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My friend Returned to Nigeria to take her jobless Boyfriend Due to Scarcity of Men Abroad — Media Personality

In a recent post on Twitter, user Deenayaah revealed an interesting situation involving her friend who decided to bring her unemployed boyfriend back to Nigeria. According to Deenayaah’s tweet, the boyfriend had been without a job for three years since losing his previous one, which led her friend to take action.

The tweet explained that the main reason behind this decision was the scarcity of men in foreign countries. While Nigerian men are considered among the best in the world, they are not valued enough in other nations. This influenced her friend’s choice to return home and bring her partner along.


Deenayaah’s tweet read, “One of our friends flew down to Nigeria to bring her boyfriend, who has been jobless for 3 years since losing his job, back to the US. This is because there are not enough quality men or, in fact, any men at all. Nigerian men are among the best in the world, but we don’t appreciate them. Why?”

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