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His Mum Abandoned Him and the Nurse Forgot to Feed Him. What Happened Next Will Truly Make You Cry

The hospital was thrown into this array when a mother abandoned her baby after birth. The nurse also forgot to feed the child, but what happened to him afterward will make you cry.

Growing up as the only daughter in her family, Emily was showered with extra love and care from everyone around her, especially her mother. Tragically, when she was just five years old, Emily’s mother passed away. Despite this heartbreaking loss, Emily’s father and older brothers did their best to ensure that she still felt loved and cared for.

They would wash and style her hair, as well as buy clothes, shoes, and colorful hairpins for her. Although these gestures were made with good intentions, they didn’t always turn out so great. Often, the dresses were oversized or out of fashion, and they made Emily stand out from the other children in a negative way. As a result, her peers would often mock her.

To make matters worse, when Emily entered high school, she had to wear braces and glasses, which led her classmates to label her a nerd. They criticized her fashion sense and choice of colors. To curb the bullying, Emily began wearing only all black clothing. Unfortunately, this further isolated her from those around her. None of the other students wanted to sit near or talk to “the girl in Black.”

For a while, Emily paid no attention to her classmates’ opinions of her, but as time went by, it became increasingly difficult for her to do so. She began to feel out of place and yearn for attention. This feeling intensified during proms when her classmates would flaunt the gifts they received from their dates while mocking Emily because she had never been asked out to prom.

Well, something quite unusual happened in Emily’s penultimate year. On a Friday morning in that year, Emily made her way to her locker to pick up the materials she would need for her afternoon classes. However, when she opened the locker, she was shell-shocked to find a bouquet and a box of chocolates in it. There was also a note that read, “Hey Barbie, can I be your Ken for prom?” Although stunned, Emily couldn’t help but smile at the sweet gesture. Whoever this person was, she was already in love with him, and she would definitely go to prom with him.

Emily was over the moon as it was the first time someone would ask her to prom. To show off to the other students in the hallway, she brought out her gifts. Just then, her classmate Agnes and some other girls spotted Emily holding the flowers, and they immediately concluded that she had put the flowers in her locker herself to make it look as if someone had asked her to prom. They called her all sorts of terrible names and laughed at her. Amid the jeering, someone suddenly called out, “I asked Emily to prom.” That person was Alex, one of the hottest guys in school.

Alex approached Emily gently, taking her hands into his own. He looked deep into her eyes and said, “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Would you do me the honor of being my date to prom?” Emily was speechless; she couldn’t believe what she had heard, and all she could do was nod in agreement.

The two eventually went to prom together, and they began dating afterward. However, Alex wasn’t really a nice guy, but Emily didn’t mind, or maybe she did, but she just didn’t show it or say it. Throughout their relationship, Alex had Emily wear clothes and makeup that made her feel uncomfortable.

He even convinced her to dye her hair red, despite it not being a color she felt suited her. When her classmates commented on how silly the hairdo looked, Alex reassured Emily that he preferred girls with red hair, which was enough for Emily to keep complying with his requests, despite feeling uneasy.

In these situations, Emily was desperate to please Alex, so she did whatever he wanted. Soon enough, Emily started visiting Alex at his house whenever his parents weren’t around. During these visits, he would act in ways she wasn’t comfortable with. When Emily spoke up about it the first time, Alex broke up with her and only took her back after she begged him. Previously, afterwards, she never complained again, and they continued spending more time together.

Until Emily realized that she had missed her period, afraid of what the results might be. But determined to find out the truth, Emily took a pregnancy test, and it turned out to be positive. The teenage girl was filled with despair as she screamed, cried, and prayed for a miracle. Unfortunately, no amount of wishing could change the positive pregnancy test result.

Emily had heard from her classmates about a shady shack where abortions were performed. And so, some weeks after discovering she was pregnant, she decided to go there. When she arrived, however, she saw a girl crying uncontrollably. The girl’s twin sister had gone in for an abortion but never came out alive. This tragic event served as a wake-up call for Emily. Without wasting any time, she rushed back home with no intention of ever returning to that shack again.

In the weeks that followed, Emily did lots of things pregnant women shouldn’t do, hoping she would lose the pregnancy. Yet, that didn’t happen. Eventually, though, she accepted her fate. She hated herself and her boyfriend for putting her in this situation, so she broke up with him, and he didn’t bother to ask why. He even started dating another girl the same week Emily broke up with him.

Emily kept her pregnancy a secret from Alex, fearing he would take drastic measures to avoid tarnishing his reputation. Emily’s family also had no idea she was pregnant. They could tell something was amiss, though, but when they asked her about it, Emily simply said that she’d been missing her mother lately, and that was why she seemed sad and moody.

Some weeks later, when Emily realized that her pregnancy would start becoming visible, she packed a few of her clothes, stole money from her father, and fled the house. She left a note saying she was going into the world to discover herself and promised to be back soon. The teenager was ashamed of herself; she felt her family would be disappointed in her if they learned the truth, so she did what she thought was best.

Her family did all they could to find her, but all their efforts proved abortive. Emily moved to the next city, where she lived a pitiable life. She took up multiple jobs that paid very little, just so she could survive. She slept in a shelter where she could afford it, and other times, she slept out there in the cold. During this period, she felt unworthy of being her child’s mother, and she made up her mind not to have the baby in her life.

Emily was at work one day when her water suddenly broke. She was rushed to the hospital, and after long and painful hours of labor, she gave birth to a baby boy. When the nurse took the baby away to clean him up, Emily got down from bed. Then she took a piece of paper, wrote something on it, and fled the hospital. When the nurse returned, she was shocked to find an empty bed and a note on the table, which read, “It hurts me so much to do this, but I can’t take care of my baby. Please name him Hope.”

The nurse quickly dropped Hope in the hospital nursery and went to inform the management about what had happened. She got carried away with the baffling situation and forgot to feed the baby, who was now crying so loud at the nursery. Risa, 21, a volunteer at the hospital, was walking past the nursery when she heard the baby’s cries. Without hesitation, she rushed to his side and provided him with formula before rocking him to sleep.

Seeing how much care and attention he needed, Risa requested permission to take care of him while on duty, and this was granted. During her time at the hospital, Risa formed a special bond with Hope. Whenever she was away from work, the little boy would be quiet. However, when she returned to the hospital and held him in her arms, his face would light up, and he would become playful. The other nurses also noticed that whenever Risa fed him, he ate more than usual.

Growing up as an only child, Risa had always wished for a younger sibling. Her parents were billionaires, and they ran several charities to help orphans, but they never considered adoption themselves. Despite their wealth and philanthropy, it seemed like having just one daughter was enough for them. They felt fulfilled with Risa in their lives.

The hospital management contacted the appropriate authorities, and they began searching for potential parents for Hope. Risa knew that if she allowed another family to take him away from her, it would be something she would never forgive herself for. So one day, after returning from work, she told her parents all about baby Hope. Her parents, who were always ready to do anything to make her happy, agreed to see the boy at the hospital.

The moment Risa’s parents saw Hope, they fell in love with him at first sight. Right there in the hospital, they decided to adopt him. The adoption process went smoothly, and within a few days, Hope was on his way home to his new family, where he would be showered with lots of love and care.

This boy will definitely not remember the sad circumstances around his birth. Hope may never meet his biological parents, but he will be surrounded by those who’d give up the world for him. Family isn’t always determined by blood; instead, it’s those who are willing to stay in your life and accept you for who you are that can be considered a true family.

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