Parents Abandoned Son For Being Blind. 25 Years Later, He Paid Them a Very Shocking Visit –
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Parents Abandoned Son For Being Blind. 25 Years Later, He Paid Them a Very Shocking Visit

When couples decide to have a child, they often promise to love their baby no matter what. While most parents-to-be hope for a healthy and happy baby, this isn’t always the case. Some children are born with disabilities that require them to have a bit more care than others. However, for the majority of parents whose children are born like this, they still love them with all of their heart. Sadly, there’s also a small minority who would rather give their child up than love and care for them if they have a disability. Sadly, Archie was a baby who ended up having some of these selfish parents.

Ever since she had been a young girl, Meredith had always known that she wanted a big family when she was older, with a loving husband and at least three children to call her own. The young girl would constantly play with her baby dolls and pretend that they were actually her real children. She would spend her time playing with her dolls, feeding them, and dressing them in all sorts of different clothes.

Being an only child from a divorced family forced Meredith to feel very alone while she was growing up, and she thought that having a large family would help her feel loved and wanted, something that she didn’t feel with her own parents. As she got older, Meredith’s desire to have a family of her own only grew stronger. She knew, though, that it would be difficult finding a partner who felt the same way as she did.

A lot of boys her age weren’t ready to settle down and become a dad, and she didn’t want to force anyone into anything that they didn’t want to be involved in. Her parents had encouraged her to try and go to college first so that she could get a degree before deciding to settle down. That way, she would always have a good education to fall back on if she ever needed to.

While Meredith didn’t think it was necessary to have a degree in something as she hoped to be a stay-at-home mom so that she could look after her children, she knew that getting a full education would only be a good thing for her. It was while she was in college, studying to become a nanny, that she met Philip. He was an incredibly handsome young man who was studying to become a biologist. He hoped that one day he would be able to help create more eco-friendly devices and energy, as well as to begin to help nature try and restore itself to a more natural and stable level.

Meredith had found Philip’s determination to help nature and the Earth amazing, and she was instantly drawn to his passion for his desired job. Meanwhile, Philip loved Meredith’s nurturing nature and respected her for her dream to become a full-time mom. In a world where a lot of the time, women are looked down upon for wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, Meredith was willing to put up with that for the sake of having her own family to love and raise.

The two began talking and eventually had their first date a few weeks after meeting. From there on out, the two were almost inseparable. Meredith and Philip would do everything together whenever they could, from studying in the library to going out to eat to even exercising in the gym. The two tried to spend as much time together as they could.

After graduating from college, Meredith and Philip moved into a lovely two-bedroom apartment, and once Philip had gotten a job at a small eco-friendly firm, the two began to try and make a family. It was a bit tricky at first, as it took Meredith quite a while to get pregnant, but eventually, the young woman was ecstatic to announce that they were going to have a baby.

After getting the positive news, Meredith and Philip began to get the apartment ready for the new tiny arrival. They wanted to be prepared for when the baby arrived, which meant that they bought a bunch of different baby items, including toys, diapers, and even clothes. It was safe to say that they were both excited for the arrival of their new child.

Nine months passed by quickly for the two expecting parents, and the closer that Meredith’s due date got, the more nervous and excited they both became. Eventually, the day finally arrived for Meredith to give birth. After nine long and grueling hours of labor, she gave birth to a little baby boy.

At first glance, their child was perfect. The baby had a tuft of black hair and a set of strong lungs if his loud cries were any indicator. However, as Meredith held her son, who she decided to name Archie in her arms, she suddenly noticed that something was wrong with the baby. When he opened his eyes, he looked unfocused, as if he couldn’t see anything at all, let alone his parents who were smiling down at him.

Worried that something was seriously wrong, Meredith handed Archie back over to the doctors so that they could assess him. After a tense few minutes, the doctors turned to Meredith and Philip and explained that Archie was actually blind. Meredith and Philip froze. They had no idea how to look after a blind son. They had been so excited about having a baby that they completely forgot to think about the possibility that he could be born with disabilities.

The new parents were at a loss on what to do. Neither of them really wanted to raise a disabled baby. They had both been hoping for a happy and healthy baby who they could look after but who wouldn’t need their constant supervision and help as they grew older. With Archie being blind, he would always need help.

After a long discussion, both Meredith and Philip came to the conclusion that they would have to put Archie up for adoption and hope that their next child would be okay. With this decision made, the couple told the doctor what they wanted to do. The doctor tried to convince them not to act so rash; however, the couple didn’t listen to him. With nothing else left to say that would get them to change their minds, the doctor sighed and began the process of admitting Archie into the adoption agency’s care.

Once all of the paperwork had been signed, Archie was officially able to be adopted. However, even though he was a baby and lots of couples wanted to adopt babies, Archie was passed over time and time again by potential adopters due to his blindness.

One day, though, a man called Rob was looking at all of the children in need of a new home when he stumbled upon Archie. The young baby was full of smiles and grinned up at Rob despite his unseeing eyes. Rob immediately felt a bond with Archie and decided to adopt him. Little did the boy know that Rob was actually the CEO of a very successful business.

Once all of the papers were signed, Rob took Archie home with him to live a happy life. Twenty-five years passed by, and Archie was better than ever. He had decided to try and find his birth parents, as he wanted to ask them why they would give him up.

After a lot of snooping, he had been able to track Meredith and Philip down. Once he knew where they were, Archie flew to their home. After knocking on the front door, though, he knew that Philip and Meredith would be confused. After explaining who he was, Archie was led to the living room to discuss everything he wanted to know.

He asked his parents why they abandoned him, to which they replied that they simply weren’t able to cope with a blind child. However, the strange thing was that Archie was no longer blind. Philip and Meredith were amazed at what they saw. When their baby had been born, he had been completely blind, but now he looked as if he could see.

Archie explained about who he had been adopted by and how they had searched for the best eye doctor possible to take a look at his eyes. After a long consultation, it was concluded that Archie would be able to have an operation on his eyes to replace the cataracts that had gone blind. Both Meredith and Philip couldn’t believe it. They broke out into big smiles and tried to hug Archie, claiming that he was back home.

But Archie didn’t listen to them. Instead, he told them that their house would never be his home, as they had so heartlessly and selfishly abandoned him at the first signs of things being difficult. He didn’t want them as his parents, as they didn’t love him but simply the idea of him and of becoming parents.

Once that was all said and done, Archie left Philip and Meredith’s home and promised his dad Rob that he would never abandon him if things got a little tough, showing just how strong his character truly was.

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