My Husband Has Refuses to Help Me With House Chores Despite I’m Pregnant

After losing his best friend, a man began to grieve his loss, stating that he couldn’t partake in the house chores because this heartache had overtaken him. This had been carrying on for six months, if not more.

Before this happened, he and his wife had always split the cooking and chores equally, but he struggled to do so due to his grief. This left his pregnant wife with the heavy burden of daily household chores.

His pregnant wife wasn’t just with a child, but she was constantly experiencing sickness. She slowly began to become frustrated and resentful towards the situation and her grieving partner.

She was trying to show compassion towards what he was going through at the time. However, she began to become suspicious about whether he was using his so-called grief as an excuse to get out of doing his share of the housework.

Her anger began to grow as she thought about how she worked much longer hours than him as a doctor. On the other hand, her husband only worked three days a week and still left her all the chores to do when she arrived home.

Her fury increased as she thought about how he claims to be grieving but is always spending his free time having fun. Her husband would either play video games, spend time with his friends or watch Netflix on her iPad every night.

One night, she reached her last straw. She arrived home after a late shift and noticed that he had made dinner and eaten already, leaving the dishes in the sink for her to wash while he slept soundly in the bed.

She saw that he was snoring with her iPad on his chest, completely covered in water! When she woke him up, he said that he was watching series on her now broken iPad while drinking and must have fallen asleep in the process.

She was enraged and began yelling at him, calling him insensitive. Exacerbated, she also expressed that she didn’t believe he was truly grieving his late best friend because all he was doing was having fun.

Following this, her husband was in absolute disbelief that she didn’t think he was truly mourning his best friend. He cleaned up the sheets, but the two had now stopped speaking, leaving the wife confused and guilty.

This story can teach anyone that communication is essential to sustain any healthy relationship unless they want resentment to grow. This remains true even if the conversation is extremely challenging and both parties want to avoid it.

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