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Mother Dies With Baby in Her Womb, But Husband Does Something Incredible

Melanie was pregnant with her second daughter and couldn’t wait any longer to see her. She and her husband were delighted to have a new family member and a baby sister for their son Brady. The pregnancy was going well, but it was not until week 39 that the signs of labor began to appear.

Melanie had done her best to find a gynecologist and a hospital that had the same pro-life point of view as her. Sometimes decisions in a medical situation must be made in a split second, and Melanie wanted to make sure that her son’s life weighed the same or even more than her own life. She was so convinced about it that she took 25 minutes out of the way to see a trusted gynecologist.

All signs pointed to an uneventful delivery, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But then disaster struck when Melanie was in the hospital bed about to give birth. Right after her water broke, she started to feel sick. She told her nurse that she felt dizzy and nauseous, as if she were about to pass out, but nothing indicated anything serious.

Suddenly, Melanie closed her eyes and collapsed right in front of her doctors and her husband. She appeared to be having seizures, and her vital signs were showing something was very wrong with her heart rate as her blood pressure was dropping to practically zero. With her daughter still in the belly, the girl’s vital signs also began to decline at an alarming rate.

Code blue was declared, and a full medical team rushed into the room. They unplugged the bed that Melanie was in and took her to the operating room. The diagnosis showed that Melanie was suffering from an embolism of the amniotic fluid, a rare but serious disease that occurs when the amniotic fluid enters the mother’s bloodstream. Melanie was declared clinically dead.

The medical team focused on the baby as they performed an emergency cesarean. Melanie’s husband, Doe, was very concerned as he had seen his wife taken away and was told that it might be the last time he would see her alive.

Her condition was serious, and it was likely that she would not survive, and if she did, she would never be the same again. It was heartbreaking news for Doe, who loved his wife fiercely and hadn’t seen such a thing coming. He felt totally powerless and scared and didn’t know how to deal with it. So, he said goodbye to her and started praying in his head.

As the terrible news about Melanie’s condition spread among family and friends, they began to pray while sitting in the waiting room. They all clasped hands and pleaded to God to please bring her back. They also took their prayers to social media, and the message went viral. In just a few hours, Melanie had become one of the 100 most searched people on Twitter and Phoenix’s number one person on Google.

Meanwhile, Doe was able to visit her. Melanie was left in the operating room where the doctors fought for her life, but they also had little hope for her. And Doe still didn’t know if his wife was going to live or die before seeing her daughter. A nurse asked him what they were going to call her, and he told her Gabriella.

After 48 long and terrifying hours, they were able to transfer Melanie to the ICU, where they tried to keep her alive. Melanie’s brother, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon, had just arrived at the hospital and asked to see her files. He saw that things were not looking good for his sister, who was in a state of cardiovascular collapse and kept getting worse.

The whole family had to say goodbye because no one believed she would survive. Doe’s heart was broken, but he turned to Melanie to say his last words. He said, “I love you. I will always love you. Brady and Gabriella are beautiful, and they love you.” Other members of the family also expressed their love, and meanwhile, everyone kept praying.

Melanie didn’t improve; her condition only seemed to get worse. She had already received two blood transfusions, but her blood was still dangerously clotting. To make matters worse, the doctors realized that they had accidentally cut one of her arteries during the cesarean section. She had internal bleeding, and another operation was needed to stop it. All the blood had gone to her belly, and they had to plug her stomach to absorb it. It seemed that her whole body was giving up.

Her heart was barely pumping, and her lungs had failed, so she depended on a respirator. The medical staff waited for the moment when her body would give up, as they saw that there was nothing they could do for her. But deep inside, Melanie was not willing to give up. She really wanted to see her family again and had great faith that what was happening to her should not happen.

It was decided to transfer Melanie to another hospital with better technology to treat her. There, they connected her to a machine called ECMO to help her heart and lungs recover. To check her neurological functions, they lowered the level of sedation, and she woke up for a few moments. Just when she regained consciousness, Doe walked into the room and looked at her and simply said, “Hello, dear.” Tears welled up in Melanie’s eyes.

But one more surgery was needed to remove the plug in her stomach. Everything was at stake, but Melanie made it through the operation. It was almost a miracle, something none of her doctors had expected. Melanie and her husband could not be happier, and their reunion was simply incredible.

Melanie does not remember most of this story since she was unconscious most of the time. But when she heard everything that had happened later, she was amazed. Basically, she had died and come back to hug her family again. She felt enormous relief and humility as she heard all the prayers on her behalf and all the support from many people that she had received. She felt her soul glowing, and still today, she thanks God for allowing her to survive this and allowing her daughter to survive this too.

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