My Parents Forced me to Marry him, now he beats me and when I run home they will send me back – Angry Lady shares –
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My Parents Forced me to Marry him, now he beats me and when I run home they will send me back – Angry Lady shares

An anonymous Nigerian lady shared this story.

See her story:

Its quite a very unfair world. I have always been a career woman. So after my Bachelor’s I went in for my Masters and I had told my parent I wanted to do my PhD and become somebody in life before talking about marriage.

I never even had a boyfriend to be candid just male friends. I won’t say I never had a few romance but I ensure it ended there and not went further.


2 years ago after my masters. My mum and dad started talking trash to me, telling me it will be over their dead body that I will do PhD in their house, they would atimes not talk to me for 1 a whole week. It wasn’t funny, when I call my dad he won’t pick and when I try to talk to him the sitting room he will get up and go inside. I was already 29 by then but it never mattered, I was still young as far as I am concerned…

Well I think they arranged with a so called brother in church to come propose to me right in the house (name withheld). He was just a friend in church and I never ever imagined him being my husband because he had some character dis-order. It was so funny, we were all in the parlor watching TV when he walked in and knelt down before me and brought out ring. Everybody in the house brought out phone and videoed while I stood in annoyance and anger, my mum then looked at me as if she would kill me if I said No. So, I said Okay fine no problem I will marry you.

That was my biggest mistake. We were only 3 months into the marriage when he gave me the first slap and apologized, the following week he gave me another slap and apologized the next day when I wont eat. Now he comfortably slaps me, knocks me on the head, kicks me and once use belt on me and whenever I run home to cry to my wicked parents they will comfort me and send me back to go and bear that they will talk to him and that marriage is for better and for worse.

To be sincere I hate my parents for this, they have successfully ruined my life. Am just waiting for time, I plan to just run out of the country and start my life afresh alone and thank God am not even pregnant yet.

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