Dog licks Pregnant Woman’s Belly, And Doctor Sees Detail in ultrasound and Was Left In Surprised –
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Dog licks Pregnant Woman’s Belly, And Doctor Sees Detail in ultrasound and Was Left In Surprised

He accused his wife of always favoring her dog over him. The relationship was rocky, and the man suspected something odd about her pregnancy. But when they finally unveiled what was going on through the ultrasound, their world came crashing down.

The day dawned gray, mirroring the atmosphere between the couple, Zara and Giovanni. A storm of emotions threatened to shatter the fragile truce they had established. The weighty silence brimmed with unspoken words and accusations.

Giovanni glanced at Zara, his eyes a blend of confusion and frustration. In response, Zara avoided his gaze, choosing instead to caress Archie, her faithful companion – a colossal Newfoundland dog – who was laying obediently at her feet.

“So that’s your routine now, huh?” the man finally shattered the silence, his voice low and gruff. “Just sitting there with that dog, damn it.”

Zara stared at him, taken aback. “What?” she asked, her voice barely audible.

“Yes, you heard me!” Giovanni erupted. “You’re devoting more time to that dog than to me. It’s like I’ve become invisible in our own home.”

Zara felt tears welling up. “Oh, come on, this again? You’re not getting it, Giovanni. Archie…” she began explaining, but her husband cut her off.

“No, Zara, I don’t get it. I don’t understand why my wife chooses an animal over me!” the man exclaimed, pointing his finger at the dog, who raised his head, displaying a puzzled expression between the two humans.

“You’re being absurd, Giovanni,” she retorted, tears now streaking down her cheeks. “I’m not favoring him over you. He’s… he’s my friend, my solace. When you storm out and slam the door, can you even imagine how I feel?”

Giovanni remained silent, gazing at her. There was anguish in his eyes, but something else too – fear, insecurity, distrust. But why? He opened his mouth to speak, yet no words escaped. At that moment, he lacked the courage to voice what was on his mind.

The young woman sighed, wiping her face. She got up and called Archie, who immediately followed her. “Come on, Archie, let’s go for a walk,” she said. The man yelled after her retreating figure, “You just want to be with that dog!”

Zara didn’t glance back; she simply walked away, leaving her husband behind in the silent gray house. The storm had finally erupted, and now only silence remained.

As it turned out, the relationship between Zara and Giovanni, a couple with disparate backgrounds and contrasting personalities, was traversing a somber period. Zara, a compassionate-hearted teacher with a gentle soul, always found solace in the presence of Archie, her dog and unwavering companion since her teenage years.

Giovanni, a local mechanic driven by intense passion and a fiery temper, grappled with a consuming jealousy that haunted his sleepless nights. When the two young lovers chose to be together, he recognized that Archie, the large furry companion, was an inseparable part of the deal. Despite his efforts to comprehend, something within him strained each time he caught his wife casting a loving gaze at the dog. The closeness between the two occasionally seemed to transcend the boundary that separates human-animal affection.

On a day that appeared to be just another page in their worn-out routine, news illuminated their hearts – Zara was expecting a baby. The notion of a new addition to their family reignited the spark of love and togetherness between them. It was akin to a curtain of hope being drawn, promising to wash away the dull shades that had permeated their relationship.

However, as Zara’s belly began to swell, Giovanni’s insecurities swelled too. What used to be insignificant moments now took on darker contours in his mind. Archie, with his head still resting on her abdomen, started to resemble a concealed threat. The time Zara spent alone with the dog, once seen as a unique trait of her companionship, became an unending torment for her husband.

The shroud of night brought along tormenting thoughts that seemed intent on consuming the poor man. Disturbing images of Zara and the dog inundated his thoughts, causing him to awaken drenched in cold sweat. He yearned to confront her, to dispel his suspicions, but fear gripped him. The dread of her response, the dread of a potential truth that could shatter his world – it all petrified him.

He struggled to suppress his suspicions, yet they multiplied like weeds within his heart, eroding his tranquility, feeding his paranoia. Unanswered queries devoured his rationality, prompting him to doubt everything he held true about his spouse, their marriage, even his own sanity.

Archie was just a dog, for heaven’s sake, Giovanni reasoned within himself, deriding his own thoughts. Yet that reality warped in his tormented psyche. The notion seemed preposterous, illogical, but it dominated his mind. However, how could he expel that notion from his mind when the girl consistently acted as though the dog held more significance than him? How could he not harbor such ideas when every time they argued, she would lock herself in their room alongside the dog, spending hours engaged in heaven knows what?

Each day intensified the tension in Giovanni’s heart; his patience teetered on the edge. He stood precariously on the brink of an abyss of uncertainty, battling his inner demons. Amidst this emotional turmoil, his greatest fear was losing the love of his life to a specter born from his own imagination.

Archie, the massive dog with eyes that sparkled, remained a constant presence by Zara’s side – akin to a protective shadow. The man often misinterpreted the dog’s gaze, interpreting canine loyalty as a form of possessiveness. “It’s as if he’s saying she belongs to me,” the man mused whenever the dog fixed its gaze on him.

With each passing day, the mechanic’s apprehension transformed into an obsession. Distrust eroded his sanity like an insatiable worm. One day, Giovanni returned home early and discovered Zara reclining in bed with Archie nestled beside her, his head delicately resting on her abdomen. She smiled, her fingers caressing the dog’s soft fur, and he nuzzled and cuddled her, evoking a surge of anger within her husband’s chest.

He longed to shout, to erupt, to voice his suspicions, yet he swallowed his words, a lump forming in his throat threatening to suffocate him. Nights were the cruelest for Giovanni. While his wife peacefully slumbered beside him, he remained awake, gazing into the darkness, his heart racing wildly – all because the dog always nestled at her feet.

Archie was a constant presence and omnipresence, even in the couple’s most intimate moments. The dog loomed, as though standing sentinel – that is, when he wasn’t growling at the man not to go near his own wife. “Why does he have to be around all the time?” Giovanni teetered on the precipice of a breakdown, a husband consumed by irrational doubts, a soon-to-be father standing at the threshold of parenthood. If the child even was his – dear God, Giovanni, what’s come over you?

For heaven’s sake, he wanted to cry out, yet time pressed on, and both the wife and the dog’s behaviors worsened. On one occasion, during a heated argument, Giovanni lamented his wife’s lack of time for him. In response, she departed with the dog, returning three days later.

For Giovanni, those days were torment. He remained unaware of her whereabouts or activities, only knowing that Archie was with her. Amidst this emotional turmoil, the only thing certain for the mechanic was the need to seek answers, no matter how agonizing they might prove to be.

He reached a juncture where he couldn’t ignore the glaring issue any longer. Confronting Zara, articulating his suspicions and fears, regardless of how irrational they may appear, became an imperative. It was the sole route to bring solace to his tormented psyche because, at the end of the day, the stakes extended beyond his mental well-being – the life of his unborn child hung in the balance.

If the child even was his – well, he lacked the strength to contemplate that ghastly possibility. Thus, on the day the young woman returned home, the baby was executing peculiar kicks reminiscent of martial arts practice. Zara, breathless, pressed her palms to her abdomen, her eyes squinting in discomfort.

Giovanni, in his characteristic protective manner, hurried to her side, his face a portrait of concern. “What’s the matter?” he inquired, his gaze fixed on his wife with an anxious intensity.

“I don’t know, I believe it’s just stress, I’ll be all right,” Zara replied. However, Giovanni remained unconvinced. He discerned the pain in Zara’s eyes, the quiver in her hands, and his intuition alerted him to something amiss.

“Stress?” he burst out, his words tumbling out uncontrollably. “Zara, you’re pregnant. You can’t just brush this aside!” Barely a second after he spoke, Archie, the loyal dog, approached, gently nuzzling his owner’s belly. Seeing that, Giovanni’s heart plummeted. Strangely, the dog’s innocent gesture, once so affectionate, now seemed eerie, almost unsettling.

“That dog,” he started, his tone tinged with frustration, “he’s always around, always pressing against you.” Always! “I can’t endure this any longer, Zara. We’re never alone!” The eruption appeared to have cracked open a dam of pent-up emotions. Giovanni felt the heat in his face, his anger bubbling over each time he witnessed the animal near his wife, each time he observed the dog nuzzling her abdomen.

A grave suspicion took root in his mind. “You don’t get it, Zara,” Giovanni erupted, his face flushed with anger and frustration. “Archie is not normal. No dog behaves like that unless…” He faltered, unable to articulate, and then the words he had suppressed for so long surged forth. “I want a DNA test.”

The ensuing silence was thunderous. Zara stared at him, her eyes wide with incredulity. “What?” she breathed, almost as if she questioned the reality of what she had just heard.

“A DNA test,” Giovanni repeated, his words resounding in the quiet room. “I need to be sure, Zara. I need to know if…” He left the sentence hanging, yet the implication was stark, the suggestion lingering between them like a heavy cloud – unspoken yet palpable.

The weight of the accusation, the betrayal beneath the unsaid words, pressed heavily on the wife. “Do you seriously think that the… that the baby…” Archie? “Is this what you’re saying, Giovanni?” She shouted, her voice quivering with anger and disbelief.

“I don’t even know what to think, Zara,” Giovanni erupted, his face flushed with anger and frustration. “All I know is that dog, always nuzzling your belly, and…” He halted abruptly, as if recognizing the absurdity of his words, but it was too late.

“You’re out of your mind, Giovanni!” The woman cried out, her words slicing through the silence. “You’re completely insane! You know what? I’ll take the damn test. I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll throw it back in your face, and then I don’t want to see you ever again!” With that, she exited the room, Archie trailing closely behind.

“See you at the hospital tomorrow!” Zara called out before her departure, the door slamming shut as she left. Her husband remained alone, enveloped in his tumultuous thoughts. However, neither of them could anticipate what they would unearth about the baby during their hospital visit.

United once more by this perplexing sequence of events, the couple converged in the hospital’s lobby. The atmosphere brimmed with an almost tangible strain. Zara stood there, her gaze icy and penetrating, arms folded across her chest. Giovanni found himself adrift in a tempest of emotions, his heart racing as if attempting to flee.

Archie, the young woman’s steadfast companion, was present too, as she had no one else to care for him. Resembling a shaggy bear, he stood beside her, seemingly attuned to the tension between his human companions. The dog pressed its head against Zara’s abdomen, its eyes laden with concern, and its tail tucked between its legs.

“Giovanni,” she shattered the silence with her incisive tone. “I hope this puts an end to it all today. I’m exhausted by your unfounded suspicions. Let’s just get this done.”

He answered with a mere nod, unable to find appropriate words to respond. He feared that anything he said might only exacerbate the situation. Subsequently, they were ushered into a room where a stern-faced doctor collected the necessary samples for the DNA test and other examinations.

As the doctor worked on analyzing the samples, the husband’s gaze remained fixed on his wife. He discerned the unease in her eyes, the worry etched across her countenance, and it pained him. He yearned to offer solace, yet he recognized that the timing was off. His thoughts were in turmoil, a tempest of doubts and fears.

Meanwhile, Zara was lost in her own contemplations. Anger at her husband smoldered beneath her skin, yet her primary concern was her baby’s well-being. Her eyes wandered to the dog, to Archie, and a pang of apprehension surged through her. She comprehended that all this turmoil, the conflicts, the distrust, was her own doing – it was because of what she did with her dog when he wasn’t looking, because she preferred his company over her husband’s.

“I didn’t want to make a mistake like that. I didn’t want to,” she thought, her eyes already teary. But then her thoughts were interrupted by the doctor. “We’re done for today,” he announced, breaking the room’s stillness. “Results will be out in a few days. I’ll call you as soon as we have something.”

Zara merely nodded and, collecting Archie from the entrance, departed the hospital without uttering a word to her husband. Giovanni lingered behind, watching her exit. Have I pushed this too far?

The ensuing three days were sheer torment for the mechanic. Sleep eluded

him as intrusive thoughts kept him awake. Finally, the awaited day arrived – the doctor’s call, delivered with a tone hinting at concern, sent Giovanni’s stomach into knots. The doctor urged the couple to come to the hospital urgently; the request sounded serious.

Giovanni’s anxiety heightened as the doctor requested both him and his wife’s presence. This, to Giovanni, the doctor began, his gaze bore a seriousness that sent Giovanni’s heart into overdrive, regarding the DNA test. “We have the results.”

And Giovanni, you are indeed the biological father of the baby. A surge of relief swept over him, akin to a weight being lifted from his shoulders. His heart swayed between relief and shame – the mechanic felt like crying, but he wasn’t certain whether it was from regret or the realization of how close he had come to shattering his marriage through his baseless suspicions.

He glanced at Zara, remorse evident in his expression. “Darling, I…” He began, only to be cut off by her words. “See, Giovanni,” the woman’s voice trembled as tears streamed down her face, “are you finally satisfied?”

Before he could even attempt an apology, the doctor interjected, “But there’s something else.” The doctor’s tone grew heavier, causing both Giovanni and Zara’s hearts to sync with anxiety. “Your son, he… there’s no easy way to say this, but the baby has a rare genetic condition called spina bifida.”

The shock was instantaneous – a searing pain that cut through them. Zara’s sobs escaped, and her hands instinctively grasped her husband’s. Giovanni found himself speechless, the news rendering him speechless. To think that their recent battles had revolved around something as absurd as baseless suspicions – well, it was a realization that struck the couple like a thunderbolt.

They had fixated on something trivial and overlooked their baby’s well-being. “Oh my God,” Zara trembled, her voice a whisper of terror, and she burst into tears once more. “I may be a baby’s carrier,” Giovanni enfolded her in a comforting embrace, his own eyes moistening. He now comprehended how his paranoia had blinded him to what truly mattered – his wife and their unborn child. He hadn’t been the supportive husband or attentive father he should have been; guilt and remorse washed over him.

A feeling of crumbling beneath the weight of it all yet again. The doctor interrupted them. “But there is good news,” he continued. “It is a treatable condition, and with proper medical care, your child can have a full and healthy life. We can do the treatment even before he is born, and he will have a normal life. Glad we found out now.”

And one more thing, the doctor added. Generally, animals, especially dogs that are more attached to the owner, can detect when something is not right with us or the baby. For example, perhaps Archie was trying to raise awareness of the baby’s condition. The doctor’s words pierced through the haze of desperation, and suddenly everything became clear to Giovanni.

Archie’s unusual behavior wasn’t due to any rift between him and Zara; he had been trying to communicate that something was amiss with the baby, attempting to protect his owner and convey a warning. Turning towards Zara, Giovanni’s voice carried the weight of confession. “My love, forgive me, I was utterly wrong.”

Archie was just trying to guide us, and I – his voice broke, regret consuming him. She gazed at him, her eyes brimming with tears, and then the couple embraced each other in a way they hadn’t in far too long. It was an embrace laced with desperation, a fusion of relief and sorrow, love and apprehension. They wept together, promising to weather the storm as they should have from the start.

Fear and desolation morphed into resolve; their love for one another and their unborn child eclipsed any obstacle they faced. Amidst mingling tears, they kissed, aware that regardless of the challenges, they would confront them united. The trials and treatments of the baby’s months faded into insignificance with the arrival of Lincoln – a robust and healthy baby boy.

The couple’s bond fortified by adversity transformed into an unassailable fortress of love. Past misunderstandings and conflicts became relics of the past, supplanted by profound gratitude for one another’s presence. Archie, the ever-loyal companion, assumed his role as Lincoln’s guardian with unwavering devotion, reaffirming the belief that he had sensed something amiss all along.

Now an emblem of love and resilience, the dog became an indispensable member of the family. With time, the family discovered serenity and flourished. Each new day became a celebration for Giovanni, Zara, Lincoln, and Archie – a family united by love, trust, and an unwavering canine ally. A testament to the strength of triumphing over challenges, their story was a beacon of hope for those who believe in the power of redemption and the resilience of love.

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