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Homeless Child Walks To Woman Sitting In Car-But Tears Stream Down His Face After One Look

Homelessness is a problem all over the world. There are homeless people everywhere, even in your own community, whether you know it or not.

Being homeless is sad, but when a child is homeless, it’s especially heartbreaking. Children should have a roof over their heads, enough food, and most of all, love. That’s not the case for every child. Sadly, many people who are in a position to help them don’t.

One day, a homeless child walked up to a woman sitting in a car, and tears streamed down his face. A young boy named John Theo was homeless. The only way he could get food was to stand around and ask people for money. He’d go to a local parking lot and approach people in their cars, asking for money. He had to do this because he was so desperate; he needed food, and he wasn’t old enough to work.

Many of the people he asked for money turned him down. After standing in the parking lot all day, he only earned about a hundred shillings. This would be enough to feed himself for one day. When he went over to a woman’s car, he was prepared to be turned down yet again. But when he looked into the car, he started to cry.

Inside, there was a woman with an oxygen mask and other machines coming from her body to keep her alive. This sick woman broke this little boy’s heart. He knew he had it tough because he was living on the streets, but when he saw the woman, he realized that she was even worse off than him.

When he went to her window, he took her hand and he prayed for her. The woman told him that she needed to have lung reconstruction surgery, and she couldn’t afford it. The little boy continued to pray for the woman right there beside her, and he gave her the 100 shillings he had collected that day.

The woman told him that her name was Gladys, and she asked him to take the money so that she could put it towards her surgery. There was a person passing by who caught this heartwarming moment on camera. He said he did this because it’s not every day you see a child with such empathy. He said the little boy gave him hope for the future.

After the incident was caught on tape, the man sent the footage and the story of what he saw to a fundraising organization via social media, and it wasn’t long before this post went viral. People around the world saw what John did for Gladys.

After John met Gladys, he wanted to be by her side the entire time. He wanted to take care of her, but she knew that he needed just as much help as she did. She took him under her wing and talked him into going to a children’s home. Gladys promised John that when she was healthy again, she would come for him. John agreed, thinking that it would be a long time before he saw his friend again. Fortunately, though, he was wrong.

After the post went viral, people began donating money to help Gladys cover her medical bills and get the surgery she so desperately needed. The donations totaled three million shillings.

After Gladys had her surgery, she wanted to keep her promise. She went to the children’s home and found out that little John had been adopted by a woman named Mrs. Wangui. She had a nice home and was able to help John get an education.

Sadly, Gladys was never able to see John again. However, she was happy in the knowledge that he had found a loving family. She says that she’ll be forever thankful that he came to her car that day. Her story would never have been known, and she would never have received the money she needed for her life-saving surgery.

While she likely will never see the young boy again, she thinks about him and prays for him every day. If it weren’t for him and his kindness and empathy, she isn’t sure that she would even be alive today.



  1. Gertrude Fatima Segone

    September 28, 2023 at 10:43 am

    What a touching story. God is good all the time

  2. Gitonga David

    September 28, 2023 at 2:14 pm

    God has his on ways of accomplishing his will.

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