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Please Help, I’m Half A Minute Man

My relationship is dying. This is my third relationship in a year and I don’t want to let this one go. She understands my weakness and has given me a grace period to have it resolved.

This is my problem…

I’m not able to last in bed. My first girlfriend that left me, she was so disappointed she asked me not to call her phone again. For three months I was holding on to shuperu. She wanted it. I gave her excuses, knowing what my problem was. Finally, I agreed and we went to a hotel. We kissed and she started undressing. Before her dress would touch the floor, I’d already ‘come’.

She touched my flaccid meat and asked, “What happened? Why are you already there?” I told her, “Because you’re too beautiful I couldn’t stand it.” She answered, “And you paid for the hotel? Go and collect your money and let’s go.”

I tried a comeback but it didn’t work. She left me and asked me never to call her phone again.

My second relationship this year was worse. Before I could go in, I’d already ‘come.’ She asked me, “Is that how it is every day or it’s because it’s your first time?” I answered, “Forgive me, I mean the match too much. The next one would be better.”

Days later, she looked at me and told me point blank, “You’re sick. You need medication, not a girlfriend.” I responded, “I know so I’m working on it.”

She didn’t wait for me to finish working on it. She left me when all I needed was a little bit of patience.

I have a new girlfriend. Beautiful and voluptuous. She’s kind and patient. I wanted to use the “No-sex-before-marriage” mantra to pin her down to the end but she saw through the lies and made an attempt on me. Twice I failed the test. I ‘came’ before we could start. I begged for time. I told her I was working on it. I showed her my drugs. The orthodox and non-orthodox. She understood me but guys, I’m already losing her. My body is refusing to accept healing. I’m even thinking it might be a curse.

Friends have taken me places but I come back worse than I used to be. I’m asking you guys, what can I do to better my time in bed? I’m not asking for hours. Just three minutes would be enough. This my new girlfriend will accept a three-minute man knowing where I’d come from. Please help a brother.


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