My Second wife Judy Austin Gives me so Much peace- Yul Edochie Reveals –
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My Second wife Judy Austin Gives me so Much peace- Yul Edochie Reveals

Popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has found himself at the center of controversy after sharing a picture of himself alongside his second wife, Judy Austin. The accompanying caption, “My second wife Judy Austin gives me so much peace,” has stirred up a flurry of reactions among netizens.

Many social media users have drawn comparisons to Yul’s past posts featuring his former wife, May, and have voiced their opinions on the apparent contrast between the two relationships. Some individuals have taken the opportunity to insinuate that Yul’s previous posts with May projected a false image of happiness, while others have gone further to suggest that Yul’s lack of discipline and self-control was the underlying issue.

@vee reacted:

This was the same way Yul used to post may with a nice caption but now the table has turned. Some people will see the way Yul is happy with Judy and start thinking May was the problem May was not the problem. The problem was Yul’s lack of discipline and self control. Toxic people will breakup with you and make you look like the problem but in the real sense, they are the problem.

@Inumidu reacted:

It’s either the May lady has hurt this man beyond repair or he’s under a spell from this present lady, regardless! It’s his life and the consequences for his actions would be his own problem not anybodys

In response to Yul Edochie’s social media post, one user expressed their skepticism and humorously speculated about the actor possibly being under a spell. The comment read, “Why do I feel like this man is under a spell? 😭😂😂… Same woman who was tormenting you weeks ago is suddenly your peace. Impressive!”

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