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A Guy Caught His Girlfriend Cheating, But Instead Of Flipping Out He Got A Very Public Revenge

When Dustin Holloway walked into his home, the last thing he expected to find was his girlfriend asleep in bed with another man.

But rather than flipping out, Holloway reacted calmly and quickly got his revenge in a very public forum. Killing Texas native Dustin Holloway spent his days working as a superintendent in the construction industry. His work had taken him from his home state all the way to Louisiana and back again in the Lone Star State.

23-year-old Holloway had made his home with his girlfriend, and although that sounds like the beginning of a happily ever after story, Holloway walked in on a scene that he could have never expected. One night, Holloway found his girlfriend fast asleep in bed, and snuggled up next to her was another man. Many people would agree that an incensed reaction from Holloway would be valid here. Instead, Holloway said on Facebook they’d gone through a series of different options.

He first considered fighting the man in bed next to his girlfriend. Holloway also said he tried waking her up, but she was drunk as a skunk and passed out. He wrote, “If I had woken her up,” Holloway said, “I was gonna ask if I was gonna have to sleep in the spare bedroom,” he only jokingly added, “He wanted to know what kind of breakfast the dude liked.”

But Holloway’s girlfriend didn’t stir. So rather than seeking answers or starting a fight, Holloway resorted to a vengeful option. The construction supervisor whipped out his phone and began taking photos of the apparently loved-up pair with his face in the picture – then Holloway posted the string of telling selfies online.

According to The Sun, he came up with a spicy caption for the post. He wrote, “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved.” Holloway concluded his post by declaring, “Good men deserve good women,” and with that, he shared his sentiments and the photos to Facebook, where they were seen, shared, and commented on by thousands.

Most of those who saw the picture praised Holloway for his course of action. One commenter said he acted as the bigger person in the situation. She also wrote, “I’m sure one day you’ll find someone who will think the world of you.

” Another woman assured Holloway that he wasn’t alone; the exact same happened to her. All the her instinct did never reaching for her camera; she called her husband with another woman. “I went downstairs to the kitchen and made a cup of tea,” she wrote.

Of course, not everyone agreed with Holloway’s course of action. A third woman chimed in to say, “Taking pictures and blasting on the web does not make you a better man. Calmly walking away and just accepting what happened and not seeking revenge makes you a better man.”

Still, after his post went viral, Holloway logged on to Facebook once more to thank those who had lent their support through the social media site. “Yesterday, I thought my world fell apart. I was heartbroken to ever witness anything like that,” he wrote.

“I had thousands of messages from thousands of people from all over the world congratulating me on being a better man and walking away. I have pride and respect. I’m amazed at the way this is turned out,” Holloway wrote.

Then Holloway said the ordeal’s viral aftermath wasn’t quite what he wanted either. “I don’t care to be known all over; I could care less,” and he went on, “I know good people deserve the best. I am officially amazed with this. There’s no need in bashing someone when they’re down. It was wrong,” Holloway went on, “but the better person is always the best way. The best feeling is when someone appreciates everything about you that someone took for granted,” the 23-year-old concluded.

Nevertheless, Holloway wasn’t the first person in a relationship to discover his significant other was cheating, nor was he the last to expose their ways to the world. In fact, a man in Buenos Aires, Argentina, used a similar method to confront his girlfriend.

A 22-year-old named Mariano had a significant other but had decided to attend a party solo one evening. While there, he noticed a girl canoodling with another guy at the party, and then Mariano realized who she was.

The woman in question was Mariano’s girlfriend, but he didn’t flip out seeing her cheating right before his eyes. Instead, he grabbed his cellphone and snapped a selfie in front of his girlfriend and her kissing partner.

Then he uploaded the photo with a hilarious caption, “My girlfriend now acts didn’t realize we came to the same party,” Mariano wrote. The photo he shared, and the incident, like Holloway’s snapshots, went viral, and the popular tweet was actually how Mariano’s girlfriend found out that he…

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