born, he was taken to the NICU because he was a premature baby. As he was being wheeled into the NICU, he and Alyssa’s mom passed by Max’s room. He saw only Alyssa’s mom and the baby and was worried about Alyssa. Soon after, doctors wheeled Alyssa past the same room, and Max saw she was all right.

Now Alyssa and Max are engaged and have even welcomed a baby girl named Autumn to join her older brother Ali. Many people were shocked by Max and Alyssa’s love story and left questions about their union in the comments section of many of Alyssa’s posts. She turned these questions into a TikTok video in which she asked Max the questions she had received from followers.


One of the first questions that Alyssa and Max answered was whether or not Max had known Alyssa was pregnant when he asked her on her first date. He confirmed that he knew and that the only thing he didn’t expect was that she would be a brunette because she was blonde in her photos. Alyssa joked, “I love how the hair color is the only concern that Max has got, not that I’m pregnant.”

Alyssa then asked Max what was going on through his head the day she was supposed to pick him up from the airport but instead landed up at the hospital because her Waters had broken early. Max said that it was one of the most significant events that Alyssa would ever have in her life, and he wanted her to know that he would be there to support her during the momentous occasion.


When Alyssa asked Max how he felt when she was rushed into an emergency C-section, he told her it was an overwhelming experience and that it was the most anxious he had been outside of asking her to marry him. Max admitted that he did receive backlash for dating a pregnant woman and that people were opinionated but that they were happy and in love. The couple is still delighted in raising two children together.

While Max was ready to step up and take responsibility for a child that wasn’t his, another man’s mother refused to believe that her son was the father of his girlfriend’s baby.


This is an incredible story about a shocking childbirth. A new mom has revealed how she had a shock birth on the toilet at her parents’ home after not realizing she was pregnant.

Trainee cabin crew Lucy Jones, 22, from Bristol, dramatically gave birth to her daughter Ruby in March this year, having assumed that her backache was down to period pains. The 22-year-old worked 70-hour weeks, went clubbing multiple times, and still had regular periods while taking the contraceptive pill in the months before giving birth to her baby daughter Ruby, who was delivered at full term.


As a trainee flight attendant, she’d also passed a fit-to-fly medical, including two pregnancy tests, declaring that she was safe to work at thirty thousand feet just a month before giving birth. Describing the terrifying moment her daughter arrived, Lucy said she felt her stomach flip while she was in bed and after dashing to the toilet, she felt a crash only to look down and discover two feet sticking out of the toilet bowl.

She now wants to raise awareness about cryptic pregnancies, where women don’t know they’re expecting a baby. Despite her now four-month-old daughter Ruby magically arriving with no notice, Lucy said she’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water and wouldn’t change anything for the world.


Photos captured by the mom of one before the life-changing trip to the loo show her out clubbing with a drink in hand, blissfully unaware she was expecting, as she dons tight-fitting shift dresses with no sign of a bump.

After a whirlwind experience, the devoted mom is now keen to raise awareness that cryptic pregnancies, which is when a woman is unaware that she is pregnant, can and do happen.

Lucy of Bristol said, “I had no bump, no sickness, and had a period every month. I had two negative pregnancy tests because of my new cabin crew job; I had to take them for that. I would have been eight months pregnant when I went for my medical and did the pregnancy tests. The doctor pressed all down on my stomach and body, and he suspected nothing. I was still taking the pill; I took it every day and had been on it for six or seven years. I went up one dress size after Christmas and then I went back down again, and I put that down to eating and drinking a lot.”


Lucy claims she received her fit-to-fly certificate the month before she gave birth. She said she’d often work long hours as a pub manager and had her last shift just 10 days before having Ruby. Lucy said, “I did a week’s training for cabin crew, came home for two days, and that’s when she magically arrived. I had tummy and backache the night before, but I was due my period at the end of the week, so just put it down to that. I woke up in the morning, had a bath, and just thought I’d sleep it off before I went back to Bristol for work. I was in bed for about 45 minutes, and it felt like my stomach flipped; it was the only way I can describe it, and I just felt like I needed to poo.”

“I went up one dress size after Christmas and then back down again, and I put that down to eating and drinking a lot,” she continued. “I ran to the toilet and gave birth to my daughter in the toilet at home by myself. I heard a crash and looked down, and there were two feet sticking out of the toilet. I didn’t have any pain; no one could believe that. I had my backache and tummy ache, but there wasn’t actually any pain when I was physically what I thought was pushing out a poo.”


Lucy said she wrapped her daughter in a towel before placing her in the kitchen sink

. She was home alone at the time, called her dad, and her parents arrived back about 10 minutes later. They also rang for an ambulance while they were on their way. Lucy said, “I had no idea I was pregnant until I saw the baby in the toilet. I was hysterically screaming, saying there’s a baby, and they were expecting there to be a miscarriage, not a full-size seven-pound baby in their kitchen sink. I was terrified; I didn’t know what had hit me; it was just the shock; I felt numb.”


She revealed that when her parents walked through the door, “it all went a bit blurry because I think the shock just took over.” Her next memory is being in the hospital with her new baby. Dad described the kitchen; it just looked like a murder scene because when I ran from the toilet to the kitchen to get my phone, the cord had snapped, and there was blood leaking out. It was up to the walls, the door, fridge, and the freezer.”

Shortly after the paramedics arrived, Lucy was dashed to the hospital in an ambulance. She said, “properly holding her for the first time felt weird; I’d held babies but never my own; probably on day four or five it became reality. My dad rang around the family, and when he told everyone, there was just silence on the phone; no one could believe it, even now as a family we still can’t get our heads around what happened; there’s still moments where we were like, ‘Wow, it’s one of those stories that you read about, but you never think it would be you, your friend, or someone you know.’ I was still doing everything, going out, drinking, partying to festivals, and horse racing.”


The aspiring cabin crew member enjoyed weekly personal training sessions throughout her pregnancy but stopped once she started her training and last went to the gym around two to three weeks before giving birth. Lucy said, “I was still doing everything, going out, drinking, partying to festivals, and horse racing.

In my personal training sessions, I’d be doing squat, sit-ups, press-ups, on the rowing machine and the bike, and lifting weights. I used to go out drinking twice to three times a month. I went clubbing probably 10 to 15 times when I was pregnant. I went clubbing in Bristol the Saturday before I gave birth. If I had a drink, I’d sometimes socially smoke, but not every time. I was drinking, I roughly had four cigarettes a month if that.”

She said she’s adapted to pregnancy like a duck to water. Lucy described her little girl as happy, contented, and chilled. She said, “I think I’ve done all right; I’ve adapted pretty well to motherhood and had to adapt pretty quickly. Obviously, you don’t believe it, and you sort of shame put on other people thinking about how did you not know that you were pregnant.


Whereas now I’ve actually lived through it, I kind of regret thinking that, as I know what other people have been through now. It’s a real thing; it does happen. I’ve gone on the injection now, so hopefully I won’t have any more surprises. Like my dad said, if I have any more, he’d like at least nine months’ notice.”

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